July Kpop Additions

So, I added a whole heap to my collection in July – blame the perfect storm of a lot of releases in both Japan and Korea, some items that FINALLY arrived from June, and my birthday allowing me to indulge…

Somehow it adds up to like 21 things – no wonder my shelves are in crisis mode and I’m living on potatoes!

Japan Albums

(which continue to bankrupt me because I can’t stay away from them and they aren’t cheap compared to Korean albums AT ALL)

Infinite – Last Romeo – Type A and Standard First Press Editions (single)

VIXX – Darkest Angels – Version A (album)

SHINee – Lucky Star – First Press Limited and Standard Editions (single)

I got all 3 versions of Infinite both versions of SHINee and restrained myself to only one of VIXX and covered these in a previous post. Basically they are all amazing OMG!

BTS – Boy in Luv – Standard Edition (single)

BTS have really put in an effort for their Japanese market this year, releasing all of their Korean hits as singles. I collect this group, so this was an auto buy for me. I decided on the standard edition because I wanted a photocard! Their record company releases the full PV on youtube, so I didn’t feel the need to get the DVD version. Again this is a standard CD with lyrics sheet insert – nothing too exciting so essentially it’s a big excuse to get a photocard.

The CD has 3 singles from their latest Korean album – “Boy in Luv” “N.O” and “Just One Day”. Their Japanese is pretty cute, not awful but a bit shaky in some spots. I’m hoping that at some point they will release some original songs in Japan *crosses fingers*

UKISS – Love on U – CD/DVD combo (single)

Congrats U-KISS! I finally cracked and ordered a Japan single… This is of course inviting disaster, because now I’ll feel the need to collect the rest of them and I had resisted so well up until now! I justified it because:

1) I really liked the song (yay all the Kevin and Soohyun!)
2) Jun.. and I can totes collect everything post Jun right?
3) I knew the behind the scenes video would be AMAZING

The CD has the single “Love on U” and B Side “Feel It” both of which I liked a lot. UKISS are in my top 5 for a reason! They both have an R&B feel and have gone on my Japan playlist. Alas no photocard or photobook – just a lyrics sheet insert.

The DVD has the full PV (hooray! Avex are sucky and only ever upload short versions to YouTube) as well as the AMAZING behind the scenes video. Ahhhh so many Jun feels! The boys have about the same level of Japanese that I do (ie. basic and high school level) so I had no problems understanding everything. Not that you really need subs to enjoy the ridiculous amount of cute…

Boyfriend – Start Up – CD/DVD Version A First Press Limited (single)

Ugh… so much cute! I officially locked in these boys at #9 in my top 1o this month (waaaah only one more slot free, and I need to TARDIS, like, at least 30 groups into it). This was a really cute PV – which I made many gifs from! Clearly the single was also on my buy list.

This comes with a super cute mini photobook with lyrics as well as a CD sized postcard. I got Hot Boyfriend Leader Donghyun! Yay! I have a few of his postcards now. The single “Start Up” and B side “DO-DO-DO” are both bright happy j-pop songs and quite typical of Boyfriend’s Japan discography

Boyfriend – Seventh Color – CD/DVD Limited Edition (album)

And I was very good and bought only one version of this! Which was hard as they all had slightly different bonus tracks and photobooks too! I shall covet Aimee’s extra HMV version when I visit next month. I loved the title track “Here” from this – the short version was released almost a month ahead of the album, so I had plenty of time to anticipate it. Ahhhh so many cute moments in the PV as well! (all the GIFs!)

This is a CD sized release with a slipcover. The photobooklet is SUPER adorable as well with lots of cute pics. I got Minwoo as my postcard (cute maknae of cuteness) as well as Donghyun as a magnet from HMV (OMG I want like all 6 of them SO BADLY). Being a full album there are a lot of tracks to cover! Boyfriend also release completely original songs in Japan, so it’s extra impressive that they are promoting two almost polar opposite concepts at the same time in two different countries. My crush on Donghyun continues apace (I looooove his vocals!), so it’s hard to choose a favourite track. They’re all cute and bright pop songs though.

Next year I am determined to go to a concert for this group – preferably in Japan so I can really go to town and fit in with the crying fangirls.

