Jongie… 왜? WHAT IS THIS?

Emily: OMG how good do they all look?

Me: OMG I know
Jongie… looks really good
I have conflicted feels about this

Emily: I know right!
Dammit Jongie!

Me: My cutie maknae has turned into a bit of a hottie

Emily: He’s done a bit of a TaeMANNNN


Emily: kekeke

Kakao Chat – Wednesday 21 May, 2014

*sobbing forever* Noona can’t deal with this…

So Infinite’s ‘Last Romeo’ MV was released today! Here it is in all its awesome glory!

We may have stayed up late last night in hopes of a midnight release (one of the benefits of being one hour behind Seoul’s timezone is that I can livewatch shows – yay! Aimee and Emily were up at 1AM though…) alas no Infinite, but we did get surprise Japan Beast which was still awesome and squee worthy too!

So as I was deciding what to have for lunch today I refreshed my feed – just in case – and it was out!

My initial thoughts are that I really like the song. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance and everyone looks super amazing in the MV – especially my ultimate bias Sunggyu (yeah with all the main parts too! aish I love his voice). The plot also sort of makes sense (for once in an Infinite MV!) and when I wasn’t staring at the artfully placed rips in Woohyun’s (and Gyu’s!!) pants I was mildly horrified at the casual destruction of so many books – although it did look very pretty.

I also approve of this mix of white lace romantic suits and the black leather (mmmmm).

Jongie however is looking a little bit too good… *mind breaks* This is my own fault for letting him brainwash me with all the constant rotating backgrounds of his cuteness on my laptop. I might have promoted him up my unofficial Infinite ranking to #3… (this never happened and if officially questioned he’s at #7).

Jongie 왜 did you have to do so.much.aegyo. right in front of me during OGS in Hiroshima so that I couldn’t even deal with it? *more sobbing*

This maknae is NOT ALLOWED to move into the ‘shouldn’t but I totally would’ pile of cute boys! He’s still pretty cute thankfully, but is definitely moving down the Taemin path of growing abs… WOE! *commence ugly crying*

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.27.50 PM

P.S I really prefer this dark hair on him too – not that candy floss pink isn’t adorable…

P.P.S The whole album is also great *immediately adds all tracks to faves playlists*

brb, putting my graphic designer skills to good use by making a bajillion GIFs of this MV


2 thoughts on “Jongie… 왜? WHAT IS THIS?

    1. Nope! I’m lost now – there is no hope whatsoever, the cute maknaes have somehow taken over all my bias lists.

      I’m countig down for all the live performances because I think they’ll be pretty epic.

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