Beast – Adrenaline

 beast-adrenaline1  beast-adrenaline2b
 beast-adrenaline3  beast-adrenaline4
 beast-adrenaline5  beast-adrenaline6
 beast-adrenaline7  beast-adrenaline8
 beast-adrenaline9  beast-adrenaline10


What a week (and a bit) of non-stop KPop releases!!

Beast’s new PV for Adrenaline technically came out last week – but I have been too busy to review it until now!

We were online in anticipation for Infinite’s ‘Last Romeo’ – just in case Woolim decided to go for a midnight release – alas no, but instead we got surprise Beast! The best kind of surprise!

This is another perfect summer song – it’s got an upbeat drum rhythm as well as guitar riffs and, like a lot of recently released music, has a real throwback 70’s vibe with the synth chords. I like all of Beast’s dance tracks and this is quite a catchy song from them. I’ve already memorised the chorus!

This fits well with Beast’s other Japanese discography. They have a wide range of styles and have their own unique sound. I was lucky to see them in a concert in Korea last year – their B2uty concert in Busan. My girlfriends and I screamed to our heart’s content and fangirled along with a bunch of what seemed like 14 year old girls through all of their hit songs and solo stages. They definitely made an amazing live show!

The PV is pretty fun too – it’s a simple box set and alternates between black and white and pops of colour. The dance (when they actually do the dance) is cute – but most of the time it’s pretty ‘freestyle’ aka goofing off in front of the camera – I had a hard time not making gifs of every single moment…

Beast are an amazing group and if you have time, you should definitely check out their currently airing reality show ‘Burning the Beast’. They’re a group that have been together for quite a while now, so they delight in heaping scorn on each other and generally ruining their image. I have a soft spot for Hot LeaderTM Doojoon, but my bias is the maknae Dongwoon (of course! – one of my original maknae loves)

I’m looking forward to this single arriving in the mail next month (along with like a million other Japan singles and albums).

The PV is linked below, so enjoy!

UKISS – Don’t Flirt Teaser & Pics

ukiss-mono1  ukiss-mono2
 ukiss-mono3  ukiss-mono4
 ukiss-mono5  ukiss-mono6
 ukiss-mono7  ukiss-mono8


Well… *fans self* My boys are certainly looking FINE!

I think that Korea and I may differ slightly on our definition of 19+, but I am definitely OK with a sexy concept. I have to say that Eli is becoming a bit of a bias breaker here too – he’s always been too attractive for his own good.

UKISS are in my top 5 groups, so I am beyond excited for their comeback. AJ will be sitting out this round of promotions, as he is diligently studying in the USA, but Soohyun, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin and new member Jun will be giving us something pretty memorable.

Jun is still under 18 *sobs* (wae more underage cutie maknaes?), so he probably won’t be getting any sexytimes with the ladies and will remain pure and innocent (kekeke) and most probably all angsty and broody. However the rest are clearly completely fine and have a green light for getting mostly nekkid and flashing their abs all over the place (yes please!).

They released updated teaser pics yesterday and my Tumblr dash is now on fire from the fangirl meltdown and well – this is why…


1401508278869  1401508279020  1401508278972
 1401508279066  1401508278999  1401508279047

Yep… that come hither look from Eli is giving me some FEELS. Please note Jun all pure and angelic in the bathroom as a nice contrast (hehehe)

The mini album ‘Mono Scandal’ is out on June 2nd!


ZE:A – Breathe – Teaser

zea-homme1  zea-homme2a
 zea-homme3  zea-homme4
 zea-homme5  zea-homme-reup
 zea-homme7  zea-homme8

And yet another comeback teaser! I swear I have no money to live at this point and will have to eat ramyun forever to sustain my kpop lifestyle.

ZE:A (제국의 아이들 Children of Empire) are a group that I only fairly recently became a fan of. I bought their album ‘Illusion’ when I was in Korea last year because ‘The Ghost of Wind‘ was a really catchy song and they were promoting it heavily. Alas, we had to leave before they held their signing event in Myeongdong, but I was a newly converted fan!

They’re very underrated in Korea, and are yet to really make it big – but their members are in a lot of variety shows – particularly Kwanghee and Dongjun and you will remember Hyungsik from the drama ‘Heirs’ and maybe Siwan too who has been in quite a few dramas

I will admit to sometimes confusing who is who, seeing as they have 9 members (even with a cheat sheet – thanks Aimee!), but I have ALL of their subgroups ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U down!

The teaser looks great though. In the words of one memorable YouTube comment: “You had me at TARDIS”

It’s futuristic with a splash of apocalypse – right up my alley! With a piano and guitar base for the song, I’m looking forward to the vocals and the rest of the MV.

