Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah!

Me: I’ve got a kpop lyric stuck in my head and can’t figure out the song.
It’s very unhelpful cos it goes “Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah!”

Aimee: Kekekeke
I feel like I know the song

Me: It’s a boy band
Also my Korean homework is soooo hard
I like have to make an actual effort
*sad Gayoon umbrella emoji*

Emily: You have Alphabet’s ‘Surprise Party’ stuck in your head

Me: OMG I doooooooooo
*Henry Loveheart emoji*

Aimee: Bingo!

Me: Such a cute song!


Kakao Chat, Tuesday April 23, 2014


Aish! Emily has the best kpop lyric sense in the history of EVER – especially considering my super vague “it went doo dooo doooo do do do do” esque clues…

But this is totally a super cute song and was the perfect song to do homework-of-doom transcribing to. Seeing a wall of hangul to translate was a bit daunting, but once I got into it I was actually fairly surprised at how little I had to double check to see if I had it right – go me!

My girlfriends are also really good at figuring out the MV from equally vague descriptions like ‘the one with lots of cute boys on a boat with stripey shirts’

Which is TOTALLY ZE:A’s “Watch Out”

26 in Korean Age

Me: 26;

Aimee: *Onew ‘Huh?’ sticker*

Me: Well that was weird
Maybe it represents my ideal age for a boy toy

Aimee: Kekekekeke

Emily: Well Gyu is 26 in Korean age…

Me: It’s fate then.

Kakao Chat Sunday 6 April 2014

Weird typos! I make them all the time… Not to mention my phone’s autocorrect obsession with turning ‘and’ into ‘abs’ – I have to say that makes for some extremely funny messages at times.

As an aside – I am LOVING the new SHINee stickers – thanks Kakao! Wah so adorable! Especially Onew! I now have an extreme abundance of idol stickers to use in Kakao – but they totally need to add more to the store μ£Όμ„Έμš”! Especially Infinite and Super Junior.

I like my fruit with a bit of exo

Aimee: *Xiumin pic holding a pineapple*

I like my fruit with a bit of exo!

Me: Of course pixiemin has the pineapple

*Henry falling pineapples sticker*

Aimee: I know right!

*Xiumin Dance sticker*

Kakao Chat Sunday 6 April 2014

Emily: Still can’t get past Suho

Aimee: In the game of evil?

Emily: lol yes

Aimee: It broke my heart to get rid of Suho. I wouldn’t trade you for Kris. Andwae!

Emily: It’s soooo hard

Me: haha

Aimee: And addictive

Emily: So very addictive

Me: Yes… that game is eeeevil
I have played it without Exo cuteness

Aimee: Exo makes it cracktastic
I’m like 2 Sehuns make a Kai
2 Kais make a Tao
2 Taos make D.O! Grrrr. D.O. make Chanyeol already! Waeeeee

Emily: OMG yes!

Me: lolololol

Emily: And then I get stuck on Bacon
OMG Bacon make Lay already

Kakao Chat Tuesday 1 April 2014

Aish so cute!! We’re of course talking about the most addicting flash game known to mankind.

2048 – The Exo Edition

Who doesn’t want to play a crack-like game that rewards you with cute idol pictures holding fruit!

WARNING – this game will suck your life away!

Of course we had to co-ordinate our Kakao themes to match πŸ™‚ My thumbnail is Chanyeollie holding strawberries

Also – how cute is the Henry sticker with the pineapples? It comes in super useful because it has to be a great occasion if it’s raining pineapples πŸ™‚


Restraint? I don’t know this word

Me: I need to stop watching cute idols
As it leads to buying ALL the kpop

Aimee: Kekekeke
CN Blue made me better!

Me: Yeah… Emily I may have bought all the CN Blue
and BTS

Aimee: Kekekeke

Me: And thrown in A-Prince too for good measure
Restraint? I have none

Aimee: Oh well!


Kakao Conversation, Saturday March 30, 2014

So… that happened! CN Blue was the one group that I didn’t buy on our trip-of-awesome – seeing as I had to keep to within the baggage weight limits (lol! 85 albums later, we were nowhere near it, paid excess baggage to Hong Kong and schlepped about 45kg on as hand-luggage ‘it’s as light as a feather, I SWEAR!’) My rationale being that I could buy them all later and as a longtime love I knew all their songs already, plus… there were cutie boys to smuggle into my kpop aquisitions.