Korean Albums

BAP – Unplugged (mini album)

Yay! It finally came! (mostly because I bundled it with other Kpop released much later). The poster is also adorable, so I need to find room for it somewhere. This had a gorgeous photobook – it’s styled a bit like a photo album with “polaroids” from a trip to London – all with a completely hipster instagram filter applied to them! I got a Zelo photocard and died from happiness (my bias!)

I liked this MV and single. It’s certainly a departure from their better known style, but it was a lot of fun. And all that cute aegyo didn’t make me completely fall in love with it immediately or anything like that…

Bigflo – First Flow (mini album)

I broke my Rookies rule – and it was the best decision ever

JJCC (Double JC) At First – Signed edition all members (single)

More Rookies! But technically a present (Thanks Aimee!!) I liked this debut a lot, it’s a great laid back track and has had a fair bit of play on my 2014 playlist. I have side-eyed a few of the member names (Simba… Prince Mak…) but I am sure that they will grow on me. They have a fair bit of potential as they are backed by Jackie Chan, so I look forward to their follow up (hopefully soon)

Eric Nam – Ooh Ooh – signed edition (single)

Another one that FINALLY arrived. I love Eric a lot – probably because we watch his show ASC every week and he’s such a great host. He and Kevin (from UKISS) have a great bromance going! Apart from that, the track is super cute and catchy and definitely fun to dance along to! It has a great brass big band swing feel and has an ear worm chorus as well.

We got this one as an MNet Meet and Greet. Eric read my message out and made my day! Aimee fared even better and got like a whole conversation as a reply to her ‘Come to Australia please!’ comment.

The single has a mini photobook with cute pics and also came with a photo postcard.

Beast – Good Luck – Version A and B (mini album)

Sooooo don’t judge that I got both of these… One was a birthday present! Technically this is the same album, just both versions. However they are COMPLETELY different, in fact they open in opposite directions – a small detail that I really appreciated. Both photobooks are HUGE and filled with pics from their dual photoshoot concepts. I finally had a photocard double up with Hyunseung in both albums, but have since traded one for Hot Leader Doojoon.

As with all Beast albums, it’s really beautifully presented and constructed. My inner print nerd had a lot of fun going through it all. I might slightly prefer the black version, despite my bias having some decidedly derp photos!

I really loved all the tracks on this mini album (well done to Junhyung with the composing and lyrics) but best of all they included “Sad Movie” as a Korean release! I nearly cried when they performed it as their goodbye stage on all the shows because it’s one of my most favourite of their Japan tracks.

MBLAQ – Broken – signed edition all members (mini album)

This took AGES to get here. But I finally have my super hot MBLAQ boys! Hooray! There’s a lot of eye candy in this photobook. I have a bit of a thing for suited up hotness and this comeback is definitely in my Top 10 so far this year. Joon was my photocard (more cheering! yay my bias!!)

The album also takes up a fair bit of shelf real estate – being gigantic OMG. I had to spine all of their other albums and shift Ajax to another shelf to fit this in. But saying that it’s also a nicely presented album with a box case, perspex CD plate and perfect bound photobook. Bonus Joonie evison advert insert – abs are always appreciated!!

I liked all the tracks on the CD too – it’s a really great album to put on in the background if I have work to do. I feel like they have really matured vocally – and the added hotness for this comeback was a bonus. (Seungho, you really levelled up! Well done!)

History – Desire (mini album)

I have already expressed my adoration for the title track “Psycho” MV. The album is also a great addition to my collection as I love me a box style case! It’s also huge, but I forgive that because they included such a great photobook. I really appreciate that they took the styling and the concept to the nth degree here. There’s some really clever photos here that have a decidedly unhinged and obsessive feel to them. Yijeong has this great photo where it has been scratched out in a spiralling pattern around his eye *shivers*

The songs are also great – all centered around ‘Desire’ I really like 태양은 없다 (There’s No Sun) and Blue Moon. This group have really fantastic vocals and I pretty much added the entire album to my faves list.

Boyfriend  – Obsession – Signed Edition Hyunseong (mini album)

Soooo lots of Boyfriend this month! This time their Korean comeback which it feels like I was waiting FOREVER for. We got 2 MVs and dance practices out of this mini album and a bajillion amazing live stages, so I was a very happy fangirl.

