Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah!

Me: I’ve got a kpop lyric stuck in my head and can’t figure out the song.
It’s very unhelpful cos it goes “Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah!”

Aimee: Kekekeke
I feel like I know the song

Me: It’s a boy band
Also my Korean homework is soooo hard
I like have to make an actual effort
*sad Gayoon umbrella emoji*

Emily: You have Alphabet’s ‘Surprise Party’ stuck in your head

Me: OMG I doooooooooo
*Henry Loveheart emoji*

Aimee: Bingo!

Me: Such a cute song!


Kakao Chat, Tuesday April 23, 2014


Aish! Emily has the best kpop lyric sense in the history of EVER – especially considering my super vague “it went doo dooo doooo do do do do” esque clues…

But this is totally a super cute song and was the perfect song to do homework-of-doom transcribing to. Seeing a wall of hangul to translate was a bit daunting, but once I got into it I was actually fairly surprised at how little I had to double check to see if I had it right – go me!

My girlfriends are also really good at figuring out the MV from equally vague descriptions like ‘the one with lots of cute boys on a boat with stripey shirts’

Which is TOTALLY ZE:A’s “Watch Out”