FT Island


#3 FT Island

My gateway drug to Kpop! Thanks Hong Ki!

Kdramas are really to blame for my Kpop obsession… It all began with Japanese Manga, then live action adaptations of Manga, then JDrama then a sudden ‘hmmm Kdrama what’s this…’ and clicking that link on an online streaming site and before you know it, you’ve watched and downloaded 40 odd KDramas and have posted a 2TB hard drive to your friends in Melbourne in a blatant attempt to get them hooked along with short cracktastic summaries to explain what they were about. (Cross Dressing! Nuns! Boy Bands! A weird obsession with Pig-Rabbits!)

So really, “You’re Beautiful” is to blame.

Hong Ki (from FT Island) and Yonghwa (CN Blue) had supporting roles in this drama (and sang the OST as well!). And because we liked the songs in the drama so much, it wasn’t too much of a leap to then investigate their music as well.

For about a 3 month period, all I listened to was FT Island, CN Blue and OST’s from various dramas. Then we discovered Super Junior and SHINee and a few others (I may have totally downloaded ALL of UKISS and DBSK/TVXQ on my lonesome)… then we totally watched ALL the SuJu variety at one memorable New Years and at that point were fairly obsessed.

Then later, after successfully brainwashing Emily, Aimee gave me her collection of crack (aka Infinite and ALL the boy bands) after we went to CN Blue in Sydney. I was at this point holding out stubbornly *in denial* and only watching dramas, certain that I had all the Kpop I could possibly need. But then I listened to the Teen Top and well… gave in to cutie boys  which lead to several buying sprees online and by the time we went to Korea my album wishlist was 65 albums and counting. (LOL totally bought over 85, when I had intended to buy 35 tops!).

Which is a very roundabout way of saying that I absolutely love and adore FT Island.

My playlist (narrowed down) has 86 songs on it *despair* because they are one of the few groups where I will just wholesale add an entire album, because every single song is fantastic.

On our trip to Korea, we saw FT Island live in concert for their very special 6 year anniversary. The concert ‘FTHX’ celebrated with their new album, as well as several of their Japanese songs translated to Korean (I just about cried with happiness at this). We had an amazing night and if you squint very very hard at the DVD of the concert you might be able to make us out on the first floor balcony… (also HAHA we were totally interviewed by the Korean News Media as token foreigners. “FT Island 사랑해요 *cue cheesy heart signs from 3 obsessed fangirls*”).

FT Island have A LOT of albums and singles and are an actualfax band – in that they play their instruments! So in addition to having great songs, they’re also super talented. They’re also the very definition of a Flower Boy Band! The band name in full is actually “Five Treasure Island” because their CEO is on crack.

They’re currently (in 2014) destroying their image on FNC’s reality program ‘Cheondgdamdong 111’ along with label mates CN Blue. It’s a fun program to watch!

Fun Fact – Hongki went through a hair phase that can only be described as… not good, terribad, mullet with a side of how-about-no. There was much wailing & gnashing of teeth between us as we mourned for the cute hair that is ‘Five Treasure Box’. To the point where we joked, that if we happened to run into him, in an elevator in Seoul we would totally hold him down and do the world a favour with an impromptu hair cut. Alas… it was not to be – but at least it was confined to a ponytail for most of the concert.

At one point we may have joked that we would celebrate with cake on the day that he cut his hair.

Cue the fateful day and hilarious Kakao messages – complete with photos of cake were exchanged among the three of us. Aimee, may have even iced hers with ‘Happy Hong Ki cutting his hair day’

And thus, our cake for birthdays / memorable occasions tradition was born.


’90 Liner
Hot Leader & My Bias
Guitar & Keyboard

+10 hotness points for piano playing 🙂 *melts* I may have had a fangirl meltdown at the concert when he had the piano solo for ‘Severely’. I totally died when I spotted his cameo in the KMovie ‘You’re My Pet” – hehehe so cute!



