#5 – TVXQ!

Rounding out my top 5 is probably my absolute favourite vocal line in all of KPop.

There’s just that something about Yunho and Changmin’s voices together that I never get tired of listening to on repeat.

TVXQ! (Tohoshinki) also known as DBSK (Dongbangshinki) are now a duo, they were originally 5 members until they split in 2009 due to a contract dispute (and probably a lot of other reasons that we will never really know). Yep… I’m still a bit bitter over it.

The other original members: Junho, Jaejoong and Yoochun have formed their own group JYJ, whose music I also collect (but I shall post separately about them and original flavour TVXQ)

One day I will go to one of their concerts and experience the absolute madness that is a crowd of 75,000 fans at once.


yunhoYunho (U-Know)
’86 Liner

I’ll admit to having a bit of a crush on Yunho *siiiigh* because he’s super cute! But, really it’s mostly because I adore his vocals – he’s a baritone and is also a voice I can instantly recognize. I’ll probably go into mourning the minute that he announces his compulsory military service. As a sunbae to most KPop artists, he’s highly respected – so not a faily leader as such, but he does have his awkward dorky moments *melts*. Also – he looks great all suited up – hence this profile pic!


changminChangmin (Max)
’88 Liner
Maknae (eternal maknae, will never not be “the” maknae to me…)
Also a member of SM. The Ballad

Awww! *squishes him* He’s too adorable in pretty much everything that he does. If you get a chance check out the currently airing Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education because he’s brilliant and chews the scenery and flails about occasionally showing some athletic ability. Changmin can definitely hit a high note *shivers*. He’s also a talented lyricist, writing several songs including SHINee’s “Sleepless Night” one of my fave songs from their album! Yay label mates!

My Favourites (Discography)

How much time do you have? Hehehe – if I was counting original flavour DBSK in this list I would possibly have a breakdown from having to choose (mmmm Mirotic, still my alltime #1 mv…) – however this will be just for the duo!

TVXQ release in Japan as well – mostly completely separate, original tracks from their Korean albums. Both Changmin and Yunho are fluent in Japanese, and their popularity in Japan and all of Asia can’t be overstated.

If I’m reaaally honest, I prefer their Japan discography because so. many. awesome. amazing. ballads.

Top 5 Korean MV’s

5. Humanoids – Let’s just say Yunho hypnotised me here…

4. Catch Me – Hehe I sing along to this one *embarrassed face*

3. Spellbound – Yay! More of this song style please!

2. Something – She got that Something! Also eeee! Big Band Swing Style! I definitely approve!

1. Before You Go – Dance version just… because… eye candy…

Top 5 Japanese MV’s

5. In Our Time – another ballad that I love!

4. Ocean – this is TOTALLY cracked out, but lots of fun

3. B.U.T (Bea-u-ty) – very catchy! Also I love the dance in this one. The full PV is with the single.

2. Still – I loooove this song. Alas only the short version here – but this song is amazing!

1. I Know – Flawless song! Also hehehe suited up sexiness. My feels for this song are pretty strong – they are definitely emotional vocals

Top 5 Korean Songs – not counting mv’s because I can cheat here too

I… don’t think I can do this *sobs* My narrowed down playlist has like 25 odd tracks… I’ll go most played tracks (waaaah)

5. Confession

4. How Can I

3. SHE

2. Smoky Heart

1. Love Again

Top 5 Japan Tracks (also not including MVs)

5. Somebody to Love (2014)

4. Shiawase Flowers

3. One and Only One

2. One More Thing

1. Back to Tomorrow

Albums I Own

TVXQ! are determined to bankrupt me what with their immense discography released in Japan – so many singles and different versions aish! My collection is growing slowly…


Keep Your Head Down
Catch Me
Humanoids (Catch Me Repackaged)
Spellbound (Tense Repackaged) – it’s in the mail! I caved and bought it…


Very Merry Xmas
Hide & Seek / Something
Tree (preorder)
Time Concert DVD – Live Tour 2013


Korean albums have photocards – Japan albums and singles have larger square postcards. It’s random as to who you get – which is half the fun šŸ™‚

Catch Me
Very Merry Xmas



2 thoughts on “TVXQ!

  1. Catch me Noooooooooowww -owwwwww -ooooowwwww!

    Catch me if you wanna!

    Who doesn’t love to sing along to that one. šŸ˜€

    Yay! TVXQ – I really do need to check out more of their Japan stuff. I’m looking forward to getting Tree next week! šŸ˜€

    1. People just don’t appreciate my singing along talents!

      I’m also looking forward to Tree – but it won’t come until later because I bundled all my Japan purchases in one order to save shipping.

      I swear though… TVXQ! are so expensive compared to other titles *sobs*

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