Bedding Scenes

Me: Lololol
Ahhhhh I want to watch it
I won’t be home until super late

Emily: Toheart’s mv making kekeke

Me: All the bedding the scenes
… behind the scenes

Emily: LOL

Me: That was a great typo

Aimee: Kekeke


Emily: I did not even question it


SM released a fantastic SHINee hidden camera ‘Supporting Message’, where the members basically heaped shit on Key for keeping his Toheart subunit a big fat secret (lol supporting message, my butt), and it was filled with some glorious JongKey moments. I managed to finally watch it later in the week when the girls reminded me that I had forgotten. Boo being busy and overworked when there is fannish spazzing to do!

Kakao Conversation Wednesday, March 12


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