’90 Liner
Main Vocal
Aimee’s Bias

Well I could listen to Hongki all day – and frequently do – that playlist is only 6 hours or so long… He’s also stealing my heart a bit in his drama role in ‘Bride of the Century’ because he does the cutest ever pout face.



’91 Liner
Bass, Vocals
Emily’s Bias

Some of my favourite FT Island songs are the ones featuring Jaejin- he just has a really sweet voice that offsets Hongki perfectly.



’92 Liner
Guitar, Vocals

Seunghyun I don’t know much about! 미안해!!  but he is excellent eye candy 🙂 No – wait! He was totally in ‘Maknae Rebellion’ and was awesome!




’92 Liner

Technically the maknae! Awwww good thing he’s also a total cutie boy drummer. Minhwan also has a great singing voice – and has appeared in a few musicals.




FT Island release in Japan and in Korea in both languages.

I absolutely CANNOT narrow down any kind of top 10 for MV’s or songs *has nervous breakdown*, so instead will direct you to their YouTube playlists which play from their most recently released songs backwards. You won’t regret listening to them all… it’s only like 3 and a half-ish hours out of your life!

Korean FT Island Songs

Japanese FT Island Songs

According to my i-tunes, my most played songs are:

For Korea –
바래 (I Hope) – aish so cute!! Time travel and a super catchy song!

Bonus – 좋겠어 (I Wish) – because of Hot Leader being super hot here (also a great song!)

For Japan –
“You Are My Life” Sooooo much love for this song. Jaejin’s accompanying vocals are so sweet and Hong Ki puts in an emotional performance.

Bonus – Polar Star – do I know all the words – yes I do!! I love all their star themed songs (there are a few in both languages)

Albums I Own

Well, I am on a mission to collect them all – however there are quite a few that are out of print and thus SUPER expensive to track down in mint or near new condition. I am only missing 10! (OMG that’s a lot to go still). My Japan singles are all version B – so they come with a DVD rather than a photocard. The DVDs are fantastic, as they usually have the full PV as well as a concert performance.


Cross & Change
Five Treasure Box
The Return
Memory in FT Island
Grown Up
The Mood (signed by Jonghoon)
FTHX (Concert DVD)


So Long, Au Revoir
20 (Twenty)
The Singles Collection
Flower Rock
Brand New Days
Let It Go
Top Secret
You Are My Life
Mitaiken Future



#2 Infinite

Barely missing out on my #1 spot of all-time favourite groups is Infinite – purely because SHINee had a 3 month or so head start…

If I could combine them into one super group of awesomeness I would. Wait… SHINfinite is totally a thing now!

So, story time…

Some months ago, Emily had a funny dream in which she and Aimee were in charge of co-ordinating outfits for SHINee and Infinite (let’s face it, a dream job – “Woohyun, strip down so I can run my hands all over you measure you for this shirt”). We howled with laughter at the time because the two groups weren’t even in the same company so the probability of this wasn’t even on the cards, but then the news came out about the Woolim / SM Entertainment merger and *doo doo doo doo twilight zone* then she suddenly became super psychic and prescient.

We are completely OK with the merger, seeing as SM aren’t entirely made of evil (COME AT ME FANGIRLS) because now there are more opportunities for our faves to appear on the same stage. Even better there is already an awesome sub-unit with Woohyun and Key – Toheart!

Back to Infinite!

Not to mention they are SUPER cute and awesome at variety. All of their variety shows kill me and I need time to recover after watching them. You should check out at the very least their “Sesame Player” “Ranking King” “Birth of a Family” and their latest show “This is Infinite”. (and ALL of their appearances on “Weekly Idol” and “High Society” just to see poor Sunggyu be tortured)

I was lucky enough to see Infinite live in concert last year in Hiroshima for their ‘One Great Step’ world tour. Aimee and I were 8 rows back from the front, and because of the way that the rows flowed around the stage, we were essentially only a few feet away from our idols at one of the main focal points. They were so close, that we could have jumped the barrier and touched them! And we had some fantastic personal interaction with them (haha Dongwoo and his hilarious double take at us in a sea of Japanese fans!). I scored an amazing souvenir – a signed paper plane from Woohyun, and Aimee and I had a truly unforgettable night.


