Shinee calendar

#1 SHINee

SHINee are my number 1 favourite group!

One of the earliest Kpop groups that I fell in love with, and to this day, have my favourite tracks and the most played songs in my i-Tunes playlists.

I think it’s a combination of their awesome vocals, dance talent and the many many variety shows that I have watched featuring them.

I blame Aimee entirely for making me watch their holiday special and kicking my love into full blown obsession…

Technically, I count SHINee members as unrankable – don’t make me choose! AISH it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

My bias (if you order me to choose one at gunpoint) is currently Jonghyun (it’s the abs… I admit to being shallow)


OnewOnew (Leader)

  • ’89 Liner
  • Awesome main vocal
  • Aimee’s ultimate bias and thus cannot be claimed or touched
  • Fail Leader (one of many that I adore)

Onew has a voice that I can instantly recognise! I kind of love that he’s a massive dork and super awkward. He’s pictured here in the Boys Meet U Japanese PV – mainly because of the stripey shirt. This PV is the ur-example of the stripey shirt theory in action! Keep an eye out for him in the PV singing my favourite line “Everything’s Shining” because he’s SUCH a loveable dork in the background for it… (it’s also my Kakao alert… super embarrassing if I forget to set my phone to vibrate in public)


  • ’90 Liner
  • Also awesome main vocal
  • Technically a bit short – his profile lists him as 174cm which HAHAHA NO! because that would make him taller than me and that’s a blatant lie. (I still love him)
  • Aaaaaaabs

My current bias because, well, he’s just too attractive 😛 Also super sarcastic and rather fun in variety. Pictured here in ‘Ring Ding Dong’ era with one of my fave hairstyles on him. Fun fact – I put a chibi version of Jjong on my phone’s flip cover with his infamous line from Hello Baby “Is This the Reality You Wanted’ as a caption. I kind of love the running joke on Tumblr about his supposed height complex.


  • ’91 Liner
  • Vocals
  • Speaks some English! (and is thus automatically on the kidnap list)
  • Was my original bias before Jjong brainwashed me…

Awwww Key! Wae so adorable? Is now in a subunit ‘ToHeart’ with his bestie Woohyun from Infinite and My FEEEEEELS (I basically can’t deal with this awesome combo) Pictured here as a blond – my preferred style! My love for Key is pretty all encompassing because he’s so much fun to watch. He’s Emily’s SHINee bias too!



  • ’91 Liner
  • Rapper and Visual
  • Gets the best (as in most normal) outfits in MVs
  • Obsessed with Football and thus gets -5 hotness points (hehehe)

I kind of loved him in his drama – because I am a sucker for 1) school uniforms and 2) girls cross-dressing as boys dramas. His obsession with soccer is a bit endearing and he was King-of-Idol-Olympics for a while there too! Even though he’s technically the rapper of the group he has a great singing voice too!


TaeminTaemin (Maknae)

  • ’93 Liner
  • Eternal cute maknae (no manliness! I deny those abs!!)
  • Remember when Taemin was my cutoff for the youngest idol I could like? *hollow laugh*
  • The beginning of the slippery slope of maknae love for me…
  • Super power is MILK in Ring Ding Dong (hehehe)

Ahhhh Taemin – so cute and puppy-like… Damn you! You were the thin end of the wedge with the cutie boys and now the ’93 line is somehow TOTES acceptable… *shakes fist* Incidentally he was disqualified from our overall cuteness ranking when we were in Korea for being too old growing abs.

My Favourites (Discography)

I can choose everything, right? SHINee have a real mixture of pop and ballads. Their MV’s are more their title tracks from their albums and showcase their sharp knife-like dancing – and some SUPER questionable outfits UGH Key waaae did you let your cordi-noona do that to you??? (not to mention hairstyles… Minho improves post Ring Ding Dong mullet though and wins for most normal outfits as well – well normal for KPop normal, which is saying something).

My favourite tracks are their ballads, and live performances. SHINee are at their best in acapella where they can really show off their vocal range.

