Lucky Star

I don’t think a 20 second teaser has had me more excited and happy in a long time!

Yay!!! More SHINee!!

Best of all, it looks like this is the long promised part two of ‘Boys Meet U‘ what with the Kombi van and the dog that was in that MV (the van isn’t exactly the same, but what’s a year later and continuity between friends fans.

Look at how cute this is going to be! Happy SHINee with a dog (this may kill me).

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.41.02 PM

Here’s the 20 second teaser below!

My countdown has started and you can be absolutely sure that I’ll be ordering every single version available (why yes, I will need all 3!)

ALSO HOLY GOD JAPAN RELEASES ARE KILLING ME! I just processed my May orders with HMV (lol over $100 before shipping) and Infinite will be next (I need them all, and they’re expensive) and now I have to add ALL THE SHINEE! (and maybe Junho) Siiiiiigh! The life of a hardcore collecting fan is haaaard. And I had to ignore CN Blue, UKISS and 2PM because I don’t technically collect their Japan singles – only albums (for now)


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