’89 Liner
Leader and Main Vocal
My ULTIMATE BIAS in all of KPop
Has a brilliant solo album “Another Me”

Aish Gyu… I will devote a whole post to you soon, as you are my ultimate bias. I adore him because of his amazing voice, but also because he is a giant dork and a Fail Leader (I say this with a lot of love and affection – these are good points) plus he has the cutest ever slight lisp. If I had to pin-point the moment where my love was turned into, yep, this is it, this is my ultimate bias – it would be from their Birth of a Family reality show and when he was left alone with the puppies… I think my squeals were heard in Melbourne… I totally dragged persuaded the girls to the filming site of his MV ’60 seconds’ when we were in Seoul so I could fangirl.

’90 Liner
Main Rapper & Lead Dancer
Sub-Unit -‘ Infinite H’
Emily’s Bias

Super adorable and an early love for me – I managed to pick him out fairly quickly as he’s so 4D in variety. I blame him and Hoya for the rap & hip hop invasion in our kpop collection because of Infinite H. I may have had a meltdown at Aimee during ‘Special Girl’ at the concert when they did the super cute wiggle dance like 3 feet in front of us… Plus Dongwoo winked at us – aish!

’91 Liner
Main Vocal
King of Fanservice (also aaaaaabs)
Subunit – ‘Toheart’ with SHINee’s Key

Because Gyu is my ultimate bias, I get to pick again in Infinite – YAY! So technically Woohyun is my Infinite bias (yes, this is a TOTES legitimate rule). Woohyun is a walking fanservice dream – throwing hearts left, right and center and saying the greasiest things… Plus, he sings really really well! I have his signature as a part of my shrine collection. He will kind of hypnotise you in the MV’s due to his various states of shirtlessness and camera flirting.

’91 Liner
Main Rapper
Subunit – ‘Infinite H’
Appeared in  the drama ‘Reply 1997’

Super athletic – he tends to dominate in idol athletics and anything competitive – he’s also very charismatic in real life. Although at one point in the concert he was at the focal point in front of us, But Sunggyu was to the left (my bias) and Sungyeol to the right (Aimee’s bias) so… well… we kind of directed our squee away from him *feels so bad* I still love you Hoya! He rocked the satoori dialect in ‘Reply 1997’ and needs to do more dramas 주세요

’91 Liner
Subunit – ‘Infinite F’
Aimee’s Bias

Poor Yeollie – he gets none of the lines! You can literally count on one hand for most songs – and sometimes not even 1 (I’m looking at you Nothing’s Over) He makes up for it with his charm and personality in everything else, plus those long long legs… Aimee’s obsessive love for him has totally influenced me – to the point that he’s really a bias list ruiner and I can’t really rank Infinite at all now – they’re just one big boy pile of awesome.

LL (Myungsoo)
’92 Liner
Vocal & Visual
Too pretty to live
Dramas ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ ‘Master’s Sun’ ‘Sly and Single Again’
Subunit – ‘Infinite F’

L really is too pretty – we kind of creepily stared at him when he was all in his ‘L’ persona in front of us. That perfect skin… *ahem* Well he is cute as a button too and I enjoy him in his dramas, despite the ‘idol actor’ criticism he seems to get. I prefer his non-reserved Myungsoo personality where he’s a bit more derpy and relatable.

