Hotter when they’re dead…


Gchat Hangout conversation 30 March, 2014


So, the other night we were just casually adding mvs to a new youtube playlist – themed ‘hotter when they are dead‘ when BTD was linked.

btw, this is a thing that we do – create weird themed playlists and take turns linking mvs which we watch together and squee about while on gmail chat because of the whole tyranny of distance that is living in separate states and timezones (and you thought I was kidding about the boytouching one…) There really are a lot of vampire and werewolf / zombie themed MV’s in kpop! (yay! the hot undead!). We’re still adding to it.

Before the Dawn is one of my favourite Infinite songs and MVs (yay Scorpion Dance and obligatory OMG Even better when performed in real life!), but it’s no secret that the plot is… well iffy to say the least. Like most Infinite MVs that involve a ‘plot’ it’s a case of WTF did I just watch?? (see: the Chaser aka Why in the hell is L rolling around in a car? And what was with the Key??? Wait, hot boys have distracted me…)

So – judge for yourself – here is the original Before the Dawn MV (also check out the dance version too – mmmmm Woohyun… I mean, all of Infinite being awesome)

So – did you get that? No? Well you are not alone there 🙂

I swear to God – we have some sort of psychic ability – because literally 2 days later Woolim announced a new Infinite album ‘The Origin’.


Which is to be an instrumental only album with 3 discs of awesome Infinite songs and a new cut of Before the Dawn which would ‘clear up’ what in the hell it was about – to which my immediate reaction was:


And I was antsy all day until the pre-order went up because it was limited to only 30,000 copies (awww yiss! come to me Infinites!)

Lo and behold the Instrumental Version that has promised to clear up the plot is finally here

Well… that clears that up!

But this just makes me even more excited for their comeback this month!! MY FEEEEEELS!!!


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