B.A.P No Mercy (Japan)

Yay! B.A.P’s new MV released today!

No Mercy is one of my favourite songs in their Korean discography, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this version too.

Even better, I can kind of sing along in Japanese… (give me 6 more months, and those Korean lessons should pay off!)

Things I have to say about this MV

Mmmmm B.A.P boys look super hot. Yep…
I just creeped on Zelo and feel slightly
ashamed so here’s Yongguk who has levelled
up in hotness again.
*adds MV to ridiculous fur hats playlist*
Well… that was… *plays again*
Those body rolls…
Hehehe what’s with the trollface and spirit
fingers there Daehyun and Jongup?
Butt slap! Thank you YouTube commenters for
pointing out the EXACT timestamp
I really like the white suits – Mmmm Yongguk
o hai there Zelo… quick acceptable age! YAY
More body rolls. This choreography is 대박

2 thoughts on “B.A.P No Mercy (Japan)

    1. Awww Thanks!! Your comment was nearly eaten by my spam filter, so I’m sorry my reply is so late 🙂

      I enjoy making GIFs – it gives me an excuse to watch certain bits over and over…

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