This mini album is a nice addition to my now extensive Boyfriend shelf. It’s the standard mini-album configuration with the photobook affixed to the inner left and the CD on the right, no photocard but a group postcard was included. I’m not a huge fan of the hip hop styling in the photobook, but I will console myself with the Hot Boyfriend Leader implied abs on page 5.

I did love this comeback though. It’s a slight change in direction vocally for them and I’m not at all opposed to them growing and changing as a group. My fave track was ‘Alarm’ which I just adore.

VIXX – VIXX box (DVD and goods)

Damn you VIXX! *shakes fist* Thank goodness it was my birthday otherwise I really could not have justified buying this! I’m glad that I did though, because it was crammed with all sorts of goodies that a hardcore fan of the group (like me!) will really adore.

  • Pin Set – that will never come out of the wrapper LOL like all my other pin sets
  • Photocards – too big for my holders, will have to work on a solution to this
  • Giant Postcards – soooo many – where will I put them all???
  • Diary Planner with stickers – can be adapted to any year. Not sure if I will use this as I plan on getting more end of year calendars which also come with planners but I love all the cute pics!
  • DVD

I love how it’s all put together as well – the box has some neat compartments. I’m a bit of a bad fangirl and haven’t watched the DVD yet – I have this MASSIVE backlog of Dramas and cute reality shows to get through first!

VIXX – Voodoo DVD set (DVD and goods)

This was bundled with the VIXX box and as I had neglected to buy it when it first came out (and regretted it) I was pretty happy to be able to add this without significantly breaking the bank.

This came with some postcards and has a fab additional photobook as well. The DVD is also in my ‘to be watched’ queue!

My Updated Current Stats! *shame*

Albums – 270
DVD Concerts etc– 18
Photobooks and Other – 9
Posters – 127
Photocards – too many… (LIES! there is no such thing as too many)

Boyfriend – ‘Here’ PV Teaser

 Boyfriend-Here-1  Boyfriend-Here-2
Boyfriend-Here-3  Boyfriend-Here-4
 Boyfriend-Here-5  Boyfriend-Here-6
 Boyfriend-Here-7  Boyfriend-Here-8
 Boyfriend-Here-9  Boyfriend-Here-10

*instant nosebleed*

So this is pretty much my ideal kind of cute MV – with the sun, beach setting, cute boys and LOTS AND LOTS of ridiculous playing around for the camera and aegyo. (It doesn’t hurt that the song is also super cute too.)

And applause to Boyfriend for successfully promoting two polar opposite concepts at the same time, in two different countries.

Hot Boyfriend Leader continues to be very pleasing to the eyes – I saw that glimpse of shirtlessness there! There even appears to be a vague kind of plot what with the treasure map – who knows! Truthfully, I don’t really need a plot when cute is involved…

This PV should drop with the release of their album ‘Seventh Color’ which is due out on July 23 (wae so far away??) Then again, Japan are very fond of only releasing short versions (aka like ALL of the TVXQ! totally forcing me to buy the versions that come with the DVD) There are 3 versions available, and I am seriously considering getting two (because I’m a bit obsessed like that). I normally only get one, but this is going to be very hard to resist.

Boyfriend Megapost – ‘Start Up!’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Seventh Colour’

Boyfriend are definitely one of the busiest groups in KPop right now, with back-to-back-to-back promotions in Japan and Korea lined up for the next few months.

This evening they performed one of their ‘Love Communication’ showcases in Tokyo promoting their new single ‘Start Up!’, next week they will be back in Korea for their comeback ‘Obsession’ and on July 23 their second Japan Album ‘Seventh Color’ will be released kicking off yet another set of concerts and performances.

*phew* I don’t think those poor boys will be getting much sleep at all in the upcoming weeks!

Boyfriend are a group that I definitely love. I’ll admit to resisting them for a while as soon as I found out their overall concept of cute, more cute, piled on top of even more adorable and compounded with more than a few underage members… There was a big NOOOOOO followed by a period of denial of all cutie boys. Then Teen Top wormed their way into my heart and the cutie boy deluge began.

Yep – I can safely say that I definitely have a thing for cute boy bands – even back to my teenage years.

That’s not to say Boyfriend are permanently adorable – they do try different concepts, and now that their youngest is finally 18, they are about to branch out into a more mature look (more on this later – expect DENIAL and crying kekeke).