If you like Infinite, chances are, you’ll also like ZE:A. Check out their page on Daum which has some great teaser pics – the concept is ‘Homme Fatale’ (yes please!)

The mini album ‘First Homme’ is out on June 2nd.

B.A.P – 어디니? 뭐하니? Teaser

BAP-where1  BAP-where2
 BAP-where3  BAP-where4
 BAP-where5  BAP-where6


B.A.P are coming back again! (Next week actually!) The title of the song translates to ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’

This teaser came out on Wednesday, and I think you may have heard my high pitched squeals all the way across the country.


I was lucky enough to see them live in Melbourne earlier this month and it was AMAZING – particularly as we were in VIP standing, super close to the front and taller than all the people in front of us. It was an unforgettable night and a great performance. B.A.P. have worked very hard and pretty much non-stop for the last 2 years, so it’s great to see yet another comeback from them.

This song promises to be a much more laid back and mellow style – quite different to their usual powerful tracks – more along the lines of Coffee Shop. They have done cuter concepts before though! 하지마 (Stop It) is one of my absolute favourites!

This reminds me a lot of two of my most adored cute MV’s: Boyfriend’s ‘On & On’  and Infinite’s ‘White Confession‘ with the foreign location, sightseeing, shopping and best of all. LOADS AND LOADS OF AEGYO ON CAMERA.


Also – how cute is my bias Zelo? AISH!

Pretty sure this photobook will be amazing.

Their 4th single album ‘Unplugged’ is out soon on June 3rd!

SHINee – Lucky Star (Short PV)


This is me – literally dying from happiness and glee!

SHINee’s new Japanese single ‘Lucky Star’ released it’s short version PV today (cue me crying and wailing about only having a short version to watch and needing the whole thing like NOW! – alas we have to wait until the album comes out nearly at the end of June *sobbing*)

The MV and song are a perfect summer pick-me-up; it’s a fresh retro sound – with a bit of  70’s synth along with all of the oversaturated and bright colours. It’s definitely very ‘pop’ but still sounds like SHINee!

This is the follow up to last summer’s ‘Boys Meet U’, so our boys are out hot air ballooning and preparing food for some sort of picnic / camping holiday – IDK but it’s adorable. I love all the cute outfits as well – it’s very Dream Girl-esque.

SHINee’s Japan videos always make me ridiculously happy – because they always look like they’re having a great time and Lucky Star is no exception. I can’t wait until my albums arrive – I decided to get both versions seeing as I am a serial collector of everything that they ever release 🙂

Favourite Moments

Opening Dance of Adorable SHINee


Right out of the gate, this is upbeat and fun – please note that not only is Taemin wearing a cape, but he manages to dance in it as well. Key actually opens the song as well! The whole dance looks pretty cute actually – this should be pretty fun to see live in concert.

Hot Air Balloon!



Seriously this is ridiculously adorable – and now I want to go ballooning with SHINee 주세요!

Onew and the Cabbage


Onew is seriously a giant loveable dork and I can’t even deal with him right now. Aimee, your ultimate bias just kills me sometimes – I mean look at this!!!! Bonus Minho FAILING at being a handyman back there too.

Cute Floral Outfits!


AIIIIIIISH! I loved them in Dream Girl and I love them here as well. (Though I aware that you can really only pull of this look in Asia and if you’re like a part of a boy band)

Apparently Jonghyun Can Nail Things!


(Including me!) No but seriously, kekeke! Please note that Onew is totally still struggling to cut up those vegetables in the background there!

Minho Sings to a Plank of Wood


LOL – but I love him, so we’re all good. I am not entirely sure what Onew is doing there… possibly instagramming his perfect vegetable cutting…

Key Traps Bugs


Even with a cute pastel bug keeper – eww no! But Taemin is having NONE of that. Sidenote – how cute are these tents with all the bunting and pretty colours. SHINee go camping in style!

Taemin’s Flowery Heart


Awwww! *squishes him* And it synchronises with the lyrics too! And Key throws a heart at us too, just to make me love him a little bit more.

Onew and More Vegetables


He really kills me. *ugly sobbing* You had better not be any cuter Onew, or I will steal you for myself!



*more ugly sobbing* Why are SHINee so adorable? I just love them all too much!!

And now I seem to have GIF’ed that entire minute and a bit of the PV…

Check it out below:


VIXX – Eternity MV

Well that was an MV worth staying up for! It was released on YouTube at 1AM KST – so right on midnight for me 🙂

The girls and I kept our MV night going after watching ‘ALL the Boyfriend’ for their 3 year anniversary. 3 hours flew past pretty fast as we compiled an ‘It’s a Kpop Party‘ playlist by taking turns to link videos in our chat window – there are quite a few MVs that feature a party of some description – kekeke!