Until this point, I only had their latest Korean mini album Re:Blue bought in celebration of attending their concert in Sydney last year. Well… now I have their ENTIRE Korean discography on it’s way to me – along with BTS last 2 albums, all of the A-Prince and SHINee’s new album cd… (and you know, totally may have bought MBLAQ and 100% as mnet were doing signings earlier in the week and lets not mention all those Japan albums I had on preorder…)

This is what happens when you watch cute idols on Weekly Idol – in fact any kind of variety and your youtube feed is full of super cute teaser videos all week…


Me: My shallow throwing over of (Sung)gyu for Joonie – NO REGRETS!
Seungho OMG mmmmmmm
G.O. too

Aimee: Mir is now a man

Me: Awww puppy is all grown up
Cheondongie looks good too
Waaaaah I’m perving on Cheondongie
Oooh I like the song
Yay those vocals


Kakao Chat – Monday, 24 March 2014

So MBLAQ’s new album and MV was released today. Alas I was low on bandwidth on my phone so had to wait until I got home to perve on hot boys watch the MV.

A few days ago, I may have joked that although I love and adore Sunggyu as my ultimate bias if I could pick any idol of my choosing for funtimes, I’d be totally shallow and go for Lee Joon. πŸ™‚ What can I say… he has hypnotised me with abs and I may have a soft spot for his utter failure as an idol in variety and the way he so loves ruining his image.
And now I need to go make loads of sexy gifs…


Emily: Oh God, I’m watching the school uniform ep of This is Infinite
*dying emoji*

Me: Waaaah
I can’t watch it
I will die
I need to prepare myself

Emily: Gyu is the prefect

Me: OMG nope
I can’t
I can’t cope with that
I need alcohol and a weekend

Emily: It is amazing

Me: I mean it
I’ll just expire from glee

Emily: Oh God, I could really use some alcohol right now
*passed out emoji*

Me: *wailing and crying emoji*
There will be ugly crying
my ultimate bias as a prefect
Save me
If he’s wearing glasses, I don’t know that I’ll live

Emily: He’s not wearing glasses!
Sungyeolie is!

Me: Waaaaae
OK I need to get on a plane

Emily: Sungjongie has a bandaid stuck to his face

Me: I need to be held as I rock back and forth as my mind melts


I’m not even kidding… This show is literally killing me, to the point that I’m about 3 episodes behind because I can’t cope with my feels when I watch it hahahahaha!! Aish – Sunggyu is just too adorable (and the rest of Infinite too.)

The “I feel death” is the result of a misheard lyric. Aimee and I were on a plane in China and going through some rough turbulence. We were listening to the awesome playlists that the plane had – yay planes in Asia having kpop channels! – and Sunggyu’s solo ‘Because’ was one of the songs. The actual lyric is “I feel that…” but it TOTALLY does not sound that way… Not the greatest thing to hear on a rough descent into *I think* Beijing… We may have had a fit of the giggles and the phrase has now entered our collective lexicon.

Kakao Conversation, 18 March 2014

Bedding Scenes

Me: Lololol
Ahhhhh I want to watch it
I won’t be home until super late

Emily: Toheart’s mv making kekeke

Me: All the bedding the scenes
… behind the scenes

Emily: LOL

Me: That was a great typo

Aimee: Kekeke


Emily: I did not even question it


SM released a fantastic SHINee hidden camera ‘Supporting Message’, where the members basically heaped shit on Key for keeping his Toheart subunit a big fat secret (lol supporting message, my butt), and it was filled with some glorious JongKey moments. I managed to finally watch it later in the week when the girls reminded me that I had forgotten. Boo being busy and overworked when there is fannish spazzing to do!

Kakao Conversation Wednesday, March 12

So Nutritious!


Me: It has hot hyung from Heirs
Who was also second lead in I Need Romance 1
There was a glorious shower scene in Sunday’s show

Aimee: And in Panda and Hedgehog

Me: Siiiigh so attractive and abalicious
So delicious!
So nutritious!
Also lol who came up with that lyric…

Emily: They’re just very healthy OK?


Discussing the very delicious Choi Jin Hyuk, currently appearing inΒ  the drama ‘Emergency Couple’, which of course segued into the lyrics for ‘Delicious’

Please note that we have all totally co-ordinated our Kakao themes to be Toheart!

Kakao Conversation – Wednesday March 12, 2014

I can justify it

Toheart’s mini album has me waaaaaay too excited. I’m holding out the teeniest bit of hope that they’ll do a signed version of their album. In which case, I’ll just totally have 2 copies – no problem! That much awesome needs more than one version in my collection…



Me: I can totes preorder it so it gets to me asap right?

Aimee: Sounds good to me

Emily: Yes good plan

Like my vixx’s lol

Me: I mean I need one for my SHINee shelf and one for my Infinite shelf

Aimee: Woohoo Delicious is confirmed Yum Yum!

Me: Yes… yes they are

*Onew Let’s Eat Sticker*

Aimee: *Tao Hungry Sticker*

Me: So appropriate Onew

And Tao

Kakao Chat – Monday March 3, 2014