VIXX – Eternity MV

Well that was an MV worth staying up for! It was released on YouTube at 1AM KST – so right on midnight for me 🙂

The girls and I kept our MV night going after watching ‘ALL the Boyfriend’ for their 3 year anniversary. 3 hours flew past pretty fast as we compiled an ‘It’s a Kpop Party‘ playlist by taking turns to link videos in our chat window – there are quite a few MVs that feature a party of some description – kekeke!

Alas, at midnight KST the MV wasn’t out – so we resorted to watching the bootleg from the countdown showcase before the others headed off for bed (waiting up until 2AM was a bit unfeasable for them), but my 2 hour timezone advantage was working well.

I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled with this song. It has a great hook with a melancholy feel and fits well with their previous discography. It’s definitely a more romantic and emotional song – it reminds me a little bit of BAP’s ‘1004’ (Angel). The dance choreography looks like it’s going to be amazing – so I can’t wait for their comeback stage on Thursday so I can get a better look.

Favourite Moments

The Opening Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.07.25 PM

I loooove the backwards walking and the ‘scorpion dance’ like lift here. It fits really well with the theme of time running throughout.

Ken’s lift out

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.37 PM

It’s a clever echo of his opening move in ‘Voodoo’, plus it just looks really good!

N has a badtouching moment with Hongbin

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.13.37 PM

Straight to the boytouching playlist! NGL, I kind of really liked this…

Clock Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.19.01 PM

So clever! I may have to stop myself from doing this move when I listen to the song. Also YAY HYUK!


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.23.08 PM

OMG *crying* and a substantial line at that. A YouTube comment noted that he sounds a little bit like Onew from SHINee and it’s a little bit true! I’m just mostly thrilled that he has something to do in the song (although his little peekaboo moment was too adorable for words as well.)

Body Rolls

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.27.11 PM

Yeah… I need to make a GIF of that so I can repeat it and the 10 seconds after this move forever and ever. (though I will admit to a small giggle at Ravi’s whispered “Raveh“)

Ghostly Fading

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.32.00 PM

Repeated thoughout the MV it’s visually very striking and fits beautifully with memory and erasure. The lyrics are about not being sure what is reality and what is a dream and the nightmare of losing someone forever to the extent that you fantasise them next to you (so yeah, kind of dark and stalkery in a way…)

I love how elements fade into smoke and how VIXX have a slight mental breakdown as they realise that the girl wasn’t actually there.

Ken drowns in hotness (hehehe)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.31.11 PM

What a great ending! Where he is literally pushed beneath the other members like he’s drowning with the slight menace of hands at his throat and heart.

And the last episode of VIXX TV – episode 1oo aired today as well. I sobbed most of the way through it because I have grown SUPER attached to these video updates that come out every week. If you haven’t watched them – you should! They’re subbed in English and are the cutest and most fun Kpop related thing ever. They started as a way to connect with their fans ‘Starlights’ and so that they could show off their personalities more.

I’m going to miss it so much!!! BUT there was a ray of hope at the end with a ‘to be continued’ so we may not have seen the last of VIXX in this format! As they said, this isn’t an end, but a new beginning!

VIXX Fighting!


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