BigFlo (빅플로) – Delilah (딜라일라) – Teaser

 bigflo-delilah-1  bigflo-delilah-2
 bigflo-delilah-3  bigflo-delilah-4
 bigflo-delilah-4a  bigflo-delilah-5
bigflo-delilah-7  bigflo-delilah-8

More cute Rookies!

I discovered them just today, seeing as the teaser came up on my feed. I’m always a fan of colourful hair, so after mainlining their subbed YouTube episodes and getting to know the members a bit, I think I might have to make an exception to my rookies rule and buy their mini album when it comes out.

Their debut stage was on M-Countdown tonight and Aimee and I livewatched it – it was fun to be able to pick out our favourite members already. (Yep! totes picked out our biases already).

BigFlo are a hip-hop group, and their debut song has a suuuuuuuuper catchy hook line. I’m looking forward to the MV* when it comes out and will follow this group, seeing as they have managed to steal my heart already.

*and the MV is fantastic! Watch it below…

Note to KPop groups: if you film your members in cute 1o minute segments and put them on YouTube you will attract ALL THE FANS (also if you subtitle in English, we will love you more *cough* like A-Prince *cough*) Alas BigFlo have unsubbed vids on their main channel, but they have picked up a subbing group – hooray!

Siiiigh – another maknae for me! Hightop was basically just too adorable to live! He has a very deep voice as well. Also for SERIOUS Yuseong and his hamsters was possibly the cutest thing that I have watched all week.

BIGFLO Member Profiles


ALL THE PROFILES MUAHAHAHA! I levelled up in their fancafe! Go me!!

Jungkyun 정균
Real Name: Jeong Junkyun (정정균)
Position: Leader, Vocal
D.O.B: 27.11.1987
Bloodtype: A형

Yuseong 유성
Real Name: Jeong Yuseong (정유성)
Position: Vocal
D.O.B: 08.10.1992
Bloodtype: O형

Real Name: Cheon Byunghwa (천병화)
Position: Vocal (low parts)
D.O.B: 22.01.1991
Blood Type: B형

Real Name: Jung Jiwook (정지욱)
Position: Rap, Main Dancer
D.O.B: 27.01.1993
Blood Type: A형

Real Name: Im Hyeontae (임현태)
Position: Main Rapper, Maknae
D.O.B: 19.03.1994
Blood Type: AB형



Beast – ‘Good Luck’ – Teaser

 beast-goodluck-1 beast-goodluck-2
 beast-goodluck-3 beast-goodluck-4
 beast-goodluck-5 beast-goodluck-6
 beast-goodluck-7 beast-goodluck-8


It’s the Beast with two comebacks!

And aren’t they all looking FINE!

A Japan single and a Korean mini album in the same month makes me a very happy fangirl.

Cube have stepped up their promo cycle for the Beast Boys and over the past week have given us 6 individual teasers and at midnight last night, we got the group one which gives us a closer look at the dance and a longer snippet of the song. It’s looking pretty amazing so far! And although I’m not a huge fan of the hip-hop outfits (I prefer suited up hotness) I think this is going to be great! I’m always a fan of piano and strings 🙂

‘Good luck! Baby good luck to you!’

There is possibly a bit of cheatery mccheaterson action going on, seeing as there is only one girl and a lot of angst from Dongwoon after presumably sleeping with her as Hot LeaderTM lurks menacingly outside the door (my maknae NOOOOO!).

And what’s with the Junhyung as Jesus complete with spilled gold coins and a stabbing? (Or is he the Judas in this scenario?). I do not want to have to add this to my ‘idols and DEATH Nooooo!’ YouTube playlist.

I’m now super excited for this to be out already!

