Infinite – The Origin

Hooray! It finally arrived!

It took a while as I ordered it through my favourite kpop store in Sydney – seeing as they actually offered a pre-order 🙂

The only bad thing is that it doesn’t fit on my Infinite shelf 😦 Sorry ‘Man in Love’ you got spined so that I could at least partially display my new goodies.


Alas, it looks as though Infinite’s comeback may be pushed back to the end of June or July – but that’s OK! I can wait (and possibly add on another shelf so that I get more room. Infinite really need 2 shelves rather than their current 1.5 – they have to share half a shelf with B.A.P)

This is a really beautiful album though – it’s very tactile and well put together.

My inner print nerd thrilled all over the presentation – it has so many elements that I absolutely adore, but most of the time could never talk clients into going for due to the extreme expense in the assembly stage. A lot of these are hand assembled at the end, as a machine can’t be purposed for a one-off project.

Infinite’s previous albums are all fairly generic (in terms of their print and assembly) – not to say that they aren’t beautiful (aka full of photos of cute boys), but this album is a real step up. It reminds me of their ‘Second Invasion’ concert box with all the black and fitted insides. I really appreciate how they have tied the album’s concept – instrumental, stripped back versions of their songs – into the album artwork. It feels classy and like a classical music boxed collection.

20cm x 20cm x 8cm (approx)


The box has a faux leather finish and is blind embossed with the origin logo on the front (centered) and upper left corner on the reverse. The blind emboss smooths the leather finish to a shine and is used to great effect as the writing. This theme carries through the rest of the album styling.

I love that it’s also hinged!


The construction of the box is very clever – nice thick 600ums card with a matt black covering with all corners mitred to fit perfectly. I really like the slight overhang of the backing which finishes off the deep box halves.

The inner box lining on the right hand side is gold and holds the CD and booklet. When the box is closed, this inner gold lining also shows at the gap. The ribbon is a nice touch, to help you lift everything out as it’s a snug fit.


The booklet has a wraparound black 240gsm card cover which is blind embossed with spot UV finish on the front, reverse and spine. It’s great to see that it’s actually notch bound rather than perfect bound, so the booklet pages are nice and secure. You would need to ‘crack’ the spine if you were intending to read and play the sheet music with the booklet laid flat. I have no musical ability whatsoever (though that doesn’t stop me belting out songs slightly off key), so this booklet will remain a lovely curiosity for me.


The 88 page insides of the booklet are printed on a cream 140gsm stock that has a slightly coated finish. It’s nice and smooth to the touch and gives an ‘old manuscript’ feel which is apropos, seeing as the booklet is the sheet music for the songs. I’m also fairly certain that these are also scans of handwritten sheet music, as there isn’t any of the usual font giveaways 🙂 All text is printed in black or with a halftone black screen. (gotta save those costs somewhere – though I lament the lack of cute boys)


The three CD’s are presented mounted within a gateway foldout on the same lovely heavyweight 600ums card from the box that has also been wrapped in the same lighter paper weight black matte stock. The emboss and spot UV highlight used for the logo and text is very subtle, but beautiful. The CD’s are White, Black and Gold each representing a different theme with 10 tracks on each CD. White for their ballads, Black for their more powerful songs and Gold for their signature dance tracks.

This album is perfect for brainwashing any non k-pop fans among your friends, as you could totally play it as background music at say, a dinner party and when someone mentions “I like this tune, what is it?” you can sit them down and launch straight into “Let me tell you about 7 hot boys who are really talented…” (and possibly have flash cards with pictures of hotness / cuteness on hand and all the MV’s cued up on your TV)


Best of all; you could, if you choose, present these in a triptych out of the box, as it will stand upright. Which I would totally do, if I had that extra shelving unit *budgets for later in the year*


At the base of the inner box is a black foam lining with a gold medallion inset. It has ‘since 2010’ the new logo and ‘INFINITE’ embossed, surrounded by laurel leaves and a decorative border. I see what you did there SM – yes I do *cough just like TVXQ! Tense *cough* Medallions being the ‘in’ thing right now. 🙂


All in all, I’m super pleased with this purchase. My only regret is that I don’t currently have room to display it properly!

This album was released with a limited qty of 30,000 units and sold out the preorder almost as soon as it was announced. If you’re looking to purchase it, you might have to try e-bay or scour the internet for a seller with stock.


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