Delicous Boy Sandwich

Emily:  aish this song is so catchy

 me:  rookies at #20

Emily:  also can go on my nanana playlist

me:  I have hopes for this group


Aimee:  its a good song

me:  the name is close to BTS – BTL

Aimee:  another B group for us

me:  I think “Bacon Tomato Lettuce” though

Emily:  lol yes i think that too

Aimee: that’s BLT

Emily:  mmm delicious boy sandwich
Aimee:  lol


Emily:  😛

me:  perfect comment A+

Emily:  kekeke

me:  please accept this award

Gchat Hangout, Thursday May 22, 2014


Take note Emily – all of your biases in one delicious (and nutritious) bite

Hehehe. Well MCountdown was a lot of fun tonight, and we live watched it online together with our chat window open so we could squee at appropriate moments! I particularly enjoyed the comeback stage for Infinite – which was amazing and perfect!

But the rookie group BTL (Beyond the Limit) are growing on me – the song is quite catchy and I’m liking the live stages so far as well. They’re on my watchlist at the moment as I made a resolution to not commit to groups until I definitely like at least 3 of their songs (shelf space is at a premium at the moment!! plus,*cough* my credit card balance and such pesky things as having to pay bills and live… Kpop can totally sustain me right!)

My shuffle likes the song too, so the more I listen to it, the more I like it. There are some great vocalists in this group.

The MV is below! It’s an OK debut, not super high budget, but not terrible either (despite the sea of negative fangirl comments on youtube – but youtube comments are a cesspit anyway). Also there are 9 members! All with weird English hybrid names too. Aish I struggle with anything past 7…