So. Many. Comebacks…

My credit card is literally burning…

In the past 24 hours I have ordered all my Japan releases for May and June – in 2 shipments for maximum KPop arrival density. It kind of killed me to take out Junho – but I can’t wait an extra week for SHINVIXXfinite goodness (kekeke). I’ll shift his single to another spree. It’s his fault that I’m hooked on Japan releases anyway as his first single was the first one I bought when we were in Japan (with SHINee Boys Meet U – both versions LOL) and it’s been a downhill trajectory since then. I swear I spend more on Japan releases than I do with Korean!

The promo / teaser lead-up for Japan releases isn’t as intense as the ones for Korea, but I’m always super excited about them, because I really really love so many Japanese tracks from my favourite groups. FT Island in particular seem to have a lot more freedom to write their own music, so their unique rock style really comes through.

It’s only a few this time, the bare minimum really…

Beast – Adrenaline (Standard)
This sounds like it’s going to be an upbeat dance track, which makes me happy! I like something I can bop along to while I walk the dog (which is when I mostly listen to my kpop). I feel like this is going to be really catchy!

Boyfriend – Start Up! (First Press)
*nosebleed* Well… this is the Boyfriend that I know and love – adorable and with OTT aegyo. Bonus Hot Leader Donghyun and Hyunseung looking rather fine too…
Also check out the CUTE AS teaser!

FT Island – New Page (First Press A)
A new album!! YES! (although I already own all the singles kekeke) I hope there will be some additional tracks as well, because I adore their Japan stuff so much OMG.

BTS – No More Dream (Standard)
The MV hasn’t officially released yet – but it’s FANTASTIC! (search the youtubes…) I like it more than the Korean version!
TVXQ! – Sweat / Answer (First Press)
Only a jacket cover so far – but I can’t wait! Eeeeee!
Infinite – Last Romeo Kimi ga Ireba Ii (First Press A, B and Normal) (why yes, I do need all 3)
SHINee – Lucky Star (First Press and Standard) (yep, both of these too)
Also with ADORABLE teaser that I have posted about

VIXX – Darkest Angels (First Press C – N cover) (stopped myself from adding more versions… just)
This will be their debut album for Japan. This was announced yesterday so there’s nothing apart from the title and the fact that each member has their own cover, plus a normal version (presumably a group shot) as well. LOL already pre-ordered!

Aaaand Korea is also going to kill me with this ridiculous amount of groups releasing all close together… *sobbing* All groups that I happen to collect as well!

EXO – Overdose (K and M) – already out but I FAIL and am slow.
Infinite – Season 2 – MV for ‘Last Romeo’ is releasing tonight! TOTALLY staying up until midnight for this ๐Ÿ™‚

VIXX – Eternity
The teaser pics are up on their official site, so I’m super excited already (Yay purple hair on Ravi!)
Although the MV teaser has leaked already, I have managed to stop myself from looking at it. I already have a Giant Clocks playlist on YouTube so I think this may be a new addition.
BTS – School Luv Affair (Special Edition) *cough* Even though I already have the album I want the repackage too!
Boyfriend – TBA
Beast – TBA
I’ve been sad and marked all the release dates in my diary to make sure that I don’t accidentally miss anything. So I’ve spent all my KPop money marked for 3 months on just one… *cross fingers that the World Cup will give me a bit of a break for June / July* I am supposed to be saving…

April Acquisitions

AKA all the CN Blue!

NO REGRETS! (Except my credit card statement and my overall bias list because my overwhelming love for all their music is threatening to overtake my top 5!)

So all the fruits of my CN Blue buying spree came to me midway though April – necessitating some pretty ruthless shelf re-arranging (which is what happens when you suddenly add like 8 albums of one particular group). It makes me a bit sad, because I like to display at least one album from each group facing outwards – but now due to the lack of space there are quite a few groups that are ‘spined’ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ll just really have to add that other shelving unit – who cares that I won’t be able to shut my door! I can sacrifice for the Kpops!

Due to the sad events in Korea with the Sewol ferry accident, a lot of comebacks have been postponed, so understandably there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the KPop world this past month. I’ve chosen to bundle most things that were released in April with other albums due out in May / pick them up in person when I’m at the BAP concert in Melbourne next week.

New to my collection this month

‘Can’t Stop’ CN Blue – 5th Mini Album

20140502_154221Ahhh CN Blue – forever one of my first KPop loves! I loved the featured single ‘Can’t Stop’ as soon is it was released and especially loved having the boys all over the music shows as a part of their comeback promotions. Yonghwa does also get +10 hotness points for his live piano playing skills (not quite enough to make him my bias, but he’s a very close second).

Being an actualfax band who play instruments, it helps that they’re all total flower boys as well. The mini album has a nice photobook with loads of photos with the members looking pensive and dreamy in what I can only presume is an American city as well as wearing cute white sweaters and lounging around on beds (cue all the slash ficcers going crazy). It also came with a standup card with a randomly chosen member. I got Jonghyun (yay! my bias!). I like all the tracks on the CD too – so I’d definitely recommend buying if you’re a fan.