Alas, at midnight KST the MV wasn’t out – so we resorted to watching the bootleg from the countdown showcase before the others headed off for bed (waiting up until 2AM was a bit unfeasable for them), but my 2 hour timezone advantage was working well.

I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled with this song. It has a great hook with a melancholy feel and fits well with their previous discography. It’s definitely a more romantic and emotional song – it reminds me a little bit of BAP’s ‘1004’ (Angel). The dance choreography looks like it’s going to be amazing – so I can’t wait for their comeback stage on Thursday so I can get a better look.

Favourite Moments

The Opening Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.07.25 PM

I loooove the backwards walking and the ‘scorpion dance’ like lift here. It fits really well with the theme of time running throughout.

Ken’s lift out

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.37 PM

It’s a clever echo of his opening move in ‘Voodoo’, plus it just looks really good!

N has a badtouching moment with Hongbin

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.13.37 PM

Straight to the boytouching playlist! NGL, I kind of really liked this…

Clock Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.19.01 PM

So clever! I may have to stop myself from doing this move when I listen to the song. Also YAY HYUK!


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.23.08 PM

OMG *crying* and a substantial line at that. A YouTube comment noted that he sounds a little bit like Onew from SHINee and it’s a little bit true! I’m just mostly thrilled that he has something to do in the song (although his little peekaboo moment was too adorable for words as well.)

Body Rolls

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.27.11 PM

Yeah… I need to make a GIF of that so I can repeat it and the 10 seconds after this move forever and ever. (though I will admit to a small giggle at Ravi’s whispered “Raveh“)

Ghostly Fading

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.32.00 PM

Repeated thoughout the MV it’s visually very striking and fits beautifully with memory and erasure. The lyrics are about not being sure what is reality and what is a dream and the nightmare of losing someone forever to the extent that you fantasise them next to you (so yeah, kind of dark and stalkery in a way…)

I love how elements fade into smoke and how VIXX have a slight mental breakdown as they realise that the girl wasn’t actually there.

Ken drowns in hotness (hehehe)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.31.11 PM

What a great ending! Where he is literally pushed beneath the other members like he’s drowning with the slight menace of hands at his throat and heart.

And the last episode of VIXX TV – episode 1oo aired today as well. I sobbed most of the way through it because I have grown SUPER attached to these video updates that come out every week. If you haven’t watched them – you should! They’re subbed in English and are the cutest and most fun Kpop related thing ever. They started as a way to connect with their fans ‘Starlights’ and so that they could show off their personalities more.

I’m going to miss it so much!!! BUT there was a ray of hope at the end with a ‘to be continued’ so we may not have seen the last of VIXX in this format! As they said, this isn’t an end, but a new beginning!

VIXX Fighting!

Boyfriend – 3 Years!


And the anniversaries just keep coming! Today is Boyfriend’s 3rd year anniversary.

May and June are definitely debut months for Kpop – I have so many dates marked out in my calendar.

Now that we have started this ‘tradition’; we also watched all of Boyfriend’s super cute MVs tonight – both Korea and Japan releases. There are so many super cute videos! This group has a very sugar sweet concept – with loads of aegyo and adorableness – you might just expire on the spot from too much smiling.

It amuses me that their fanclub is called ‘Bestfriend’ and not ‘Girlfriend’ – friendzoned right from the start!!

Apart from the cuteness, I do like all of their songs as well. I bought most of their Korean albums in Korea and have since added all of their Japan ones as well. The only one I’m missing is ‘Janus’ – as I have the repackage ‘I-Yah’.

I resisted this group for quite a while – but cutie boys are my weakness. Plus… they are totally the Korean version of Ouran Highschool Host Club.


See! Jeongmin is Honey (tiny and cute) Hot leader Donghyun (’89 line yeah!) is Kyoya, cute puppy Minwoo is Tamaki (even though he’s the maknae), The twins Youngmin and Kwangmin are the Twins Hikaru and Kaoru (clearly…) and Hyunseong is Mori – it fits PERFECTLY

Their comeback for Korea is scheduled for next month! I’m really hoping that they finally crack the Top Twenty. They’re very successful in Japan, but haven’t promoted in Korea for a while.

Favourite Korean MV

Love Style – This album is just filled to the brim with the most adorable photos – all the cute pastel suits! This song is very catchy and is full of so many of Boyfriends ‘signature’ elements. It has a cute dance and a lot of smiling at the camera.

