KDramas and KPop took over my life!

It’s not an obsession, it’s just a mildly all consuming passion.

This is my blog for all my Music and Drama related squee – including some JDrama, TDrama and now Thai Lakorns (not enough hours in the day!)

My fellow Failboat friends Aimee and Emily will feature heavily, as I successfully addicted them both as well.

My Ultimate Bias

Sunggyu from Infinite

My Top 25 Groups

So, there’s not enough room to list them all in just 25, because I haven’t included Rookies, Soloists or Girl Groups… Also anything past 5 in this ranking is pretty fluid, and tends to move up drastically if they release anything or do anything extra cute.

  1. SHINee
  2. Infinite
  3. FT Island
  4. DBSK / TVXQ! / JYJ
  5. U-KISS
  6. Super Junior & all sub-groups
  7. CN Blue
  8. Beast
  9. B1A4
  10. Teen Top
  11. Boyfriend
  12. BAP
  13. 2PM / 2AM
  14. MYNAME
  15. MBLAQ
  16. VIXX
  17. BtoB
  18. Big Bang
  19. ZE:A
  20. EXO
  21. Block B
  22. A-JAX
  23. Nu’est
  24. A-Prince
  25. BTS


You can email me at rebecca [at] awesomesaucery.com.au

Add me on Kakao Talk as well! Awesomesaucery



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Rebecca. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for following my blog. I always love connecting with people with similar interests (especially fellow Kpop fans). I’m looking forward to reading through your blog.

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