Also added to my collection from CN Blue:

First Step
First Step + 1 – Thank You (OMG the photobook on this one… *dies*)
Ear Fun
Present (Japan Singles)
Blue Moon Concert DVD

Now I can get collecting on all the Japan discography…

‘The Origin’ Infinite

I already made a post about this one!

‘Skool Love Affair’ BTS (Bangtan Boys)

20140502_154322Hahahaha remember when I was all “I will never succumb to this group because a) hip hop b) super ridiculous member names I mean ‘Rap Monster’ ‘J-Hope’??? Please??? c) OMG there are so many underage members I’d be a pedo noona” *hollow and bitter laugh* Yeah… so the inevitable happened. Damn them and that catchy song we were singing all New Years with it’s ‘Such a liiiiiiaaaaaaar’ hook in the English. *sigh*. Also I blame Tumblr for like brainwashing me with gifs and picspam to the point where I somehow learned all their names by osmosis. Leading of course, to the infamous MV watching on gchat with the girls where I was putting my member identifying skills to the test with ‘Boy in Luv’ย  – AKA this MV

And I suddenly decided that I really really liked the cute one JongKook that reminded me a bit of Woohyun from Infinite. I believe that the words “He’s like a baby Woohyun” were uttered / typed followed by “I think I might make him my bias” and then “NOOOOOO BEC HE’S THE MAKNAE* NOOOOOO HE’S 15 OMG!” from Emily and then immense horror and a meltdown of epic proportions ensued (I COULD BE HIS MOTHER WAAAEEEEEE – technically a teenage mother but it could have happened), but it was too late *sobbing all over the place*.

*maknae = the youngest member

And that is how I came to have a ’97 liner in my bias list.

I will never again commit to a bias without checking profiles that list dates of birth. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway this is a fab album with a HUUUUGE photobook and extra goodies (a sticker set and a bookmark. Yay I got J-Hope, who is technically over the age of 20) and they are well deserving of all those ‘Rookie of the Year’ titles they won last year.

Also added from BTS:

O? R U L8 2?

Which also have some great goodies like posters, stickers and photocards. I’ll just live with myself somehow for making yet another maknae a bias…

‘Peter Pan’s Kiss’ – A-PRINCE

20140502_154714Move over ‘Boyfriend’ there’s a new cutie boy band that might just unseat you with the excessive display of aegyo. Yes – I have a problem… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Also – they are in Pyjamas in the MV – I am helpless *cannot deal nosebleed* The teasers for this MV were hilarious as well – what’s not to like about cute boys being slapped in the face? A-PRINCE have a fab Youtube channel because they sub ALL their behind the scenes stuff in English and it’s all adorable as hell! This was a super cute single too.

Also added to my collection due to the overwhelming adorableness:


‘Mitaiken Future’ – FT Island

20140502_154744More Japan FT Island! (and they’re releasing yet another single later this month – not that I’ve already pre-ordered it or anything along with Boyfriend…)

This one is an upbeat and catchy song – I have version B of the album which includes a DVD of the MV and performances from their Freedom 2013 arena tour. I quite like the B sides on the single too – not that it’s hard – i do adore pretty much all of FT Island’s entire discography…

‘No Mercy’ B.A.P (Japan)

20140502_154514Awww yisss! My feeeels!!! (Due to going to their concert next week) One of my all time faves from this group as a Japan release. The MV was pretty good (seeing as I did gif-spam it)

I may have got ALL the concert goods on offer so I will have the whistle to go along with this song… (also because I can’t resist concert goodies, and you know a 1 in 5 shot at the high touch event.)

This was the limited edition version from Japan and the dog tags are a cute touch! The CD has a small photobook and a photocard (Yay Zelo! my other totally inappropriate maknae bias *more ugly sobbing*)

So only 16 albums added this month – not too bad (hehehehe)

FT Island


#3 FT Island

My gateway drug to Kpop! Thanks Hong Ki!

Kdramas are really to blame for my Kpop obsession… It all began with Japanese Manga, then live action adaptations of Manga, then JDrama then a sudden ‘hmmm Kdrama what’s this…’ and clicking that link on an online streaming site and before you know it, you’ve watched and downloaded 40 odd KDramas and have posted a 2TB hard drive to your friends in Melbourne in a blatant attempt to get them hooked along with short cracktastic summaries to explain what they were about. (Cross Dressing! Nuns! Boy Bands! A weird obsession with Pig-Rabbits!)

So really, “You’re Beautiful” is to blame.

Hong Ki (from FT Island) and Yonghwa (CN Blue) had supporting roles in this drama (and sang the OST as well!). And because we liked the songs in the drama so much, it wasn’t too much of a leap to then investigate their music as well.

For about a 3 month period, all I listened to was FT Island, CN Blue and OST’s from various dramas. Then we discovered Super Junior and SHINee and a few others (I may have totally downloaded ALL of UKISS and DBSK/TVXQ on my lonesome)… then we totally watched ALL the SuJu variety at one memorable New Years and at that point were fairly obsessed.