UKISS – Quit Playin’ and Mono Scandal – Review


I think my reaction to this MV can be summed up with the Kakao conversation meltdown / shocked speechlessness that I had with the girls as I watched it…

Me: OK UKISS let’s watch this!
Mmmm Hot Boys!
Did… did that just happen?
It did
It totally did
*so hot Xiumin emoji*
Just saying… I’d be totally OK with a threesome with Hoon and Kiseop
I cannot believe they showed that in an MV

So basically they made an MV that Jun is not allowed to watch kekekeke
I feel like mono is the least of their worries

Me: Lolololol
I’m still not sure that I am OK with that UKISS
but damn those boys are super hot

Emily: Kekeke
I liked Kevin’s hair!
Blue is clearly in right now

Me: I spent most of the MV alternating between mmmmm hot boys and OMG wait… what get your hands off! Ahhh Jun is cute… Don’t touch him like that he’s 17. OMG nekkid boys! WHAAAAAT threesome nooooo omg how is this getting past the censors gaaaaaah Eli is so damn fine! OK and now I need to watch again and this time listen to the song

Kakao Chat, Monday June 2, 2014


So, UKISS are back with 끼부리지마 (Quit Playin’) and with a scandalous concept that involves:

1. A threesome
2. Yes, there was totally a threesome in a Kpop MV
3. Nothing more needs to be said – except that Eli was looking FINE! (Sorry Soohyun, I’m going to have an affair for a while but you’re still totally my bias)
4. HAHAHAHA 1st ever boy group to have their choreography BANNED from live shows for being unfit for broadcast! *hands them all the prizes*

Admittedly, this MV did take me a while to process, because even after the teaser and multiple warnings (ie: a 19+ rating) I wasn’t quite prepared. I’m not especially conservative, but I was momentarily taken aback with some of the more explicitly implied moments – but then I got over it, and I’m on board with this comeback and whole new version of UKISS. (Though, I totally have to laugh a bit at the fact that technically Jun is too young to even watch the MV that he is actually in!)

Once I went back and watched again – this time actually listening to the song, I was really happy with it. My favourite UKISS song is ‘Someday’ – one of their more mellow ballad tracks and ‘Quit Playin’ has some elements in common with it. ‘Someday’s Piano is replaced in ‘Quit Playin’ with an acoustic guitar – the songs certainly don’t sound the same (seeing as Someday is totally a power ballad), but they share a similar almost melancholy feeling and showcase their voices. What I love about this group is that they have a great vocal harmony and each individual voice can be picked out.

I really like this new direction for UKISS! 끼부리지마 has racked up quite a few plays on my i-Pod already. They just sound so great!

On a side note AJ is sitting this round of promotions out as he is currently recovering from heart surgery in hospital! (btw, that is totally NOT ‘studying in America’!!) I hope he gets well soon!

MV Moments

5 seconds in, and Kiseop rips off his shirt


(hooray!) WAIT WHAT IS HE DOING? HOON IS THERE TOO OMFG! I was so shocked that I had to rewind this on my first viewing (hehehe!!)

Eli gives me FEELS


aish! Yeah… negl, he’s preeeeeeetty attractive throughout this. I’ll just call him a bias ruiner and deal with it. Also, I TOTALLY appreciate the suited up hotness that the live stages have thus far produced.



I can’t say that this wasn’t something rather new… (lol forever at the Tumblr comments about him going to church after shooting this. PLEASE – he is a grown man, and this isn’t for real)

Hoon gets slapped


HAHAHA! Pretty sure he deserved that. No means no!

Soohyun – well ALL the lip rubs


Always appreciated! If I made a lip rubbing MV playlist, there would be a bajillion videos on it.



Seriously this is the best 10 seconds of the MV, also great use of the English line here! Super appropriate!

Jun gets close to the ladies


Sort of…there’s not too much inappropriate touching here… Jun’s voice is really nice and he’s a great addition to UKISS! (also, super cute and only 17…)

Just in case you forgot


YEP – it’s most definitely a threesome!

Mini Album – Mono Scandal

I bought the album while we were in Melbourne (hence the SUUUUPER lateness of my post) as it had just arrived and I need to keep up with my UKISS collection. It’s a softcover wraparound, so won’t be easily displayed on my shelving as it won’t stand up by itself. However the photobook is chock full of eyecandy and lots of abs / various stages of undress / splayed on beds with come hither eyes / more abs / Yay, Jun is fully clothed! *feels less like a creepy noona* / Eeee Soohyun! I saw that bit of your stomach / aaaaaaaabs goodness.

I may need to track down the hi-res scans of this… for reasons.

I enjoyed all the tracks on this mini album.하나 (One) and 다시 내게로 와줘(Come Back to Me) being my favourites. Those voices! AISH! (Just sayin… I would like MV’s for both of these)

There are 4 songs and 2 additional instrumental versions. I recommend buying it!

