Swing Teaser

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Yay! Finally!

SM operates on their own pseudo timezone; so when they say they’ll release a teaser in the afternoon, they really mean evening…

I’m pretty excited for this release, seeing as Suju were a Kpop gateway for me (one of my first loves!) and it was Suju-M at that! Blame Donghae and Siwon for being in a Hong Kong based drama version of Skip Beat and my curiosity over the cute Korean boys, particularly the one playing Shou… (although those lingering shots of Siwon getting out of the pool were appreciated too)

Breakdown was also technically the first actual album that I bought, starting the obsessive collection that I have today.

2014 is already a great year in KPop so far! I’m pleased to see that this teaser seems to have an actual plot! *dies of shock* not a typical box set! Not that I’m opposed to Suju style box sets, but I’m hopeful for more super cute goofing around – maybe some beach shirtless scenes of that holiday that Sungmin has circled and Siwon is seemingly dreaming about.

More of these big band swing style mvs please!

The album is scheduled to drop on the 21st of March so I need to get my preorder sorted now!

AISH SM – bankrupt me already why don’t you! All I need now is Henry to announce his comeback…