Then later,ย after successfully brainwashing Emily,ย Aimee gave me her collection of crack (aka Infinite and ALL the boy bands) after we went to CN Blue in Sydney. I was at this point holding out stubbornly *in denial* and only watching dramas, certain that I had all the Kpop I could possibly need. But then I listened to the Teen Top and well… gave in to cutie boysย  which lead to several buying sprees online and by the time we went to Korea my album wishlist was 65 albums and counting. (LOL totally bought over 85, when I had intended to buy 35 tops!).

Which is a very roundabout way of saying that I absolutely love and adore FT Island.

My playlist (narrowed down) has 86 songs on it *despair* because they are one of the few groups where I will just wholesale add an entire album, because every single song is fantastic.

On our trip to Korea, we saw FT Island live in concert for their very special 6 year anniversary. The concert ‘FTHX’ celebrated with their new album, as well as several of their Japanese songs translated to Korean (I just about cried with happiness at this). We had an amazing night and if you squint very very hard at the DVD of the concert you might be able to make us out on the first floor balcony… (also HAHA we were totally interviewed by the Korean News Media as token foreigners. “FT Island ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด์š” *cue cheesy heart signs from 3 obsessed fangirls*”).

FT Island have A LOT of albums and singles and are an actualfax band – in that they play their instruments! So in addition to having great songs, they’re also super talented. They’re also the very definition of a Flower Boy Band! The band name in full is actually “Five Treasure Island” because their CEO is on crack.

They’re currently (in 2014) destroying their image on FNC’s reality program ‘Cheondgdamdong 111’ along with label mates CN Blue. It’s a fun program to watch!

Fun Fact – Hongki went through a hair phase that can only be described as… not good, terribad, mullet with a side of how-about-no. There was much wailing & gnashing of teeth between us as we mourned for the cute hair that is ‘Five Treasure Box’. To the point where we joked, that if we happened to run into him, in an elevator in Seoul we would totally hold him down and do the world a favour with an impromptu hair cut. Alas… it was not to be – but at least it was confined to a ponytail for most of the concert.

At one point we may have joked that we would celebrate with cake on the day that he cut his hair.

Cue the fateful day and hilarious Kakao messages – complete with photos of cake were exchanged among the three of us. Aimee, may have even iced hers with ‘Happy Hong Ki cutting his hair day’

And thus, our cake for birthdays / memorable occasions tradition was born.


’90 Liner
Hot Leader & My Bias
Guitar & Keyboard

+10 hotness points for piano playing ๐Ÿ™‚ *melts* I may have had a fangirl meltdown at the concert when he had the piano solo for ‘Severely’. I totally died when I spotted his cameo in the KMovie ‘You’re My Pet” – hehehe so cute!



’90 Liner
Main Vocal
Aimee’s Bias

Well I could listen to Hongki all day – and frequently do – that playlist is only 6 hours or so long… He’s also stealing my heart a bit in his drama role in ‘Bride of the Century’ because he does the cutest ever pout face.



’91 Liner
Bass, Vocals
Emily’s Bias

Some of my favourite FT Island songs are the ones featuring Jaejin- he just has a really sweet voice that offsets Hongki perfectly.



’92 Liner
Guitar, Vocals

Seunghyun I don’t know much about!ย ๋ฏธ์•ˆํ•ด!!ย  but he is excellent eye candy ๐Ÿ™‚ No – wait! He was totally in ‘Maknae Rebellion’ and was awesome!




’92 Liner

Technically the maknae! Awwww good thing he’s also a total cutie boy drummer. Minhwan also has a great singing voice – and has appeared in a few musicals.




FT Island release in Japan and in Korea in both languages.

I absolutely CANNOT narrow down any kind of top 10 for MV’s or songs *has nervous breakdown*, so instead will direct you to their YouTube playlists which play from their most recently released songs backwards. You won’t regret listening to them all… it’s only like 3 and a half-ish hours out of your life!

Korean FT Island Songs

Japanese FT Island Songs

According to my i-tunes, my most played songs are:

For Korea –
๋ฐ”๋ž˜ (I Hope) – aish so cute!! Time travel and a super catchy song!

Bonus – ์ข‹๊ฒ ์–ด (I Wish) – because of Hot Leader being super hot here (also a great song!)

For Japan –
“You Are My Life” Sooooo much love for this song. Jaejin’s accompanying vocals are so sweet and Hong Ki puts in an emotional performance.

Bonus – Polar Star – do I know all the words – yes I do!! I love all their star themed songs (there are a few in both languages)

Albums I Own

Well, I am on a mission to collect them all – however there are quite a few that are out of print and thus SUPER expensive to track down in mint or near new condition. I am only missing 10! (OMG that’s a lot to go still). My Japan singles are all version B – so they come with a DVD rather than a photocard. The DVDs are fantastic, as they usually have the full PV as well as a concert performance.


Cross & Change
Five Treasure Box
The Return
Memory in FT Island
Grown Up
The Mood (signed by Jonghoon)
FTHX (Concert DVD)


So Long, Au Revoir
20 (Twenty)
The Singles Collection
Flower Rock
Brand New Days
Let It Go
Top Secret
You Are My Life
Mitaiken Future