If you have time, you should also check out their appearance on ASC (After School Club). Kevin is a regular host and I adore him! We get to know Jun a bit more and they’re all pretty adorable as well. Eli is still killing my bias list. Extra bonus behind the scenes footage in their after show as well.

UKISS – Don’t Flirt Teaser & Pics

ukiss-mono1  ukiss-mono2
 ukiss-mono3  ukiss-mono4
 ukiss-mono5  ukiss-mono6
 ukiss-mono7  ukiss-mono8


Well… *fans self* My boys are certainly looking FINE!

I think that Korea and I may differ slightly on our definition of 19+, but I am definitely OK with a sexy concept. I have to say that Eli is becoming a bit of a bias breaker here too – he’s always been too attractive for his own good.

UKISS are in my top 5 groups, so I am beyond excited for their comeback. AJ will be sitting out this round of promotions, as he is diligently studying in the USA, but Soohyun, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin and new member Jun will be giving us something pretty memorable.

Jun is still under 18 *sobs* (wae more underage cutie maknaes?), so he probably won’t be getting any sexytimes with the ladies and will remain pure and innocent (kekeke) and most probably all angsty and broody. However the rest are clearly completely fine and have a green light for getting mostly nekkid and flashing their abs all over the place (yes please!).

They released updated teaser pics yesterday and my Tumblr dash is now on fire from the fangirl meltdown and well – this is why…


1401508278869  1401508279020  1401508278972
 1401508279066  1401508278999  1401508279047

Yep… that come hither look from Eli is giving me some FEELS. Please note Jun all pure and angelic in the bathroom as a nice contrast (hehehe)

The mini album ‘Mono Scandal’ is out on June 2nd!


B.A.P – 어디니? 뭐하니? Teaser

BAP-where1  BAP-where2
 BAP-where3  BAP-where4
 BAP-where5  BAP-where6


B.A.P are coming back again! (Next week actually!) The title of the song translates to ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’

This teaser came out on Wednesday, and I think you may have heard my high pitched squeals all the way across the country.


I was lucky enough to see them live in Melbourne earlier this month and it was AMAZING – particularly as we were in VIP standing, super close to the front and taller than all the people in front of us. It was an unforgettable night and a great performance. B.A.P. have worked very hard and pretty much non-stop for the last 2 years, so it’s great to see yet another comeback from them.

This song promises to be a much more laid back and mellow style – quite different to their usual powerful tracks – more along the lines of Coffee Shop. They have done cuter concepts before though! 하지마 (Stop It) is one of my absolute favourites!

This reminds me a lot of two of my most adored cute MV’s: Boyfriend’s ‘On & On’  and Infinite’s ‘White Confession‘ with the foreign location, sightseeing, shopping and best of all. LOADS AND LOADS OF AEGYO ON CAMERA.


Also – how cute is my bias Zelo? AISH!

Pretty sure this photobook will be amazing.

Their 4th single album ‘Unplugged’ is out soon on June 3rd!

VIXX – Eternity MV

Well that was an MV worth staying up for! It was released on YouTube at 1AM KST – so right on midnight for me 🙂

The girls and I kept our MV night going after watching ‘ALL the Boyfriend’ for their 3 year anniversary. 3 hours flew past pretty fast as we compiled an ‘It’s a Kpop Party‘ playlist by taking turns to link videos in our chat window – there are quite a few MVs that feature a party of some description – kekeke!

Alas, at midnight KST the MV wasn’t out – so we resorted to watching the bootleg from the countdown showcase before the others headed off for bed (waiting up until 2AM was a bit unfeasable for them), but my 2 hour timezone advantage was working well.

I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled with this song. It has a great hook with a melancholy feel and fits well with their previous discography. It’s definitely a more romantic and emotional song – it reminds me a little bit of BAP’s ‘1004’ (Angel). The dance choreography looks like it’s going to be amazing – so I can’t wait for their comeback stage on Thursday so I can get a better look.

Favourite Moments

The Opening Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.07.25 PM

I loooove the backwards walking and the ‘scorpion dance’ like lift here. It fits really well with the theme of time running throughout.

Ken’s lift out

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.37 PM

It’s a clever echo of his opening move in ‘Voodoo’, plus it just looks really good!

