26 in Korean Age

Me: 26;

Aimee: *Onew ‘Huh?’ sticker*

Me: Well that was weird
Maybe it represents my ideal age for a boy toy

Aimee: Kekekekeke

Emily: Well Gyu is 26 in Korean age…

Me: It’s fate then.

Kakao Chat Sunday 6 April 2014

Weird typos! I make them all the time… Not to mention my phone’s autocorrect obsession with turning ‘and’ into ‘abs’ – I have to say that makes for some extremely funny messages at times.

As an aside – I am LOVING the new SHINee stickers – thanks Kakao! Wah so adorable! Especially Onew! I now have an extreme abundance of idol stickers to use in Kakao – but they totally need to add more to the store 주세요! Especially Infinite and Super Junior.


Emily: Oh God, I’m watching the school uniform ep of This is Infinite
*dying emoji*

Me: Waaaah
I can’t watch it
I will die
I need to prepare myself

Emily: Gyu is the prefect

Me: OMG nope
I can’t
I can’t cope with that
I need alcohol and a weekend

Emily: It is amazing

Me: I mean it
I’ll just expire from glee

Emily: Oh God, I could really use some alcohol right now
*passed out emoji*

Me: *wailing and crying emoji*
There will be ugly crying
my ultimate bias as a prefect
Save me
If he’s wearing glasses, I don’t know that I’ll live

Emily: He’s not wearing glasses!
Sungyeolie is!

Me: Waaaaae
OK I need to get on a plane

Emily: Sungjongie has a bandaid stuck to his face

Me: I need to be held as I rock back and forth as my mind melts


I’m not even kidding… This show is literally killing me, to the point that I’m about 3 episodes behind because I can’t cope with my feels when I watch it hahahahaha!! Aish – Sunggyu is just too adorable (and the rest of Infinite too.)

The “I feel death” is the result of a misheard lyric. Aimee and I were on a plane in China and going through some rough turbulence. We were listening to the awesome playlists that the plane had – yay planes in Asia having kpop channels! – and Sunggyu’s solo ‘Because’ was one of the songs. The actual lyric is “I feel that…” but it TOTALLY does not sound that way… Not the greatest thing to hear on a rough descent into *I think* Beijing… We may have had a fit of the giggles and the phrase has now entered our collective lexicon.

Kakao Conversation, 18 March 2014