スタートアップ!’Start Up!’ – Japanese PV

 bf-startup1  bf-startup2
 bf-startup3  bf-startup4
 bf-startup5  bf-startup6
 bf-startup7  bf-startup8
 bf-startup9  bf-startup10

Well aren’t they just adorable! This isn’t anything drastically different for Boyfriend – it has all the hallmarks of several of their previous PV’s. It’s very similar in plot to ‘Pinky Santa’ where the Boyfriends all group together and help a girl with her love problem and then romp cutely for the camera.

I’d like one of those magic keys in my life as well – particularly if it’s hand delivered by one of these cute boys!

I always like how positive and bright their PVs are – and they make me happy to watch them. They always make a lot of eye contact with the camera, so it feels like they are singing directly to you. Boyfriend like to show a lively, cheerful, happy image and this PV delivers that in spades (in metric tonnes actually).

The song has an upbeat tempo and all members share the lines pretty equally. The lyrics are also pretty sweet – as they’re all about giving encouragement and love and starting a bright future together. The chorus is also fairly catchy – lots of 愛してる (aishiteru – I love you). If I translated the line right it means ‘I love you, that word only makes me stronger‘ Awwww!

I have ordered the First Press Limited Edition of this single – and it’s going to be just adorable!

Obsession – Teaser

Aaaand this is a 180 degree shift!

My cutie boys NOOOOO! Hehehe! I had this exact same reaction last year, when the adorable BtoB went with a mature concept for ‘Thriller’. At the time those teasers came out Aimee and I were in China, away from high speed internet and incidentally YouTube – as it’s blocked on the mainland. Emily smuggled us the teaser video uploading to a private google video and we painstakingly streamed it on the patchy internet in the foyer of our hotel in Xi’An watching it in 5 second increments (along with the dance version of Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’). I expressed dismay at the ab-eriffic display of boyflesh and tried to avert my eyes. I failed, went through all the stages of grief and totally bought the album by the time we got to Korea. That abalicious poster is on my wall right now *stares at Hyunsikkie some more*

So… I’m actually pretty OK with this! I like it when the groups that I follow try out new things.

From the looks of things, this might be a ‘Lost Boys’ concept – seeing as Peter Pan is featured on the “Wanted” sign. I definitely like the sound of the song – I have a lot of hip hop and rap in my faves list now. Hyunseong was also looking pretty fine – thank goodness he’s over 20 and I can at least not feel quite so pervy appreciating his abs there.

Also how amazing does that library look? *covets it*

I hope that Boyfriend do well on the charts with this song! I’ll be cheering them on in all the live performances as well. AISH music shows are on 7 days a week and in my timezone – this is a sacrifice I’m prepared to make…

Seventh Colour – Second Japan Album

Hooray! I wasn’t expecting this announcement until much later in the year! At this point only a few teaser images of the album covers and concept photos have been released on their official page.

There will be 3 editions. A CD/DVD combo, A HMV special Edition and a regular CD – Pretty sure I might need at least 2 of these…

bf-cd-dvd   bf-hmv   bf-cd

Here are the super cute concept photos:

s_donghyun    s_hyunseong    s_jeongmin

s_kwangmin    s_minwoo    s_youngmin

Pretty sure that this is going to be a combination of my two favourite Japanese PVs of all-time. SHINee’s ‘Boys Meet U’ and Infinite’s ‘She’s Back’ what with the beach setting, bicycles, cute hats and summer theme!


I’ll leave you with those cutest PV’s ever – just to give you an idea of just how adorable this is likely to be…


Boyfriend – 3 Years!


And the anniversaries just keep coming! Today is Boyfriend’s 3rd year anniversary.

May and June are definitely debut months for Kpop – I have so many dates marked out in my calendar.

Now that we have started this ‘tradition’; we also watched all of Boyfriend’s super cute MVs tonight – both Korea and Japan releases. There are so many super cute videos! This group has a very sugar sweet concept – with loads of aegyo and adorableness – you might just expire on the spot from too much smiling.

It amuses me that their fanclub is called ‘Bestfriend’ and not ‘Girlfriend’ – friendzoned right from the start!!

