My resistance to the cute is crumbling

bigflo-yuseong-1  bigflo-yuseong-2
 bigflo-yuseong-3  bigflo-yuseong-4
 bigflo-yuseong-5  bigflo-yuseong-6
 bigflo-yuseong-8  bigflo-yuseong-9

빅플로(BIGFLO) TV episode #12 유성 & Z-UK TV – Gif Set

In which Yuseong went to Jeju and frolicked in a field and with flowers (like a giant, but angelic-looking dork).

He’s pretty much too cute to live!

(The episode with his 3 pet hamsters was the most adorable thing that I have watched all week, but making GIFs of that might just kill me)

The best thing is that we wrote our group name in the sand at that EXACT same spot when we stayed at the Shilla as well.


Watch the episode below – or subbed in English


BigFlo (빅플로) – Delilah (딜라일라) – Teaser

 bigflo-delilah-1  bigflo-delilah-2
 bigflo-delilah-3  bigflo-delilah-4
 bigflo-delilah-4a  bigflo-delilah-5
bigflo-delilah-7  bigflo-delilah-8

More cute Rookies!

I discovered them just today, seeing as the teaser came up on my feed. I’m always a fan of colourful hair, so after mainlining their subbed YouTube episodes and getting to know the members a bit, I think I might have to make an exception to my rookies rule and buy their mini album when it comes out.

Their debut stage was on M-Countdown tonight and Aimee and I livewatched it – it was fun to be able to pick out our favourite members already. (Yep! totes picked out our biases already).

BigFlo are a hip-hop group, and their debut song has a suuuuuuuuper catchy hook line. I’m looking forward to the MV* when it comes out and will follow this group, seeing as they have managed to steal my heart already.

*and the MV is fantastic! Watch it below…

Note to KPop groups: if you film your members in cute 1o minute segments and put them on YouTube you will attract ALL THE FANS (also if you subtitle in English, we will love you more *cough* like A-Prince *cough*) Alas BigFlo have unsubbed vids on their main channel, but they have picked up a subbing group – hooray!

Siiiigh – another maknae for me! Hightop was basically just too adorable to live! He has a very deep voice as well. Also for SERIOUS Yuseong and his hamsters was possibly the cutest thing that I have watched all week.

BIGFLO Member Profiles


ALL THE PROFILES MUAHAHAHA! I levelled up in their fancafe! Go me!!

Jungkyun 정균
Real Name: Jeong Junkyun (정정균)
Position: Leader, Vocal
D.O.B: 27.11.1987
Bloodtype: A형

Yuseong 유성
Real Name: Jeong Yuseong (정유성)
Position: Vocal
D.O.B: 08.10.1992
Bloodtype: O형

Real Name: Cheon Byunghwa (천병화)
Position: Vocal (low parts)
D.O.B: 22.01.1991
Blood Type: B형

Real Name: Jung Jiwook (정지욱)
Position: Rap, Main Dancer
D.O.B: 27.01.1993
Blood Type: A형

Real Name: Im Hyeontae (임현태)
Position: Main Rapper, Maknae
D.O.B: 19.03.1994
Blood Type: AB형


Boyfriend – ‘Here’ PV Teaser

 Boyfriend-Here-1  Boyfriend-Here-2
Boyfriend-Here-3  Boyfriend-Here-4
 Boyfriend-Here-5  Boyfriend-Here-6
 Boyfriend-Here-7  Boyfriend-Here-8
 Boyfriend-Here-9  Boyfriend-Here-10

*instant nosebleed*

So this is pretty much my ideal kind of cute MV – with the sun, beach setting, cute boys and LOTS AND LOTS of ridiculous playing around for the camera and aegyo. (It doesn’t hurt that the song is also super cute too.)

And applause to Boyfriend for successfully promoting two polar opposite concepts at the same time, in two different countries.

Hot Boyfriend Leader continues to be very pleasing to the eyes – I saw that glimpse of shirtlessness there! There even appears to be a vague kind of plot what with the treasure map – who knows! Truthfully, I don’t really need a plot when cute is involved…

This PV should drop with the release of their album ‘Seventh Color’ which is due out on July 23 (wae so far away??) Then again, Japan are very fond of only releasing short versions (aka like ALL of the TVXQ! totally forcing me to buy the versions that come with the DVD) There are 3 versions available, and I am seriously considering getting two (because I’m a bit obsessed like that). I normally only get one, but this is going to be very hard to resist.

Beast – ‘Good Luck’ – Teaser

 beast-goodluck-1 beast-goodluck-2
 beast-goodluck-3 beast-goodluck-4
 beast-goodluck-5 beast-goodluck-6
 beast-goodluck-7 beast-goodluck-8


It’s the Beast with two comebacks!

And aren’t they all looking FINE!

A Japan single and a Korean mini album in the same month makes me a very happy fangirl.

Cube have stepped up their promo cycle for the Beast Boys and over the past week have given us 6 individual teasers and at midnight last night, we got the group one which gives us a closer look at the dance and a longer snippet of the song. It’s looking pretty amazing so far! And although I’m not a huge fan of the hip-hop outfits (I prefer suited up hotness) I think this is going to be great! I’m always a fan of piano and strings 🙂

‘Good luck! Baby good luck to you!’

There is possibly a bit of cheatery mccheaterson action going on, seeing as there is only one girl and a lot of angst from Dongwoon after presumably sleeping with her as Hot LeaderTM lurks menacingly outside the door (my maknae NOOOOO!).

And what’s with the Junhyung as Jesus complete with spilled gold coins and a stabbing? (Or is he the Judas in this scenario?). I do not want to have to add this to my ‘idols and DEATH Nooooo!’ YouTube playlist.