’93 Liner
Vocalist & Maknae
Subunit – ‘Infinite F’

My not so secret bias. Sigh… I just… OK so he did a RIDICULOUS amount of aegyo right in front of me and slayed this noona’s heart and I haven’t recovered AT ALL from it, where before the concert he was in my ‘untouchable’ pile and now he’s the King of the Maknaes (and prince of feather crowns). Jongie went though a phase of wanting to not be the cute maknae, but he seems to have given in, and now pours it on to the point that I can’t deal with how adorable he is. I *may* have my laptop background as a series of rotating Sungjong pics so he can continue to brainwash me.


Infinite have a very distinctive “sound” in the KPop world. It’s sort of disco-feel-pop with a side of power vocal (if that could be a thing). Two of my all-time favourite main vocals are joined by 2 rappers and 3 vocalists to make some amazing discography.

Releasing in both Korea and Japan and with 2 subunits (soon to be 3) as well as the leader’s solo album – they have a lot of music

Top 5 MV’s (Korea)

5. Nothing’s Over – Sungyeol has no lines – but he’s the main lead! Also suuuuper cute

4. Destiny – mmmm hot boys! With super powers!

3. Man in Love – the cute in this is over the top, but adorable. Also, they FAIL at everything they attempt if you watch closely.

2. Before the Dawn – vampires, hot boys, scorpion dance – what’s not to love!

1. Come Back to Me – I love the dance in this! (and the song)

Top 3 MV’s – Japan

3. Be Mine – Japan put them in amazing outfits for this version!

2. Man in Love – double the cute of the Korean version (how is that even possible??)

1. She’s Back – did we go to the filming location on Jeju because we love this PV so much? YES WE DID!

Extras from Subgroups & Solos!

5. Without You – Infinite H – Yes, we took photos of ourselves on the mock-up set of this MV at Gangnam’s Kpop center

4. Special Girl – Infinite H – waaaaaah so cute!! That shuffle dance wiggle!!

3. I Need You – Sunggyu – I cannot emphasise how much I adore this song! (and cute red-hair Gyu!!)

2. Delicious – Toheart – I cannot deal with these two… OMG *nosebleed*

1. 60 Seconds – Sunggyu – with bonus L in the MV! We went to L’s cafe! This is an amazing song too – I especially love the acoustic and Infinite versions

Top 10 – not including MV’s – Infinite Only!

10. 하얀 고백 (Lately)
9. Paradise
8. Amazing
7. The Chaser
6. Julia
5. In the Summer
4. 60 Seconds (Infinite Version)
3. Can U Smile
2. 너에게 간다 (Come to You)
1. 맡겨 (Entrust)

My Collection

Infinite are on my collect-all list, so I own all their albums, singles and DVD releases and have a few Japan versions to track down at non-exorbitant prices. They also take up 2 shelves and are running out of room!!


Over the Top
First Invasion
New Challenge
Fly High (Infinite H)
Another Me (Sunggyu)
Destiny in America (DVD set)
Delicious (Toheart)
Second Invasion (concert DVD)
In the Summer (concert DVD)


Koi Ni Ochiru Toki
Be Mine (White)
Be Mine (Colour)
Be Mine (B&W)
She’s Back (Special Edition)
Before the Dawn (Version A)
Japan First Live Leaping Over  (concert DVD)
Second Invasion (concert DVD)


Infinite Collector Cards x 2 sets
Sticker books and cards from Japan
Sunggyu Postcard – New Challenge
Hoya Postcard – Destiny
Hoya A4 Card – She’s Back
L postcard – Koi Ni Ochiru Toki
Woohyun Photocard – Paradise
Sungjong Photocard – Paradise
Concert Goodies and Posters
Woohyun Signature – One Great Step Paper Airplane



#5 – TVXQ!

Rounding out my top 5 is probably my absolute favourite vocal line in all of KPop.

There’s just that something about Yunho and Changmin’s voices together that I never get tired of listening to on repeat.

TVXQ! (Tohoshinki) also known as DBSK (Dongbangshinki) are now a duo, they were originally 5 members until they split in 2009 due to a contract dispute (and probably a lot of other reasons that we will never really know). Yep… I’m still a bit bitter over it.