Apart from the cuteness, I do like all of their songs as well. I bought most of their Korean albums in Korea and have since added all of their Japan ones as well. The only one I’m missing is ‘Janus’ – as I have the repackage ‘I-Yah’.

I resisted this group for quite a while – but cutie boys are my weakness. Plus… they are totally the Korean version of Ouran Highschool Host Club.


See! Jeongmin is Honey (tiny and cute) Hot leader Donghyun (’89 line yeah!) is Kyoya, cute puppy Minwoo is Tamaki (even though he’s the maknae), The twins Youngmin and Kwangmin are the Twins Hikaru and Kaoru (clearly…) and Hyunseong is Mori – it fits PERFECTLY

Their comeback for Korea is scheduled for next month! I’m really hoping that they finally crack the Top Twenty. They’re very successful in Japan, but haven’t promoted in Korea for a while.

Favourite Korean MV

Love Style – This album is just filled to the brim with the most adorable photos – all the cute pastel suits! This song is very catchy and is full of so many of Boyfriends ‘signature’ elements. It has a cute dance and a lot of smiling at the camera.

Favourite Japan PV

Dance Dance Dance – Cute boys, puppies, magic wardrobes! AISH!

Bonus – EPIC CUTENESS – Korean MV filmed in Japan

On & On – I totally want all the cute sweaters in this MV – also it kills me a little that this was only a digital release. *sobbing thinking about the potential photobook*

So. Many. Comebacks…

My credit card is literally burning…

In the past 24 hours I have ordered all my Japan releases for May and June – in 2 shipments for maximum KPop arrival density. It kind of killed me to take out Junho – but I can’t wait an extra week for SHINVIXXfinite goodness (kekeke). I’ll shift his single to another spree. It’s his fault that I’m hooked on Japan releases anyway as his first single was the first one I bought when we were in Japan (with SHINee Boys Meet U – both versions LOL) and it’s been a downhill trajectory since then. I swear I spend more on Japan releases than I do with Korean!

The promo / teaser lead-up for Japan releases isn’t as intense as the ones for Korea, but I’m always super excited about them, because I really really love so many Japanese tracks from my favourite groups. FT Island in particular seem to have a lot more freedom to write their own music, so their unique rock style really comes through.

It’s only a few this time, the bare minimum really…

Beast – Adrenaline (Standard)
This sounds like it’s going to be an upbeat dance track, which makes me happy! I like something I can bop along to while I walk the dog (which is when I mostly listen to my kpop). I feel like this is going to be really catchy!

Boyfriend – Start Up! (First Press)
*nosebleed* Well… this is the Boyfriend that I know and love – adorable and with OTT aegyo. Bonus Hot Leader Donghyun and Hyunseung looking rather fine too…
Also check out the CUTE AS teaser!

FT Island – New Page (First Press A)
A new album!! YES! (although I already own all the singles kekeke) I hope there will be some additional tracks as well, because I adore their Japan stuff so much OMG.

BTS – No More Dream (Standard)
The MV hasn’t officially released yet – but it’s FANTASTIC! (search the youtubes…) I like it more than the Korean version!
TVXQ! – Sweat / Answer (First Press)
Only a jacket cover so far – but I can’t wait! Eeeeee!
Infinite – Last Romeo Kimi ga Ireba Ii (First Press A, B and Normal) (why yes, I do need all 3)
SHINee – Lucky Star (First Press and Standard) (yep, both of these too)
Also with ADORABLE teaser that I have posted about

VIXX – Darkest Angels (First Press C – N cover) (stopped myself from adding more versions… just)
This will be their debut album for Japan. This was announced yesterday so there’s nothing apart from the title and the fact that each member has their own cover, plus a normal version (presumably a group shot) as well. LOL already pre-ordered!

Aaaand Korea is also going to kill me with this ridiculous amount of groups releasing all close together… *sobbing* All groups that I happen to collect as well!

