Restraint? I don’t know this word

Me: I need to stop watching cute idols
As it leads to buying ALL the kpop

Aimee: Kekekeke
CN Blue made me better!

Me: Yeah… Emily I may have bought all the CN Blue
and BTS

Aimee: Kekekeke

Me: And thrown in A-Prince too for good measure
Restraint? I have none

Aimee: Oh well!


Kakao Conversation, Saturday March 30, 2014

So… that happened! CN Blue was the one group that I didn’t buy on our trip-of-awesome – seeing as I had to keep to within the baggage weight limits (lol! 85 albums later, we were nowhere near it, paid excess baggage to Hong Kong and schlepped about 45kg on as hand-luggage ‘it’s as light as a feather, I SWEAR!’) My rationale being that I could buy them all later and as a longtime love I knew all their songs already, plus… there were cutie boys to smuggle into my kpop aquisitions.

Until this point, I only had their latest Korean mini album Re:Blue bought in celebration of attending their concert in Sydney last year. Well… now I have their ENTIRE Korean discography on it’s way to me – along with BTS last 2 albums, all of the A-Prince and SHINee’s new album cd… (and you know, totally may have bought MBLAQ and 100% as mnet were doing signings earlier in the week and lets not mention all those Japan albums I had on preorder…)

This is what happens when you watch cute idols on Weekly Idol – in fact any kind of variety and your youtube feed is full of super cute teaser videos all week…


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