Boyfriends to my door

Boyfriend-signed-2       Boyfriend-signed-1

Look what the postman brought!

Back in January, Mnet had a meet and greet with the super cute Boyfriend – and I couldn’t pass it up, seeing as I wanted the DVD on offer for my collection.

We watched it livestreaming on the internet as I happened to be in Melbourne with my girlfriends Aimee and Emily at the time.

Minwoo read my name and message out!  at 54.30 in the video SQUEE!

As a winner, I received an extra signed badge.

We had fun figuring out via Kakao, just whose signatures these were and to my joy – I have the Hot Leader Donghyun on the album – and Hyunseong on the badge – HOORAY!

Hot Boyfriend Leader touched my album! I could harvest DNA and clone him! *not at all creepy*

Donghyun       Hyunseong

Boyfriend are totally a guilty pleasure group for me. Once I caved in to the cutie boys it was pretty much inevitable…

I mean… LOOK AT THE SCHOOL UNIFORMS! I am dead from the cute AISH!


My KPop weaknesses are:

  • Cutie Boys that are like puppies
  • School Uniforms
  • Excessive Aegyo
  • Pyjamas
  • Fail Leaders

And they pretty much hit all of these…

It’s like a bullet to my heart! (And then we discovered A-Prince and died all over again)


2 thoughts on “Boyfriends to my door

    1. I know right… Donghyun *come to me beckoning emoji*

      I don’t know what version(s) to get for their new Japan single. I want the HMV A4 one – because those are also awesome – but the A and B editions also look amazing.

      I can get two, right? Even though Boyfriend are just on my buy all and not collect all list?

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