EXO – Overdose (K and M) – already out but I FAIL and am slow.
Infinite – Season 2 – MV for ‘Last Romeo’ is releasing tonight! TOTALLY staying up until midnight for this 🙂

VIXX – Eternity
The teaser pics are up on their official site, so I’m super excited already (Yay purple hair on Ravi!)
Although the MV teaser has leaked already, I have managed to stop myself from looking at it. I already have a Giant Clocks playlist on YouTube so I think this may be a new addition.
BTS – School Luv Affair (Special Edition) *cough* Even though I already have the album I want the repackage too!
Boyfriend – TBA
Beast – TBA
I’ve been sad and marked all the release dates in my diary to make sure that I don’t accidentally miss anything. So I’ve spent all my KPop money marked for 3 months on just one… *cross fingers that the World Cup will give me a bit of a break for June / July* I am supposed to be saving…

March Aquisitions

aka – ALL the Japan releases…

I seriously love HMV Japan – because their shipping is SUPER fast – even to my location which is the back of beyond in terms of getting mail. YesAsia’s packages are funneled to WA via the black hole that is Chullora in NSW, which is so ass-backwards roundabout in terms of shipping geography… the packages do a backtrack. For international readers, Perth is actually closer to Singapore than it is to Sydney. I swear, sometimes they sit there for 8 days, mocking me via the tracking number. What are you doing with my Kpops Chullora? I am possibly on some kind of watchlist after some of the more questionable albums that have come to me in the past year or so (yes, I’m taking about you, Teen Top Class “Addition” with your highly suggestive bathroom pictures and that poster that will never ever see the light of day – Chunji… you kill me, you really do…)

So March had some great albums! And I pretty much bought all of them. *hangs head* – some of these were released in Feb – but bundled with early March releases to save shipping costs.

Pictured are:

TVXQ! “Tree” – Jacket Version B

Their 7th Japanese Studio Album. After a lot of deliberation, I went with Jacket B – which has the dark suits and autumn theme. The album comes with a square postcard with both members, a small photobooklet with lyrics, as well as a DVD. There are several singles that have been previously released on the album, but the new songs are just gorgeous. I really love ‘Tree of Life’, but then again I adore all of their ballads as it is. The DVD has some great goodies too!

Donghae & Eunhyuk “Ride Me”

Their first Japanese Album! These two are a very playful and fun combo. The songs are pretty upbeat dance songs and are fun to sing along to. The album is enclosed in a surrounding sleeve (CD size), has a small photobook with lyrics and comes with a photo card (I got Donghae!) The DVD has their PVs and a making of film.

FT Island “Beautiful” – Jacket Version A

I usually buy version B – for the DVD’s – but I wanted another photocard and I’m super happy that I got my bias Jonghoon! This is a gorgeous single though – I REALLY like one of the B sides “On My Way” because there’s lots of Jaejin! FT Island have really really great Japanese discography so this one is a must for fans.

B1A4 “2”

Their second Japanese Album! YAY! So there are a few Japanese versions of some of their better known Korean songs – which is weird to listen to for me – because I can sing along better in Japanese but I want to belt out the Korean – hehehe. I do like their original Japanese songs quite a bit though. This album was a bit light on in terms of extras with a small photobook mostly in B&W because of the concept but the DVD has the full PV of ‘What’s Up?’ and OMFG *nosebleed* it’s even more ridiculously cute than the original and has super cute behind the scenes as well. No English subs -but you don’t really need them. 🙂

Boyfriend “My Avatar” – Jacket Version B

*more nosebleeding cuteness* So yes… I totally collect Boyfriend because they are so cute and adorable that I can’t even deal with them. I’d like to point out that the Hot Leader is an ’89 liner and thus brings the average age up to an almost legal pass. The single comes with a mini photobook and lyrics as well as a square postcard. I got Kwangmin! The DVD is super adorable as it’s basically Boyfriend competing with each other in mini games like bowling and table tennis and generally being super cute. Their Japanese is pretty fluent seeing as they promote a lot there. No English subs, but you’ll be too busy staring starry eyed at the adorable on your screen.

MYNAME “Five Stars”

OMG YES FINALLY! Their first full length Japanese Album. This group are hugely underrated in Korea, but are growing in popularity. I’m a bit obsessed with pretty much everything that they have released because their songs are great. There are a few Japanese versions of Korean songs ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ and ‘Girlfriend’ but the rest are original songs. My favourite tracks are ‘Stars’ and ‘Your Answer’. The DVD has the full PV’s for ‘Shirayuki’ and ‘FFY’ as well as a making of for ‘FFY’ and best of all – AN ENTIRE CONCERT! This is definitely an album worth getting. HMV included a bonus postcard photo!