The other original members: Junho, Jaejoong and Yoochun have formed their own group JYJ, whose music I also collect (but I shall post separately about them and original flavour TVXQ)

One day I will go to one of their concerts and experience the absolute madness that is a crowd of 75,000 fans at once.


yunhoYunho (U-Know)
’86 Liner

I’ll admit to having a bit of a crush on Yunho *siiiigh* because he’s super cute! But, really it’s mostly because I adore his vocals – he’s a baritone and is also a voice I can instantly recognize. I’ll probably go into mourning the minute that he announces his compulsory military service. As a sunbae to most KPop artists, he’s highly respected – so not a faily leader as such, but he does have his awkward dorky moments *melts*. Also – he looks great all suited up – hence this profile pic!


changminChangmin (Max)
’88 Liner
Maknae (eternal maknae, will never not be “the” maknae to me…)
Also a member of SM. The Ballad

Awww! *squishes him* He’s too adorable in pretty much everything that he does. If you get a chance check out the currently airing Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education because he’s brilliant and chews the scenery and flails about occasionally showing some athletic ability. Changmin can definitely hit a high note *shivers*. He’s also a talented lyricist, writing several songs including SHINee’s “Sleepless Night” one of my fave songs from their album! Yay label mates!

My Favourites (Discography)

How much time do you have? Hehehe – if I was counting original flavour DBSK in this list I would possibly have a breakdown from having to choose (mmmm Mirotic, still my alltime #1 mv…) – however this will be just for the duo!

TVXQ release in Japan as well – mostly completely separate, original tracks from their Korean albums. Both Changmin and Yunho are fluent in Japanese, and their popularity in Japan and all of Asia can’t be overstated.

If I’m reaaally honest, I prefer their Japan discography because so. many. awesome. amazing. ballads.

Top 5 Korean MV’s

5. Humanoids – Let’s just say Yunho hypnotised me here…

4. Catch Me – Hehe I sing along to this one *embarrassed face*

3. Spellbound – Yay! More of this song style please!

2. Something – She got that Something! Also eeee! Big Band Swing Style! I definitely approve!

1. Before You Go – Dance version just… because… eye candy…

Top 5 Japanese MV’s

5. In Our Time – another ballad that I love!

4. Ocean – this is TOTALLY cracked out, but lots of fun

3. B.U.T (Bea-u-ty) – very catchy! Also I love the dance in this one. The full PV is with the single.

2. Still – I loooove this song. Alas only the short version here – but this song is amazing!

1. I Know – Flawless song! Also hehehe suited up sexiness. My feels for this song are pretty strong – they are definitely emotional vocals

Top 5 Korean Songs – not counting mv’s because I can cheat here too

I… don’t think I can do this *sobs* My narrowed down playlist has like 25 odd tracks… I’ll go most played tracks (waaaah)

5. Confession

4. How Can I

3. SHE

2. Smoky Heart

1. Love Again

Top 5 Japan Tracks (also not including MVs)

5. Somebody to Love (2014)

4. Shiawase Flowers

3. One and Only One

2. One More Thing

1. Back to Tomorrow

Albums I Own

TVXQ! are determined to bankrupt me what with their immense discography released in Japan – so many singles and different versions aish! My collection is growing slowly…


Keep Your Head Down
Catch Me
Humanoids (Catch Me Repackaged)
Spellbound (Tense Repackaged) – it’s in the mail! I caved and bought it…


Very Merry Xmas
Hide & Seek / Something
Tree (preorder)
Time Concert DVD – Live Tour 2013


Korean albums have photocards – Japan albums and singles have larger square postcards. It’s random as to who you get – which is half the fun 🙂

Catch Me
Very Merry Xmas



Shinee calendar

#1 SHINee

SHINee are my number 1 favourite group!

