26 in Korean Age

Me: 26;

Aimee: *Onew ‘Huh?’ sticker*

Me: Well that was weird
Maybe it represents my ideal age for a boy toy

Aimee: Kekekekeke

Emily: Well Gyu is 26 in Korean age…

Me: It’s fate then.

Kakao Chat Sunday 6 April 2014

Weird typos! I make them all the time… Not to mention my phone’s autocorrect obsession with turning ‘and’ into ‘abs’ – I have to say that makes for some extremely funny messages at times.

As an aside – I am LOVING the new SHINee stickers – thanks Kakao! Wah so adorable! Especially Onew! I now have an extreme abundance of idol stickers to use in Kakao – but they totally need to add more to the store 주세요! Especially Infinite and Super Junior.


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