Toheart “First Mini Album”

Yay SHINfinite are finally a thing! This is a sub-unit collaboration  between SHINee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun who are besties in real life as well. This mini album is really super adorable and has 2 photobooks of nosebleed inducing squee cuteness. It’s beautifully packaged too, making my inner print-design soul thrill at all the spot UV highlighting. The album comes with a photocard (I got Woohyun!) and 6 tracks on the CD. I’m super biased and can’t be at all objective because this whole concept thrilled me from the moment it was announced. Favourite track: ‘You’re My Lady’

TVXQ! “Susuri” – Tense Repackage

Soooo technically I already own Tense (Red Version), so this is just being gratuitous to add to my collection. But! it’s completely different and has additional tracks (LOL I can totes justify it!). My inner print-nerd loves this because the packaging is amazing as well. SM Town are really loving that spot UV finish on everything. Best of all, it comes with a TVXQ! themed deck of cards that I will totally bring with me to all future Failboat meets so we can squee over all the cute pics of Changmin and Yunho. Also ‘Susuri’ was a great track!

BtoB “뛰뛰빵빵” – Beep Beep – 4th Mini Album

Signed by all members! Yay! This album has a GIGANTIC photobook of cuteness. And again, I’m hugely biased with this group because I adore and love them and own everything they’ve ever released (kekeke). Hyunsik as a coffee barista made my day though. I really like the ‘Hello Mello’ track on the CD and shock of shocks – Peniel has lines!! BtoB are a quirky style boyband, but if you watch any of their variety shows you will quickly grow to love them. Their vocal line is also really talented!

SHINee “SHINee World – The First Concert”

Yay! It’s taken me a while to actually purchase this (this was technically released in 2012) but seeing as SHINee are my #1 favourite group it has been on my list for a while. This version has 2 x DVDs and a photobook of awesome. I really love this concert, so it’s been great to finally watch it on my big TV as opposed to youtube on my laptop 🙂 Also OMG they look so young… hehehe baby Taemin!

SHINee “SHINee Surprise Vacation”

And Thank you SM for releasing this on DVD and with English subs. This is the variety program that sent SHINee from extreme love to absolute obsessive love for me. Even booting Suju out of first place in my heart! (Much to the horror of Aimee and Emily! I reassure them that Suju are like my first love – forever looked on with pure affection!) I must confess that I have not yet watched this all the way though because it’s too adorable and I can’t deal with watching for long periods. Apparently the bonus disc has extended scenes of Jonghyun in the onsen (I was kakaoed a preview photo by someone) and I don’t think I can survive that.

Not Pictured – but also added

SHINee – 321 Normal Edition
BAP – One Shot (Japan Single)
BAP – Warrior (Japan Single)
BAP – No Mercy
BAP – First Sensibility (1st Album)
BTS – 2 Cool 4 Skool


So March was somewhat expensive – but April is going to be a killer with the comebacks of so many groups – and the extreme buying spree that I may have gone on the other week…

Boyfriends to my door

Boyfriend-signed-2       Boyfriend-signed-1

Look what the postman brought!

Back in January, Mnet had a meet and greet with the super cute Boyfriend – and I couldn’t pass it up, seeing as I wanted the DVD on offer for my collection.

We watched it livestreaming on the internet as I happened to be in Melbourne with my girlfriends Aimee and Emily at the time.

Minwoo read my name and message out!  at 54.30 in the video SQUEE!

As a winner, I received an extra signed badge.

We had fun figuring out via Kakao, just whose signatures these were and to my joy – I have the Hot Leader Donghyun on the album – and Hyunseong on the badge – HOORAY!

Hot Boyfriend Leader touched my album! I could harvest DNA and clone him! *not at all creepy*

Donghyun       Hyunseong

Boyfriend are totally a guilty pleasure group for me. Once I caved in to the cutie boys it was pretty much inevitable…

I mean… LOOK AT THE SCHOOL UNIFORMS! I am dead from the cute AISH!


My KPop weaknesses are:

  • Cutie Boys that are like puppies
  • School Uniforms
  • Excessive Aegyo
  • Pyjamas
  • Fail Leaders

And they pretty much hit all of these…

It’s like a bullet to my heart! (And then we discovered A-Prince and died all over again)