UKISS – Don’t Flirt Teaser & Pics

ukiss-mono1  ukiss-mono2
 ukiss-mono3  ukiss-mono4
 ukiss-mono5  ukiss-mono6
 ukiss-mono7  ukiss-mono8


Well… *fans self* My boys are certainly looking FINE!

I think that Korea and I may differ slightly on our definition of 19+, but I am definitely OK with a sexy concept. I have to say that Eli is becoming a bit of a bias breaker here too – he’s always been too attractive for his own good.

UKISS are in my top 5 groups, so I am beyond excited for their comeback. AJ will be sitting out this round of promotions, as he is diligently studying in the USA, but Soohyun, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin and new member Jun will be giving us something pretty memorable.

Jun is still under 18 *sobs* (wae more underage cutie maknaes?), so he probably won’t be getting any sexytimes with the ladies and will remain pure and innocent (kekeke) and most probably all angsty and broody. However the rest are clearly completely fine and have a green light for getting mostly nekkid and flashing their abs all over the place (yes please!).

They released updated teaser pics yesterday and my Tumblr dash is now on fire from the fangirl meltdown and well – this is why…


1401508278869  1401508279020  1401508278972
 1401508279066  1401508278999  1401508279047

Yep… that come hither look from Eli is giving me some FEELS. Please note Jun all pure and angelic in the bathroom as a nice contrast (hehehe)

The mini album ‘Mono Scandal’ is out on June 2nd!



5 thoughts on “UKISS – Don’t Flirt Teaser & Pics

  1. I almost spontaneous combusted when i saw the sexy pictures of U-Kiss…. They are just to sexy that it’s hard to contain my feels… i just have to thank God for making such good looking men… it’s hard for me to pick a bias’ out of U-Kiss… So i guess i’ll just take most of them…. haha… I can’t wait for the music video to come out!!!

    1. I know! And they just released coloured versions as well. *dies again* It’s hard to choose a bias because they’re all so great. I love Soohyun because I fell for him when I watched their early variety programs – he’s just so adorable and fun.

      Thanks for reading!!! It’s always great to meet another UKISS fan 🙂

      1. i saw the colored versions but i like the black and white versions better… I love Soohyun as well… I also like Hoon and Kiseop… but if i had to really choose between the three it would be Soohyun…

        You don’t meet a lot of U-Kiss fans… I got to see U-Kiss in concert earlier this year… it was so awesome… it made me love them even more…

      2. *epic jealousy* Not many Kpop groups come to Australia, so we have to travel to see them. 🙂 Although MBLAQ, Ailee and Wheesung randomly came to Perth last October and it was like the universe had gone to crazytown because we are literally one of the most isolated capital cities in the world 😀

      3. I’m lucky because I live in near Los Angeles… What’s sad for me is i’m actually moving and where i am moving too K-Pop groups don’t go… But i have had it better then some fans… I’ve been too 2 different K-Pop concerts… One day K-Pop will rule the word and the troubles of international fans will no more exist…

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