One of the earliest Kpop groups that I fell in love with, and to this day, have my favourite tracks and the most played songs in my i-Tunes playlists.

I think it’s a combination of their awesome vocals, dance talent and the many many variety shows that I have watched featuring them.

I blame Aimee entirely for making me watch their holiday special and kicking my love into full blown obsession…

Technically, I count SHINee members as unrankable – don’t make me choose! AISH it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

My bias (if you order me to choose one at gunpoint) is currently Jonghyun (it’s the abs… I admit to being shallow)


OnewOnew (Leader)

  • ’89 Liner
  • Awesome main vocal
  • Aimee’s ultimate bias and thus cannot be claimed or touched
  • Fail Leader (one of many that I adore)

Onew has a voice that I can instantly recognise! I kind of love that he’s a massive dork and super awkward. He’s pictured here in the Boys Meet U Japanese PV – mainly because of the stripey shirt. This PV is the ur-example of the stripey shirt theory in action! Keep an eye out for him in the PV singing my favourite line “Everything’s Shining” because he’s SUCH a loveable dork in the background for it… (it’s also my Kakao alert… super embarrassing if I forget to set my phone to vibrate in public)


  • ’90 Liner
  • Also awesome main vocal
  • Technically a bit short – his profile lists him as 174cm which HAHAHA NO! because that would make him taller than me and that’s a blatant lie. (I still love him)
  • Aaaaaaabs

My current bias because, well, he’s just too attractive 😛 Also super sarcastic and rather fun in variety. Pictured here in ‘Ring Ding Dong’ era with one of my fave hairstyles on him. Fun fact – I put a chibi version of Jjong on my phone’s flip cover with his infamous line from Hello Baby “Is This the Reality You Wanted’ as a caption. I kind of love the running joke on Tumblr about his supposed height complex.


  • ’91 Liner
  • Vocals
  • Speaks some English! (and is thus automatically on the kidnap list)
  • Was my original bias before Jjong brainwashed me…

Awwww Key! Wae so adorable? Is now in a subunit ‘ToHeart’ with his bestie Woohyun from Infinite and My FEEEEEELS (I basically can’t deal with this awesome combo) Pictured here as a blond – my preferred style! My love for Key is pretty all encompassing because he’s so much fun to watch. He’s Emily’s SHINee bias too!



  • ’91 Liner
  • Rapper and Visual
  • Gets the best (as in most normal) outfits in MVs
  • Obsessed with Football and thus gets -5 hotness points (hehehe)

I kind of loved him in his drama – because I am a sucker for 1) school uniforms and 2) girls cross-dressing as boys dramas. His obsession with soccer is a bit endearing and he was King-of-Idol-Olympics for a while there too! Even though he’s technically the rapper of the group he has a great singing voice too!


TaeminTaemin (Maknae)

  • ’93 Liner
  • Eternal cute maknae (no manliness! I deny those abs!!)
  • Remember when Taemin was my cutoff for the youngest idol I could like? *hollow laugh*
  • The beginning of the slippery slope of maknae love for me…
  • Super power is MILK in Ring Ding Dong (hehehe)

Ahhhh Taemin – so cute and puppy-like… Damn you! You were the thin end of the wedge with the cutie boys and now the ’93 line is somehow TOTES acceptable… *shakes fist* Incidentally he was disqualified from our overall cuteness ranking when we were in Korea for being too old growing abs.

My Favourites (Discography)

I can choose everything, right? SHINee have a real mixture of pop and ballads. Their MV’s are more their title tracks from their albums and showcase their sharp knife-like dancing – and some SUPER questionable outfits UGH Key waaae did you let your cordi-noona do that to you??? (not to mention hairstyles… Minho improves post Ring Ding Dong mullet though and wins for most normal outfits as well – well normal for KPop normal, which is saying something).

My favourite tracks are their ballads, and live performances. SHINee are at their best in acapella where they can really show off their vocal range.

