100% Beat – Dance Version MV

100-1     100-2
100-5     100-6
100-7     100-8

Mmmm hot boys!
With bonus boytouching!

100% released their dance version today and I was rather appreciative of the hot eye candy in this one. The original MV has a much darker tone with vampires, piano abuse and blood and gore with a storyline that is somewhat confusing involving a girl who has either resurrected them and is planning to use them as her own personal warriors what with all the weird armor she seems to be constructing, or has some severe trust issues.

I totally spotted the re-use of the DBSK Mirotic set though – my feeeeeels! So it’s good to see more half clothed hot boys dancing there. 🙂

100% are alas only 5 members with this promotion – Minwoo has left for the army (nooooo!) and Sanghoon is on a break. I teased Aimee rather mercilessly in Korea when she bought their mini album – but it turns out that they’re all overage – totally legal to perve on admire.

I like the song and have pre-ordered the album with mnet seeing as they are doing a signed meet & greet – yay!


2 thoughts on “100% Beat – Dance Version MV

    1. kekeke 😛 Yes – we’ve had a few eye candy mv’s this week – praise the kpops! I guess I’ll now have to buy their other mini albums and complete the set (plus mmmm photobooks)

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