Got7 Banners – 2017 Global Fanmeeting in Australia


Another K-Pop group came to Australia – so of course I had to be a part of the fan projects for this event as well! (At some point I will also put together a post on the Seventeen Banner Project, but I am so lazy OMG! It was literally nearly a year ago…)

Got7 are a group near and dear to my heart. I was at their very first music show win on SBS ‘The Show’ in Seoul 2 years ago, and have been a fan since their debut.

As soon as we knew they would be coming to Australia for a series of fanmeetings, the Facebook fangroup launched their donation drive so that we could bring a series of projects to life for the fans, as well as Got7. I was asked to design 2 x projects – the Fabric banners as well as the free card banners that are given out on the day of the event.

Got7 were, at the time, gearing up for their album repackage; so I knew that a whole new set of images and logos would be coming. When designing banners, I always like to tie the look and theme of them to the latest promotion that the group has done. The song chosen for the banner event is also usually from their last album or single.

The timing seemed generous to begin with, but in reality this project was definitely down to the wire. It takes a lot of work to make them happen!

The song chosen for the event was ‘Never Ever’. As I began the design process we didn’t know what the slogan would be, just that we’d wait until the song was out and decide later.

As each teaser image was released, I pored over them, looking for elements and imagery that I wanted to incorporate into the design. As I write this post, the Sydney concert is underway! I won’t spoil the designs for Brisbane and Perth just yet! But I will make a follow up post on them later.

Gathering Materials

New logos were released for ‘Never Ever’. Continuing on with the ‘Flight Log’ theme. Departure, Turbulence, and now Arrival have all had very distinctive themes, but do share some common elements.

Because I’m a perfectionist (aka masochist), I redraw and re-create all of the logo elements as vectors. This is so that they can be scaled to any size, be easily recoloured and will print perfect and crisp. If you just use an image from the internet, they tend to pixellate and look fuzzy.

  1. Flight Log: Arrival


The font for Flight Log has been common to all 3 of Got7’s last albums. There are a lot of nice high-res images of this online, but despite my best efforts I could not make an exact font match. I did get very close though! It has a lot of similarities with a font called ‘Stature‘. I did re-draw the ‘Flight Log’ from scratch, but I used Stature in a lot of places on the banners themselves. Another font I drew from when matching this style (as you will see later) is ‘Solido Compressed

‘Arrival’ was another beast entirely. This is made of a combination of fonts that are all tweaked slightly. The close match that I found and used on other parts of the banners is called ‘SF Arborcrest Heavy‘. The capital ‘A’ is modified from ‘Stolzl‘. I did redraw this logo from scratch, but it was helpful to look at the fonts!

2. Got7 Logo


The Got7 logo was modified from its usual star at the centre of the ‘o’ to feature a radar (a re-occurring element). There are a few fan-drawn versions of the logo online, but they were all slightly off, so I re-drew this one as well.

As an amusing aside – this logo is unbalanced! At first I thought that I was going a bit crazy as the kerning between the letters had completely uneven spacing. But I checked all of my albums and yep – it’s deliberate. It did take all of my strength not to ‘correct’ this. 🙂 As you can see from my screenshot below, where I just want to move that ‘7’ in the black ever so slightly to the right, but the white underneath shows where it needs to be.


This image gives you a bit of an idea of how the logos are redrawn. The source image is underneath. I have set a bajillion guide lines to show angles, corners and spacing and help me create the crisp vector version over the top.


3. Got7 Logo – Version 2

g7planeThe second version of the logo has a super cute plane instead of the usual star! It’s ever so slightly tilted off centre too, which I am choosing to believe is deliberate. 😛
I had to wait until higher resolution images came out to really perfect the plane, as it was really hard to tell just how those wings were shaped!



4. Never Ever


Never Ever is also heavily referenced from ‘SF Arborcrest Heavy’ font. This was redrawn over several glasses of wine. Thankfully I only had to draw that ‘e’ once and clone it for the rest…

5. Radar Image


So this is where you can all shake your heads at me and call me crazy, because, yes… I did re-draw this. Looking at my Illustrator file, there were 17 layers (apparently)… This image was used on the CD plate of the album as well as a lot of the promotional material. I really liked it, and I’m happy I put in the effort to re-create it, because I think it’s really effective on the final design.

