Beast – Adrenaline

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What a week (and a bit) of non-stop KPop releases!!

Beast’s new PV for Adrenaline technically came out last week – but I have been too busy to review it until now!

We were online in anticipation for Infinite’s ‘Last Romeo’ – just in case Woolim decided to go for a midnight release – alas no, but instead we got surprise Beast! The best kind of surprise!

This is another perfect summer song – it’s got an upbeat drum rhythm as well as guitar riffs and, like a lot of recently released music, has a real throwback 70’s vibe with the synth chords. I like all of Beast’s dance tracks and this is quite a catchy song from them. I’ve already memorised the chorus!

This fits well with Beast’s other Japanese discography. They have a wide range of styles and have their own unique sound. I was lucky to see them in a concert in Korea last year – their B2uty concert in Busan. My girlfriends and I screamed to our heart’s content and fangirled along with a bunch of what seemed like 14 year old girls through all of their hit songs and solo stages. They definitely made an amazing live show!

The PV is pretty fun too – it’s a simple box set and alternates between black and white and pops of colour. The dance (when they actually do the dance) is cute – but most of the time it’s pretty ‘freestyle’ aka goofing off in front of the camera – I had a hard time not making gifs of every single moment…

Beast are an amazing group and if you have time, you should definitely check out their currently airing reality show ‘Burning the Beast’. They’re a group that have been together for quite a while now, so they delight in heaping scorn on each other and generally ruining their image. I have a soft spot for Hot LeaderTM Doojoon, but my bias is the maknae Dongwoon (of course! – one of my original maknae loves)

I’m looking forward to this single arriving in the mail next month (along with like a million other Japan singles and albums).

The PV is linked below, so enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Beast – Adrenaline

  1. Yay! I love this MV a lot! Beast are the best! The dorky dancing is just too adorable! It’s songs like these ones that justify Beast being locked in as my number 6! I can’t wait for their Korean comeback!

    1. AISH! Seriously Doojoon kills me sometimes – we call him ‘Hot Leader’ but he is seriously SUCH a dork! I love him to death though. We have to watch BtB as soon as the subs are out!

      I’m excited for the Korean comeback too – it’s been far too long since I’ve added to my Korean Beast collection!!!

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