Releasing in both Korea and Japan – there’s a lot of discography to listen to (not to mention collect – my bank balance NOOOOOO!)

Top 5 MV’s (Korean)

5. Juliette – cracked out masks…

4. Ring Ding Dong – Everyone gets super powers except Taemin who gets Milk

3. Lucifer – Let’s ignore the hair and focus on the dance

2. Sherlock – I had to point out Taemin was NOT in fact a girl to a lot of people

1. Dream Girl – Pastel flowery suits! WIN plus awesome dance and song

Top 5 PV’s (Japanese)

EMI usually only release the short versions on YouTube – the full version comes with the album.

5. Kimi wa Boku no Everything (Replay) – I can’t deal with how cute they are in this… Plus the magic dance!

4. Fire – SHINee get trapped by candles and Key almost gets the high note until Jjong steals it

3. Dazzling Girl – I want SHINee to come out of my mirror too please

2. For 1000 Years Always Be At My Side – aka the Death Bus

1. Boys Meet U – Stripey Shirts mean cute boys! We play this at least once during an MV spree guaranteed!

Top 5 Songs (Korean)

not counting MV’s  cos I can totally CHEAT like that

5. SHINe (Medusa 1)

4. Love Like Oxygen

3. Colorful

2. Symptoms

1. In My Room

Top 5 Songs (Japanese)

also not counting MV’s

5. Colors of the Season

4. Kimi wa Boku no Everything (Replay)

3. Always Love

2. To Your Heart

1. Run With Me

Albums I Own

SHINee are on my “All Buy” list so don’t judge the multiple versions – they have different photobooks!! They take up 2 whole shelves and I’m running out of room for them…

The SHINee World (A) and (B)
2009 Year Of Us
Lucifer (A) and (B)
Hello (Lucifer Repackage)
Misconceptions of You – Dream Girl
Misconceptions of Me – Why So Serious
Misconceptions of Us
The SHINee World (Concert DVD)
The SHINee World II

Kimi Wo Boku No Everything (Replay) Version (B) First Press
The First Album (B)
Fire (B) (First Press)
Lucifer (B) (First Press)
Juliette (B) (First Press)
Dazzling Girl (A) and (B)
1000 Years (A) (First Press) and (B)
Boys Meet U (First Press)
Boys Meet U Single (First Press)
3 2 1 (A) (B) and (Normal)
The SHINee World 2012 (Concert DVD)
Boys Meet U (Concert DVD)

SHINee’s Surprise Vacation (DVD set)
SM The Ballad Vol 1.
SM The Ballad Vol 2. Breath
ToHeart – 1st Mini Album
SHINee Photobook DAY
SHINee Photobook NIGHT
SHINee in Barcelona Photobook
Postcard Set – Everybody
Postcard Set – SHINee’s Surprise Vacation
Postcard Set – Dream Girl
A4 Photo Set – SM Town Ltd Ed.
Dream Girl Stamp Set – Key
A3 Poster Set

And random sticker books and sundries from Japan – those stores in KoreaTown were like CRACK! Maaaaay have bought quite a few things…

Photo Cards

A lot of Albums come with a randomly selected Photocard of one of the members (or a group card). It’s a surprise every time! Japan albums and singles always have a photocard and sometimes a bonus postcard (yay cute Onew!)

Lucifer (Japan)
The First Album (Japan)
3 2 1 (Normal Edition)

3 2 1 (Version A)
Boys Meet U (Album)
Dazzling Girl (B)
Sherlock (Japan)
Everybody (plus bookmark)

3 2 1 (Version B)
1000 Years Always Be By My Side (Version A)
The Misconceptions of Us

Dazzling Girl (Version A)
The Misconceptions of Me
Replay (Japan)
1000 Years  Always Be By My Side (Normal Version)
Everybody (Bookmark)

The Misconceptions of You

Group Cards
SM The Ballad
x4 with Barcelona Photobook


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