Favourite Japan PV

Dance Dance Dance – Cute boys, puppies, magic wardrobes! AISH!

Bonus – EPIC CUTENESS – Korean MV filmed in Japan

On & On – I totally want all the cute sweaters in this MV – also it kills me a little that this was only a digital release. *sobbing thinking about the potential photobook*

SHINee – 6 years

My favourite group debuted 6 years ago today, so I’m celebrating a whole day with some SHINee love!

My Tumblr dash is full of adorable picspam (and I have hearted all of them), I’ve taken down all of my albums and looked through all the photobooks and tonight we’ll be watching my playlist-of-doom on gchat hangouts. I maintain that this is TOTALLY having a social life – my best friends just happen to inconveniently live in another state that involves a 4ish hour plane journey and a timezone change.

It’s only 5 hours (and a bit) of SHINee – hardly anything at all! (LOL 82 videos!! – sorry girls… totally not sorry at all)

I have linked all of their MVs as well as live performances of the songs that are on my iPod SHINee playlist. Alas, there were a few songs that only exist as poor quality fancams or lyrics videos, so I have left them out *sobs* Orgel is such a great song too! Instead I have added a few dance practices, collaboration videos and a few things that I couldn’t quite bear to delete.

It starts with their debut song ‘Replay’ (누난 너무 예뻐) with Baby SHINee!

VIXX 2nd Anniversary (In which Ravi steals the entire show)

 vixx-ravi-1  vixx-ravi-2
 vixx-ravi-3  vixx-ravi-4
 vixx-ravi-5  vixx-ravi-6
 vixx-ravi-8  vixx-ravi-9



Seriously! They’re all adorable, but this literally takes the cake.

The super cute greeting video is below!

So Happy Second Anniversary to one of my favourite K-Pop groups! I love all the members equally and my bias is defaulted to N (Hakyeon) – because we share a birthday! (haha he’s also the leader and one of the main vocals), but no really I can’t rank them and won’t try. We “discovered” this group during their “Hyde” promotions as the MV was such a different concept to everything else that was out at the time (and it was rather sexy with all that blatant boy touching going on). When we were in Korea, “G.R.8.U” was playing literally everywhere! In fact the album was Aimee’s first kpop purchase for the trip (first of many…).

Our deep and obsessive love for them came after mainlining the entire series of  MTV video diaries that they did. We’d also fallen in love with BtoB the same way, and seeing these adorable boys as a contrast group really made for some fun viewing. It’s basically a reality show where they give them a camera and leave them to ruin their idol image forever in a cute and hilarious way. Poor VIXX – always hungry and never allowed to eat! Plus OMG so ridiculously funny to watch. I basically fell in love by the end of the first episode where they abandoned their maknae Hyuk at a petrol station and he screamed at them in dismay in this super high pitched squeal. AISH!

The videos can mostly still be found on YouTube and Daily Motion.

Make sure to check out their YouTube channel as well. They have a lot of super cute behind the scenes videos (helpfully subbed in English) which will literally suck your entire day away but leave you as an obsessed fan.

We watched all of their MVs tonight as an early  celebration – it was great to see just how much they’ve grown both musically and literally. VIXX are super tall as it is, but Hyuk is now a gigantic maknae (along with BtoB’s Sungjae and BAP’s Zelo)

I’m looking forward to their comeback next week too!

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東方神起 / TVXQ! – Sweat PV (Short Version)

 tvxq-sweat-1  tvxq-sweat-2
 tvxq-sweat-3  tvxq-sweat-4
 tvxq-sweat-5  tvxq-sweat-6
 tvxq-sweat-8  tvxq-sweat-9


TVXQ! Released the short version of their new PV for ‘Sweat’ today!

*commence glee* Seeing as they are in my top 5 and I’ve been a long-time fan. I especially love their Japan discography – even as it bankrupts me. Seriously this is like the 5th thing this year already.

I’ll have to wait until my album arrives to see the whole PV (alas!) as they tend to only release these short teaser versions online.

Yunho and Changmin are out for a night on the town in the storyline – but to me this is just a giant excuse for bromance shenanigans! What girls? They ignore them all (hehehe!) and just have fun dancing.

Yunho and his ‘gonna make you sweat ‘whisper (with bonus wink) is just too adorable! (I’ll just ignore the age gap – he’s at least a very respectable ’86 liner not like most of my biases who are barely out of high school and then there are those that are totally still in school)

The track is upbeat and fun, with a great hook in the chorus. I really like the ‘big band’ direction that they’re taking at the moment with all the brass and swing motifs.

The single is out on June 11 – but for now we can enjoy the PV!