VIXX 2nd Anniversary (In which Ravi steals the entire show)

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Seriously! They’re all adorable, but this literally takes the cake.

The super cute greeting video is below!

So Happy Second Anniversary to one of my favourite K-Pop groups! I love all the members equally and my bias is defaulted to N (Hakyeon) – because we share a birthday! (haha he’s also the leader and one of the main vocals), but no really I can’t rank them and won’t try. We “discovered” this group during their “Hyde” promotions as the MV was such a different concept to everything else that was out at the time (and it was rather sexy with all that blatant boy touching going on). When we were in Korea, “G.R.8.U” was playing literally everywhere! In fact the album was Aimee’s first kpop purchase for the trip (first of many…).

Our deep and obsessive love for them came after mainlining the entire series of  MTV video diaries that they did. We’d also fallen in love with BtoB the same way, and seeing these adorable boys as a contrast group really made for some fun viewing. It’s basically a reality show where they give them a camera and leave them to ruin their idol image forever in a cute and hilarious way. Poor VIXX – always hungry and never allowed to eat! Plus OMG so ridiculously funny to watch. I basically fell in love by the end of the first episode where they abandoned their maknae Hyuk at a petrol station and he screamed at them in dismay in this super high pitched squeal. AISH!

The videos can mostly still be found on YouTube and Daily Motion.

Make sure to check out their YouTube channel as well. They have a lot of super cute behind the scenes videos (helpfully subbed in English) which will literally suck your entire day away but leave you as an obsessed fan.

We watched all of their MVs tonight as an early  celebration – it was great to see just how much they’ve grown both musically and literally. VIXX are super tall as it is, but Hyuk is now a gigantic maknae (along with BtoB’s Sungjae and BAP’s Zelo)

I’m looking forward to their comeback next week too!

Their debut MV! They all look rather young and cute here! We were chatting about how this is a really typical debut song and MV. Upbeat and catchy with cute boys!

Rock UR Body is also a fun song – I love Dasom’s dress here too! Helpfully there are member names scattered throughout the MV so it’s perfect for learning who’s who!

This one’s the ear worm… “I need therapy lalalala therapy” hehehe the amount of times I’ve accidentally sung this in public… Also the concept here is space vampires – maybe? I’m not sure (neither is the rest of the internet), but this was a striking song.

Ahhhh Hyde! I looooove this song. The whole concept and just everything about it. The album is pretty fantastic too. I made a gif set of this ages ago as well

And here’s the Jekyll to the Hyde. This is probably my favourite VIXX song and MV. I really love N’s red hair too!

More adorable VIXX! This time collaborating with Okdalj. I also GIF’ed the heck out of this… Ken was too adorable to live.

And a fab ballad track! Filmed in Sweden – all the boys look very nerdy hot here

And Voodoo – They received their first music show win with this song. I pretty much cried with them. (hehehe)
There is a clean (non-gory) version of this if you prefer.


2 thoughts on “VIXX 2nd Anniversary (In which Ravi steals the entire show)

  1. Ahhhhhh! Your Ravi gifset is amazing. There is a reason why he is my bias!!!!! Saranghae!

    There aren’t a heap of songs from VIXX, but each and every one of them is so good. I love how unique they are. Go VIXX!

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