God bless lycra and the PD-nim for giving us this






“Hi School – Love On!” Episode 2 – Woohyun Gif Set

Behold, Woohyun and his rather enviable form striding across the screen…

*fans self*

This series is super cute so far! (and thank you PD-nim for the bonus shower scene, though I mourn the lack of the mentioned “chocolate abs” showing on screen)

Alas that we only get one episode a week!

I’m looking forward to ALL the bromance with Sungyeol (who is being super broody and angsty already *pets him*) and a sweet high school first love story.

Secret Love Affair

4 episodes in and I’m absolutely hooked and more than a little bit in love with this drama.

My preview shot shows the main lead Lee Seon Jae peeking into a performance rehearsal from the sidelines and being captivated by the piano as well as Oh Hye Won. It sums up the slightly illicit feeling that is steeped through this drama – the lure and desire for the forbidden and the passion that lies beneath the surface.

My drama watching schedule is pretty packed these days, but I picked this one up due to the cast (who I like) and the early buzz surrounding the chemistry between the two leads. Normally, I like my dramas as light and fluffy escapist romcoms with the occasional foray into melodramas (where I torture myself with all the extreme makjang twists and turns and evil characters doing morally incomprehensible things). But this drama is different – it’s a pure drama – with some superb storytelling, cinematography, music and above all the cast are playing their parts to perfection.

From the outset, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the synopsis:

Oh Hye Won is a woman in her forties who feels that she’s leading a fulfilling life. Elegant, sophisticated and excellent at dealing with people, she spares no effort in her quest for success as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. But then she meets Lee Seon Jae, a twenty-something genius pianist from an impoverished background, who is unaware of his ability and works as a quick delivery guy. Hye Won experiences for the first time what truly falling in love is like, and she and Seon Jae begin a passionate affair which they must keep secret because it threatens to unravel both their lives.” (wikipedia)

Affairs are bad m’kay and although I like a noona romance, a twenty year age gap was pushing that envelope a bit. But colour me surprised because I’m on board with this now.

Here are my current obsessions with this drama.

The cinematography

Every shot in this drama seems carefully considered, and planned out. I’m really appreciating the attention to detail and above all the breathing space that the PD has allowed for so many of the scenes in this drama. I love the lingering panning shots, the lighting, the way that characters are framed. It’s serving the story so well and above all looks beautiful on screen. I feel like I’m watching a movie sometimes and not just a drama

The music

I love a drama that is based in the world of music (see: Nodame Cantabile, Orange Days etc) and well… my hotness scale includes bonus points for piano playing – so it’s not at all a surprise that I’m adoring the focus on the piano here. The background music, as well as the live pieces are so lovely though and because music is what our characters connect through it’s a bright thread that weaves in and out through each episode.

The characters

FINALLY – a writer who knows how to make each character seem whole and complex. There are no stock ‘villains’ and everyone is flawed and feels real. I like that I’m still figuring out the tangled relationships between characters 4 episodes in – and that there’s not really anything being hammered home with the subtlety of a brick. I’m enjoying watching things unfold – and even some of the more ‘typical’ drama twists have been presented in a way that makes them seem naturally a part of the story.

The actors

Yoo Ah In is KILLING me as Seon Jae. I love how he reacts to things so clearly – you can see emotions flit across his features – the way his hunched posture conveys the characters feelings. AISH! Plus he’s able to cry really well (hehehe). He has some amazing chemistry with Kim Hee Ae (Hye Won) and she has pulled me in as well. I’m completely invested in her character and I can’t wait to see the tipping point – where she will ‘give in’ to this illicit affair that is so tempting.

So in summary – highly recommended so far! Best of all this is airing on a cable channel – so there is a high possibility of some sexy funtimes (not that is you know, my sole reason for watching this series *cough*)

JTBC has an epic 20 min preview vid up on their channel (alas no subs – but you don’t really need them!)

Or Dramafever’s teaser should give you a good idea too.

Clementine Cutie

csl-1     csl-2

csl-6     csl-5

csl-4     csl-3

I need a cutie boy like this in my life who gives adoring puppy-like gazes and peels fruit for me into amusing shapes 주세요!

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again – Episode 7
SeungHyun continues to be adorable and steal my heart