Boyfriend – 3 Years!


And the anniversaries just keep coming! Today is Boyfriend’s 3rd year anniversary.

May and June are definitely debut months for Kpop – I have so many dates marked out in my calendar.

Now that we have started this ‘tradition’; we also watched all of Boyfriend’s super cute MVs tonight – both Korea and Japan releases. There are so many super cute videos! This group has a very sugar sweet concept – with loads of aegyo and adorableness – you might just expire on the spot from too much smiling.

It amuses me that their fanclub is called ‘Bestfriend’ and not ‘Girlfriend’ – friendzoned right from the start!!

Apart from the cuteness, I do like all of their songs as well. I bought most of their Korean albums in Korea and have since added all of their Japan ones as well. The only one I’m missing is ‘Janus’ – as I have the repackage ‘I-Yah’.

I resisted this group for quite a while – but cutie boys are my weakness. Plus… they are totally the Korean version of Ouran Highschool Host Club.


See! Jeongmin is Honey (tiny and cute) Hot leader Donghyun (’89 line yeah!) is Kyoya, cute puppy Minwoo is Tamaki (even though he’s the maknae), The twins Youngmin and Kwangmin are the Twins Hikaru and Kaoru (clearly…) and Hyunseong is Mori – it fits PERFECTLY

Their comeback for Korea is scheduled for next month! I’m really hoping that they finally crack the Top Twenty. They’re very successful in Japan, but haven’t promoted in Korea for a while.

Favourite Korean MV

Love Style – This album is just filled to the brim with the most adorable photos – all the cute pastel suits! This song is very catchy and is full of so many of Boyfriends ‘signature’ elements. It has a cute dance and a lot of smiling at the camera.

Favourite Japan PV

Dance Dance Dance – Cute boys, puppies, magic wardrobes! AISH!

Bonus – EPIC CUTENESS – Korean MV filmed in Japan

On & On – I totally want all the cute sweaters in this MV – also it kills me a little that this was only a digital release. *sobbing thinking about the potential photobook*


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