Releasing in both Korea and Japan – there’s a lot of discography to listen to (not to mention collect – my bank balance NOOOOOO!)

Top 5 MV’s (Korean)

5. Juliette – cracked out masks…

4. Ring Ding Dong – Everyone gets super powers except Taemin who gets Milk

3. Lucifer – Let’s ignore the hair and focus on the dance

2. Sherlock – I had to point out Taemin was NOT in fact a girl to a lot of people

1. Dream Girl – Pastel flowery suits! WIN plus awesome dance and song

Top 5 PV’s (Japanese)

EMI usually only release the short versions on YouTube – the full version comes with the album.

5. Kimi wa Boku no Everything (Replay) – I can’t deal with how cute they are in this… Plus the magic dance!

4. Fire – SHINee get trapped by candles and Key almost gets the high note until Jjong steals it

3. Dazzling Girl – I want SHINee to come out of my mirror too please

2. For 1000 Years Always Be At My Side – aka the Death Bus

1. Boys Meet U – Stripey Shirts mean cute boys! We play this at least once during an MV spree guaranteed!

Top 5 Songs (Korean)

not counting MV’s  cos I can totally CHEAT like that

5. SHINe (Medusa 1)

4. Love Like Oxygen

3. Colorful

2. Symptoms

1. In My Room

Top 5 Songs (Japanese)

also not counting MV’s

5. Colors of the Season

4. Kimi wa Boku no Everything (Replay)

3. Always Love

2. To Your Heart

1. Run With Me

Albums I Own

SHINee are on my “All Buy” list so don’t judge the multiple versions – they have different photobooks!! They take up 2 whole shelves and I’m running out of room for them…

The SHINee World (A) and (B)
2009 Year Of Us
Lucifer (A) and (B)
Hello (Lucifer Repackage)
Misconceptions of You – Dream Girl
Misconceptions of Me – Why So Serious
Misconceptions of Us
The SHINee World (Concert DVD)
The SHINee World II

Kimi Wo Boku No Everything (Replay) Version (B) First Press
The First Album (B)
Fire (B) (First Press)
Lucifer (B) (First Press)
Juliette (B) (First Press)
Dazzling Girl (A) and (B)
1000 Years (A) (First Press) and (B)
Boys Meet U (First Press)
Boys Meet U Single (First Press)
3 2 1 (A) (B) and (Normal)
The SHINee World 2012 (Concert DVD)
Boys Meet U (Concert DVD)

SHINee’s Surprise Vacation (DVD set)
SM The Ballad Vol 1.
SM The Ballad Vol 2. Breath
ToHeart – 1st Mini Album
SHINee Photobook DAY
SHINee Photobook NIGHT
SHINee in Barcelona Photobook
Postcard Set – Everybody
Postcard Set – SHINee’s Surprise Vacation
Postcard Set – Dream Girl
A4 Photo Set – SM Town Ltd Ed.
Dream Girl Stamp Set – Key
A3 Poster Set

And random sticker books and sundries from Japan – those stores in KoreaTown were like CRACK! Maaaaay have bought quite a few things…

Photo Cards

A lot of Albums come with a randomly selected Photocard of one of the members (or a group card). It’s a surprise every time! Japan albums and singles always have a photocard and sometimes a bonus postcard (yay cute Onew!)

Lucifer (Japan)
The First Album (Japan)
3 2 1 (Normal Edition)

3 2 1 (Version A)
Boys Meet U (Album)
Dazzling Girl (B)
Sherlock (Japan)
Everybody (plus bookmark)

3 2 1 (Version B)
1000 Years Always Be By My Side (Version A)
The Misconceptions of Us

Dazzling Girl (Version A)
The Misconceptions of Me
Replay (Japan)
1000 Years  Always Be By My Side (Normal Version)
Everybody (Bookmark)

The Misconceptions of You

Group Cards
SM The Ballad
x4 with Barcelona Photobook