Jun in June

Hooray! Good news in Kpop!

UKiss have a new member – Jun!

This has made me ridiculously happy as UKiss are one of my top 5 groups and I have a lot of love for all the members (past and present).

Jun is a ’97 liner (OMG WAEEEEEE? I am cursed I swear! These boys just keep getting younger and cuter and it’s super depressing for me) and has his position listed as rap/vocal.

I hope that all KissMe’s welcome him with open arms as I’m sure he’ll bring a fun, new dynamic to the group.

They haven’t confirmed a comeback date as yet, but I’m thinking it might be in June! Hooray!

Here’s the info released on him so far:



1997년 1월 22일 생(만17세)

키 185cm/ 몸무게 61kg

담당파트 : 랩/보컬

Photo cr. Naver

So it’s like early ’97, so he’s almost a ’96’er so I feel marginally better…


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