A-JAX – 2nd Anniversary

Awww – More cutie boys!

Not that they started that way… Their debut song was extremely abalicious! They’ve shown a variety of styles since then too!

It’s now their second anniversary and I have made a playlist of their MV’s, dance practices and a nice bonus video too – hehehe! If you watch ‘Dream Team’ or the idol olympics you may recognise the leader Hyeongkon (though he is a bit faily – I love him a lot)

A-JAX will also be starring in a drama soon – called ‘Vampire’s Flower’ (LOL) – apparently it’s a bit Twilight-esque and is based on a manhwa. I’ll be watching it for sure!

I like their music a lot and they came on my radar during their promotions for ‘Insane’ – it was a great song, and I have ended up collecting all of their albums for both Japan and Korea.

Their last album ‘Snake’ was RIDICULOUSLY cute – the live stages filled me with glee. Boy scouts… AISH!

I made the cheat sheet for this group – as they can be a little difficult to figure out who is who – seeing as they change their styles so much!