N has a badtouching moment with Hongbin

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.13.37 PM

Straight to the boytouching playlist! NGL, I kind of really liked this…

Clock Choreography

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.19.01 PM

So clever! I may have to stop myself from doing this move when I listen to the song. Also YAY HYUK!


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.23.08 PM

OMG *crying* and a substantial line at that. A YouTube comment noted that he sounds a little bit like Onew from SHINee and it’s a little bit true! I’m just mostly thrilled that he has something to do in the song (although his little peekaboo moment was too adorable for words as well.)

Body Rolls

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.27.11 PM

Yeah… I need to make a GIF of that so I can repeat it and the 10 seconds after this move forever and ever. (though I will admit to a small giggle at Ravi’s whispered “Raveh“)

Ghostly Fading

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.32.00 PM

Repeated thoughout the MV it’s visually very striking and fits beautifully with memory and erasure. The lyrics are about not being sure what is reality and what is a dream and the nightmare of losing someone forever to the extent that you fantasise them next to you (so yeah, kind of dark and stalkery in a way…)

I love how elements fade into smoke and how VIXX have a slight mental breakdown as they realise that the girl wasn’t actually there.

Ken drowns in hotness (hehehe)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.31.11 PM

What a great ending! Where he is literally pushed beneath the other members like he’s drowning with the slight menace of hands at his throat and heart.

And the last episode of VIXX TV – episode 1oo aired today as well. I sobbed most of the way through it because I have grown SUPER attached to these video updates that come out every week. If you haven’t watched them – you should! They’re subbed in English and are the cutest and most fun Kpop related thing ever. They started as a way to connect with their fans ‘Starlights’ and so that they could show off their personalities more.

I’m going to miss it so much!!! BUT there was a ray of hope at the end with a ‘to be continued’ so we may not have seen the last of VIXX in this format! As they said, this isn’t an end, but a new beginning!

VIXX Fighting!

Jongie… 왜? WHAT IS THIS?

Emily: OMG how good do they all look?

Me: OMG I know
Jongie… looks really good
I have conflicted feels about this

Emily: I know right!
Dammit Jongie!

Me: My cutie maknae has turned into a bit of a hottie

Emily: He’s done a bit of a TaeMANNNN


Emily: kekeke

Kakao Chat – Wednesday 21 May, 2014

*sobbing forever* Noona can’t deal with this…

So Infinite’s ‘Last Romeo’ MV was released today! Here it is in all its awesome glory!

We may have stayed up late last night in hopes of a midnight release (one of the benefits of being one hour behind Seoul’s timezone is that I can livewatch shows – yay! Aimee and Emily were up at 1AM though…) alas no Infinite, but we did get surprise Japan Beast which was still awesome and squee worthy too!

So as I was deciding what to have for lunch today I refreshed my feed – just in case – and it was out!

My initial thoughts are that I really like the song. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance and everyone looks super amazing in the MV – especially my ultimate bias Sunggyu (yeah with all the main parts too! aish I love his voice). The plot also sort of makes sense (for once in an Infinite MV!) and when I wasn’t staring at the artfully placed rips in Woohyun’s (and Gyu’s!!) pants I was mildly horrified at the casual destruction of so many books – although it did look very pretty.

I also approve of this mix of white lace romantic suits and the black leather (mmmmm).

Jongie however is looking a little bit too good… *mind breaks* This is my own fault for letting him brainwash me with all the constant rotating backgrounds of his cuteness on my laptop. I might have promoted him up my unofficial Infinite ranking to #3… (this never happened and if officially questioned he’s at #7).

Jongie 왜 did you have to do so.much.aegyo. right in front of me during OGS in Hiroshima so that I couldn’t even deal with it? *more sobbing*

This maknae is NOT ALLOWED to move into the ‘shouldn’t but I totally would’ pile of cute boys! He’s still pretty cute thankfully, but is definitely moving down the Taemin path of growing abs… WOE! *commence ugly crying*

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.27.50 PM

P.S I really prefer this dark hair on him too – not that candy floss pink isn’t adorable…

P.P.S The whole album is also great *immediately adds all tracks to faves playlists*

brb, putting my graphic designer skills to good use by making a bajillion GIFs of this MV