Slippery Slope

Did I just pre-order a T-Pop CD?


*sobbing forever*

I blame all the Taiwan Dramas I keep marathoning. This is EXACTLY how kpop started; downloading an OST or two and then investigating the artists.

Damn you and your cuteness Aaron Yan!

Here’s one of the OST songs from the drama that I’m watching at the moment: “That’s not me” from “Fall in Love With Me”. The drama is super cute BTW! He’s pretending to be a cuter, friendlier version of himself for reasons, and his lies are starting to get complicated because he really likes the girl, but she kind of hates his r/l self and has fallen for the pretend guy (totally NOT REALLY, cos she absolutely has the hots for the bad boy asshole real life guy and is in DENIAL up the wazoo)

*justifies purchases* But I also really liked his two previous solo albums!

OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE???? Mandarin is like a bajillion times harder than Korean and I have no hope at all of singing along *sobbing* But there are cute boy bands as well, and great ballad tracks and there was that group ‘JPM’ that we totally made an honorary KPop group like a while back there ‘cos 365 was all over PopAsia and it was adorable… so really this was totally inevitable.

Well… I have until June to get used to this.

*now to plot an MV night with the girls so I can drag them down with me…*