SHINee – 6 years

My favourite group debuted 6 years ago today, so I’m celebrating a whole day with some SHINee love!

My Tumblr dash is full of adorable picspam (and I have hearted all of them), I’ve taken down all of my albums and looked through all the photobooks and tonight we’ll be watching my playlist-of-doom on gchat hangouts. I maintain that this is TOTALLY having a social life – my best friends just happen to inconveniently live in another state that involves a 4ish hour plane journey and a timezone change.

It’s only 5 hours (and a bit) of SHINee – hardly anything at all! (LOL 82 videos!! – sorry girls… totally not sorry at all)

I have linked all of their MVs as well as live performances of the songs that are on my iPod SHINee playlist. Alas, there were a few songs that only exist as poor quality fancams or lyrics videos, so I have left them out *sobs* Orgel is such a great song too! Instead I have added a few dance practices, collaboration videos and a few things that I couldn’t quite bear to delete.

It starts with their debut song ‘Replay’ (누난 너무 예뻐) with Baby SHINee!


4 thoughts on “SHINee – 6 years

    1. HAHAHA! But now I have to go relink Dazzling Girl and Breaking News to the full length PVs (maybe 321 as well if I can find a good quality version)

      Your ultimate bias was looking very fine in so many of those videos *covets him just a teeny bit*

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