6. Colours

Got7 have a real thing for the ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’. Last year’s ‘Fly’ albums used ‘Serenity’ and ‘Rose Quartz’, so of course 2017’s ‘Greenery‘ was to be expected at some point. It’s also very close to their official ‘Aghase’ fanclub colour.

‘Arrival’ also uses ‘Primrose Yellow‘ (amusingly mis-labelled as ‘Promise Yellow’ on promo material…’). Most other colours used have been sampled from source images.

7. Promotional Images

All images used on the banners are from official Got7 images and remain the copyright of JYP Media. We received permission to use them for this project. I sourced hi-res versions from the Digital Booklet that was bundled with the iTunes version of the album.

Fabric Banner Design


The fabric banners are very large! To the point where the group images just weren’t at a high enough resolution to use. Luckily the individual shots were! Colour was tweaked in Photoshop to print closer to the screen images, and Youngjae had to be cleaned up a little so that I could zoom in on his face! Curse his shot being so far back.

The names of the members, and the majority of the text is set out in as close a match to the font as the promo images ‘Solido Compressed’ with the same bar lines on the top and bottom of their names. I chose to order them from left to right in the order that their teaser pics were released. And oh hey Jinyoung is in the centre… how did that happen???? *secret bias sorry Jackson!*

We went right down to the wire with these, as the Perth date was announced on the very last day that we could submit these to the printers and still have them delivered in time. These fabric banners were sold to help raise funds for other projects and at $13 I think they were a steal!

Card Banner

These banners are handed out for FREE at the concert on the day. We ordered 1500 per venue for Sydney, Brisbane and Perth (Melbourne chose to do their own separate banner) and each design is different!

Here is Sydney’s banner:


The Never Ever is coloured in the gradient from one of the initial teasers. The background behind is based on the same image – it actually has clouds layered into it as well. This image has been ‘faded’ so that it doesn’t compete too much with all of the other elements on the page.

The reverse side has the member names set out in the same way as the very first teaser image in English and Hangul. The lines are like ‘runways’ which I thought was a nice way to tie the airplane theme in again.

There’s a teeny tiny Easter egg bonus hidden on each banner as my ‘signature’. You’d really have to look practically with a magnifying glass to find it – but I know its there 😀

Our main sponsor ‘Kpop Aus’ also has their logo and social media links on the reverse side.

The slogan is ‘Never Ever (gonna) Let You Go’ which is a lyric from the song. I left out the gonna / going to as it was too awkward to fit and also looked like ‘goanna’ from a distance and I couldn’t live with that :P.

I went through quite a few design iterations of how to set out the text before I settled on the final layout.


As much as I wanted to mimic the album cover it was just too hard to get it to read properly in a landscape format. So in the end I scrapped the font that matched the ‘Never Ever’ and decided to match to ‘Flight Log’ – problem solved!

Design can be like that – you often go through lots of rejected concepts before you finally put something together that you’re happy with.

Stay tuned for Brisbane and Perth designs! I’ll post them after their fanmeetings are over – no spoilers!

And of course, I’m already hard at work on the banners for BTS in May!

If you missed out on a banner – you can download the print ready PDF at the below link.

Got 7 Sydney Banner

Print this out ‘fit to page’ on an A4 sheet.

Thanks to

Of course I had a lot of support getting these together!

A big thanks to Kaye for all the hand holding and late night chats and for chasing down images in high-res for me!

Aimee and Emily for also giving valuable feedback and general fangirling

Jessie and Nataya for organising the fundraising and distibution.

And everyone on the design committee for giving ideas and feedback as well!



One thought on “Got7 Banners – 2017 Global Fanmeeting in Australia

  1. I salute your dedication to creating vectors – there’s no way I could spend that much time in Illustrator without going insane. From those promo shots, it looks as though we need to focus on looking soulfully downwards in future Failboats ST*R photos. Bonus points if we can do it in front of some spectacular backdrop!

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