The Great Shelving Crisis!


*sobs pathetically*

This is what a deadly K-Pop addition looks like…

That ShinVIXXFinite order arrival from Japan finally put my Kpop shelving into overload. There is officially no more room at the inn! I’m actually going to have to invest in the add-on unit because I may have bought a heap of Kpop albums for my birthday (it was totes just all the albums for June that I had on hold until monies came my way…) and have pre-ordered another pile of Japan releases and upcoming Korean comebacks.

I love to display the albums that I’ve bought because they really are beautiful to look at – not just because of all the cute boys, but because they’re really gorgeously packaged. I’m a graphic designer who works in print and I really appreciate how the albums are put together. All of that Spot UV and foiling and embossing! Not to mention the really amazing die cuts that make up the actual album enclosure – I wish that my clients would spend the money on these processes!

I like to have at least one album per group facing outwards – usually their most recent release – however I now have at least 9 groups who are delegated to spine only *sad*.

This all started just over 2 years ago with my first physical album purchase – Super Junior’s ‘Breakdown’. I then added albums slowly until we went to Korea last September. I remember making lists before we went of all the albums that I wanted to buy. My extreme ‘wish list’ had over 65 albums on it, and after laughing at how ludicrous that idea was, we all culled our lists down to about 20 with a +5 leeway for sneaky buys (aka my cutie boy groups that I was at the time in denial over)…

Then Aimee and I went to Tower Records in Japan and threw our rules out the window. I had 2 Japan albums on my list – SHINee’s Boys Meet U (which had just been released) and Junho from 2PM’s solo album ‘Kimi no Koe’, and let’s just say that I left Japan with over 20… Damn you Boyfriend and Infinite! Why did you have to be so awesome! Korea was even worse – even after posting all my Japan albums and our first few days haul back home, I still left the country with 85 albums, most of them carry-on and we were STILL overweight on the baggage weight limit!

Because I collect so many groups, every month I add at least 10 albums to my collection (usually more, because of Japan releases that I can’t stay away from). For reference these are the groups that I either own the entire discography of or am currently collecting:

  • SHINee – Japan and Korea all versions
  • Infinite – Japan and Korea all versions plus Toheart, Sunggyu and Infinite H
  • FT Island – Japan and Korea (missing 6 singles that are out of print)
  • VIXX
  • BtoB
  • Teen Top
  • B.A.P – Japan and Korea
  • UKISS – Korea only
  • EXO – K and M versions
  • TVXQ! – Japan and Korea (only the duo releases)
  • CN Blue – Korea only
  • 2PM
  • 2AM
  • SHU-I
  • B1A4
  • Boyfriend – Japan and Korea
  • Beast – Japan and Korea plus solos Yoseob and Junhyung
  • Nu’Est
  • History
  • BTS
  • ZE:A – plus subgroups
  • Alphabat
  • Boys Republic
  • Speed
  • Block B
  • JYJ
  • Heo Yeong Sang
  • A-Prince
  • A-JAX
  • Super Junior – incomplete – only my fave albums so far
  • and various solos and one offs

Hmmm – I have a lot of groups there! No wonder I can’t narrow down a top twenty!

Whenever I have visitors they all enjoy pulling them down and looking through them because they’re so different to anything that you can buy here. An album in Australia is a CD jewel case and you’re lucky if there’s a 4 page insert at the front. K-Pop comes with so many extra goodies – I especially love photocards – I’ve filled nearly 6 cases with back to back cards (I may have an addiction) and let’s not mention the now more than 100 posters I seem to have accumulated…

Lots of albums also come with postcards, stickers (not that I’ll use them – they are for looking at only!) and bookmarks. The most deadly aspect is the repackage album, where about a month after the initial release the group will record another song (or two) and re-release the album with a brand new album design and photobook. I’m a bit of a serial collector, so I have a fair few of these. To me, they are worth buying – because most of the time the CDs never make it out of the case (except to be added to i-Tunes). I buy them for other reasons – namely the photobooks!

I rotate my posters in and out – although I am currently having an existential crisis because there are too many posters and not enough wall! And I do put up postcards from select albums as well. Technically this would reduce the re-sell value as *horror* I do use blue-tac – but I’m not about to get rid of any!

My Current Stats! *shame*

Albums – 252
DVD Concerts – 16
Photobooks and Other – 9
Posters – 119
Photocards – too many… (LIES! there is no such thing as too many)

Wow… I could pretty much make a post per day featuring a K-pop album for a year…

On it’s way to me are:

MBLAQ – Broken (signed edition)
B.A.P – Unplugged
Beast – Good Luck (Black and White versions because I totes need both photobooks)
Bigflo – First Flow (I broke my rookies rule and bought them because I love them)
History – Desire
VIXX – VIXX box and Voodoo DVD box (‘cos I skipped Voodoo last time and had regrets! Good thing it was bundled with the VIXX box on sale!)
SHINee – SHINee world 3 DVD set
Boyfriend – Obesssion (signed edition)
UKISS – First Homme (signed edition) – I am giving the copy I already have to a friend…
ZE:A (signed edition)

On Preorder for July:

Got7 – Got Love (signed edition)
Henry – Fantastic
B1A4 – Solo Day
Nu’Est – Rebirth
Boyfriend – Seventh Color (Japan release) – maaaaay need 2 versions of this, let’s just say they are in the cart, waiting to be processed
BTS – Boy in Luv (Japan release)
BAP – Excuse Me (Japan release)
Donghae & Eunhyuk – Skeleton (Japan release)
Junho (Feel – Japan release)

Likely to add:

Infinite – Last Romeo repackage
C-Clown – 4th mini album (also WAE are all their other albums now out of print *will have to scour ebay*)
Teen Top – comeback
Block B – comeback
JYJ – comeback

I have no idea how I’m going to cram this into my shelves without drastic rearranging and spining most of my displayed albums. *crying forever*

How do you display your Kpop? Do you do it by group like me? Are your favourite groups in a special position?


3 thoughts on “The Great Shelving Crisis!

  1. I am so jealous of you extensive collection…. I think i only have 10 albums in my collection and right now they aren’t displayed… I had them on a shelf since i didn’t have a lot… But i don’t have them displayed right now since i moved and i not have shelves up on the wall… But i’m just going to say it again i am JEALOUS!!! Whenever i make a trip to Korea i know i am coming home with a suitcase full of albums…

    1. I absolutely have a K-Pop addiction – but my two best friends are the same – we look like lunatics compared to most people who collect a couple of select groups…

      Haha I swear it was Korea that put me over the edge – not only are albums SUUUUUPER cheap, but it’s all too easy to just walk into a store and buy everything when it’s right there tempting you. Plus – they also give you all sorts of presents like posters and postcards and photos – haha sooooo much crack!

      The best part was coming back to our hotel with a haul of albums and opening them all to look at the goodies – it was like Christmas – but better!

      We totally had to buy extra bags at the markets to get it all home as well. 🙂

      I started with a shelf as well – and now all my books and DVDs are in storage boxes…

      1. haha… K-Pop is an addiction and only those who listen to K-Pop understand… most people i know just roll their eyes at me… i know i will bring home a suitcase full of albums… whats the point of going to Korea other then buying everything K-Pop related… I guess your going to have to find other forms of shelving… New way to organize or add more shelves…

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