ZE:A – Breathe – Teaser

zea-homme1  zea-homme2a
 zea-homme3  zea-homme4
 zea-homme5  zea-homme-reup
 zea-homme7  zea-homme8

And yet another comeback teaser! I swear I have no money to live at this point and will have to eat ramyun forever to sustain my kpop lifestyle.

ZE:A (제국의 아이들 Children of Empire) are a group that I only fairly recently became a fan of. I bought their album ‘Illusion’ when I was in Korea last year because ‘The Ghost of Wind‘ was a really catchy song and they were promoting it heavily. Alas, we had to leave before they held their signing event in Myeongdong, but I was a newly converted fan!

They’re very underrated in Korea, and are yet to really make it big – but their members are in a lot of variety shows – particularly Kwanghee and Dongjun and you will remember Hyungsik from the drama ‘Heirs’ and maybe Siwan too who has been in quite a few dramas

I will admit to sometimes confusing who is who, seeing as they have 9 members (even with a cheat sheet – thanks Aimee!), but I have ALL of their subgroups ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U down!

The teaser looks great though. In the words of one memorable YouTube comment: “You had me at TARDIS”

It’s futuristic with a splash of apocalypse – right up my alley! With a piano and guitar base for the song, I’m looking forward to the vocals and the rest of the MV.

If you like Infinite, chances are, you’ll also like ZE:A. Check out their page on Daum which has some great teaser pics – the concept is ‘Homme Fatale’ (yes please!)

The mini album ‘First Homme’ is out on June 2nd.


2 thoughts on “ZE:A – Breathe – Teaser

    1. Hehehe! I know right – I did a complete double take and was all ‘Dr Who… in my kpop???’

      I like ZE:A a lot – it took me a while to get around to them, but there are a lot of their songs on my faves list now 🙂

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