I’m now super excited for this to be out already!

Taeyang’s continued commitment to shirtlessness – Eyes, Nose, Lips MV – Review

taeyang-eyesnoselips-1  taeyang-eyesnoselips-2
 taeyang-eyesnoselips-3  taeyang-eyesnoselips-4
 taeyang-eyesnoselips-5  taeyang-eyesnoselips-6


And it is truly appreciated!!

The MV starts on a tight focus on Taeyang’s jawline and neck tattoo and then slowly pulls back, revealing his shirtless state (nice!) and building to a crescendo of fire (literally burning a giant picture of the girl he’s singing about in a spectacularly dramatic fashion).

All MV’s should have dramatic fire.

And shirtlessness (with abs).

It’s certainly different to most MV’s out there, as there’s no dance or plot to be seen, rather you’re forced to focus on Taeyang and he puts in a very emotional performance. He has some really fantastic small movements that make repeated watching of the MV a must. My favourite part would have to be the sound of the fire that you can hear over the song – it’s a real asmr moment.

The song is like the MV – stripped back and bare, but it’s such a lovely track. I liked it a lot! I’m considering getting the album ‘Rise’ as I loved so many of the songs that are on it. I don’t currently have a lot of Big Bang in my collection (only 2 albums, and G-Dragon’s solos) but there’s a lot to like here.

I’m looking forward to a Big Bang comeback at some point this year, but all of the member’s solo efforts have been stellar A+

ZE:A – Breathe (숨소리) MV – Review

My take on this MV is that ZE:A are secretly Timelords who failed in their mission to prevent the apocalypse on Earth and so they rescued the only survivor who must now repopulate all of humanity with cute Korean pop stars. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE

ZE:A are back! It’s been nearly a year since ‘Ghost of Wind’ and ‘Illusion’ and I have missed them! Not that they’ve been inactive, seeing as several members are ALL OVER various variety and radio programs.

The new mini album is called ‘First Homme’ and the title track is called ‘Breathe’ (숨소리). The teaser last week (or so) had me pretty excited – alas the MV release was delayed by a couple of days and we had a 1 minute ‘preview’ as a placeholder. My reaction was pretty much: ‘What is this…are we in JAPAN and experiencing its obsession with short PVs?’ – I’m kidding! I was totally OK… (though antsy and obsessively refreshing my youtube feed even on pathetic 2G coverage in rural Victoria)

Instead I downloaded the album (Yes, I have pre-ordered an actual copy through MNet, but it’s a meet and greet and so I won’t get it for months… I am impatient when it comes to KPop)

The album – I LOVE – seriously every single track is excellent. This is one of my favourite albums so far this year – and that’s facing some pretty stiff competition from groups that are higher up my bias list. This is a solid album with some great vocals, mixed with an R&B feel. Quite a few of the members have contributed to the song writing and composition – particularly on my favourite track ‘One’.

‘One’ is an anthem kind of song, but definitely on the pop side of the spectrum – the chorus is in English – so handy for belting out at the top of your lungs in the car / shower / street while you are walking the dog (not that I did that at all…)

I really feel that ZE:A have grown a lot with this album, so I’m hoping that they can now boost their profile both domestically and abroad.

Back to ‘Breathe’! This was produced by Brave Brothers, so has some of his hallmark sounds – but it’s still got a distinct ZE:A feel to it. They’re a bit like Infinite, in that I can pick their songs out because of the pop fusion with synth hooks – the difference being that ZE:A have more of a harmony line as opposed to power vocals. ‘Breathe’ has some really lovely lyrics – it reads more like a ballad than a pop song because it’s about the melancholy you feel for a lost love – about longing for the sound of their breath and the sadness that recalling happier memories brings.

The MV came out when we were in Bendigo, so I tethered my phone to stream it to the TV and we subjected all of our friends to the SUPER confusing plot that really doesn’t reflect the song all that well. So, I like the dance, the costumes, the TARDIS and the song – I’m just a bit meh on the overall plot.

Cracked out Fanfiction Interpretation

9 Timelords from Gallifrey Korea who are skilled in song and Dance


Note the significant blue colour and fondness for tweed and check patterns – no bow ties… yet! but maybe in the live stages.

Lonely Timelords


In their lonely spaceship / TARDIS – being cute idols clearly not fulfilling.

Telescope with the power to look into the past due to light waves and physics and SCIENCE


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and all that – clearly it shows the girl before the world went to hell and they fall into forbidden lurve with her. Because like all KPop MVs there is only one girl and lots of boys. Reverse Harem!

Brief segue into creepy Twilight-esque staring / stalking a girl while she sleeps (or is possibly in a coma)


Please note that several members do this. This is not ever cool. Even if you are an immortal Vampire-Timelord.



On the planet of snow and sparkly trees where ZE:A now live. (also their TARDIS has some nice rooms for fancy dancing with balloon ceilings)

I feel like their plan to prevent the apocalypse involved paper planes


Maybe with messages or their signatures? – like most idols do for concerts – leading to fangirl battles for souvenirs.

Clearly this was a BUST


Not well thought out there ZE:A. Though I do treasure my own Infinite KPop paper plane (and totally have a shrine for it because of Woohyun), I feel that a signature is not much of a harbinger of DOOM and END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH.

Running through alleyways of the apocalypse…


This could also just be a run down part of town and they’ve just rescued a girl who was having a mild panic attack at the beginning of the MV and really have it all wrong…

More cute dancing


Interpretive-dance-of-sorrow? IDK – but I like it 🙂

It was all a dream


Or this girl is now super happy in her reverse harem bliss