Kicking off the Great ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Rewatch of 2015

There’s nothing quite like setting oneself an epic challenge – and if it involves a ridiculous amount of time watching cute (though at times hateful) boys and the most trope-filled RIDICULOUS plotline to ever be committed to film (in no less than 4 different adaptations) I’m up to the task!

Can I watch the same plot over and over again? Will I throw things at my screen when *spoiler* wtf noooo OMGGGGG whyyyy is this happening!!!  <— yeah, you all know (or will know) what I’m talking about… Will I ever be rid of the AAAAAALMOOOOST PAAAAARAAAAADIIIIIIISE earworm? Only time can tell! Continue reading


It’s just a flesh wound…

Sometimes I really question my manga reading tastes…

I mean, the guy was just stabbed in an alleyway protecting his girlfriend and he’s all ‘whatevs, it’s fine you should go home now’ LOL

Oh and he’s apparently the 10th generation heir to a yakuza family and he and his frenemy (who is also the heir to a yakuza conglomerate, and is totes into Kagura’s girlfriend, but they’re sort of bros now due to THINGS and ridiculous plot points) decide to confront some sketchy drug dealers on their turf…

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.50.39 PM

I CANNOT EVEN! It’s like a bad afterschool special. ‘Drugs are bad – and you should feel bad for selling drugs even though I’m like totally part of a crime family. BTW you’re on my turf and giving me a bad rep.’

Ugh… but I’m still reading it…

There aren’t even any sparkly bishies (judge away! I like my bishies) and every 5 seconds I’m talking to my screen saying – BUT IF HE’S IN THE MAFIA/YAKUZA IT’S NOT LIKE HE’LL BE RAISING PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS IN THE FUTURE YOU IDIOT to the heroine – because you know… reality. Also he’s in high school, so explain to me again why he’s supposedly respected? – gah! Why do I want this to make sense?? I should just switch off my logic brain and just go with the flow and enjoy the humorous bits like where he threw away his porn collection in one of the omakes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.13.26 AM

The series is called Iinchou No Himegoto and it’s not actually that bad – I’m just amused by silly things 🙂