Kicking off the Great ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Rewatch of 2015

There’s nothing quite like setting oneself an epic challenge – and if it involves a ridiculous amount of time watching cute (though at times hateful) boys and the most trope-filled RIDICULOUS plotline to ever be committed to film (in no less than 4 different adaptations) I’m up to the task!

Can I watch the same plot over and over again? Will I throw things at my screen when *spoiler* wtf noooo OMGGGGG whyyyy is this happening!!!  <— yeah, you all know (or will know) what I’m talking about… Will I ever be rid of the AAAAAALMOOOOST PAAAAARAAAAADIIIIIIISE earworm? Only time can tell! Continue reading


Hong Kong gangster meets smart schoolgirl – she’s in debt to him for a million dollars thanks to her deadbeat dad. Highjinks and gunfights with a side of totally inappropriate age gap romance ensue!

So far, I have breezed through 6 of the 16 episodes in this series. It’s a pretty uncomplicated watch – and has a bunch of drama tropes and cliches crammed into it.

Fair warning though – it’s pretty low budget and I will totally admit to fast forwarding through the blah blah gangster politics and ENDLESS stare-athons at times (I swear to God, it’s filmed just like a soap opera, complete with dramatic pauses and significant glances – hehehe)

This series is available on Viki for livestreaming and has been fansubbed. Yay!

I will recommend it for people who want to watch something different to a KDrama and who aren’t looking for a deep plot.

Series Synopsis

Ruithainark’s father borrows money from a notorious Hong Kong Gangster Lin Lan Ser, but when the time comes to repay the debt he can’t. He agrees to fulfil the agreement where if he couldn’t repay it, he would send his oldest daughter as collateral. But instead of sending Nanthaka, he replaces her with the younger sister. Lin Lan Ser was expecting a beautiful girl – not the ‘ugly duckling’ he ended up with. He agrees to have Ruithainark work to repay the debt, even as he has his henchmen out searching for the other sister. But the more he spends time with Ruithainark, the more he is intrigued by her unique way of looking at the world and the way that she won’t submit to him at all…

Main Characters

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.19.50 PMRuithainark

Our intrepid heroine! She’s kind of a bit klutzy and a ‘diamond in the rough’ having been compared to her beautiful older sister for her entire life. After finding herself  indebted to Lui Lan Ser (because her dad ran off and substituted her as collateral instead of her sister) she has to work it off. Cheerful and optimistic (yep, total Candy Girl) her greatest strength is her ability to adapt to any situation and to memorise information quickly. Reluctant sparks fly between her captor and herself, she’s warily drawn to him even as she tells herself that she hates him.


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.26.17 PMLin Lan Ser

Gangster / Mob Leader who is also a school principal of sorts (yeah… drama logic has it as his cover job – making SENSE goes out the window). He’s your typical cold hearted hero who doesn’t believe in love and is protecting his position from all the backstabby gang partners who also want to become the boss. He enjoys exchanging barbs with Ruithainark, even as he dismisses her as ‘just a schoolgirl’. The age gap is unclear, but he’s got to be in his early 30’s and she’s like 16…


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.18.46 PMJonsing

Lan Ser’s trusty right hand man – who has a pretty severe dress sense – he’s always in that changshan shirt! He’s sympathetic to Ruithainark and helps her a bit behind the scenes. I totally think he has a crush on Mei Jin and ship it at the moment 😛



Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.15.49 PMMei Jin

Lan Ser’s mistress / paid actress pretending to be his mistress, but is totally in love with him. Yeah… it’s complicated with the two of them. She has the potential to morph into the classic bitchy second lead who will set out to destroy her rival, but I’m hoping she’ll just fall in love with Jongsing.


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.21.31 PMDanny

Ruithainark’s BFF at school who happens to be the son of a Gun smuggler – but he’s totally cute and doomed to fall in love and have his puppy heart all crushed. I can see it coming a mile away. *sigh* Anyway, he’s adorable.