me: SM have some amazing vocalists

Aimee: The Ballad was a great album

me: le sigh it was
sad that thingy was in the army and missed all the short promotion for it.
I need a solo Jjong album please!

Aimee: thingy?
did you just refer to my suju bias as thingy?

me: your bias

Aimee: never forgiving you

me: kekekeke
it’s not sungmin

Aimee: hes my default bias while “thingy” is in the army
you fail!

me: I would fail a ‘name all the suju members’ test

Aimee: yes

GChat Hangout – Monday, 19th May, 2014

Well I FAIL at remembering Super Junior member names (hehehe!!) I may have irreparably damaged our friendship with this!
But Jonghyun and Chen really are SUPERB vocalists and this track in particular has a high rotation on my i-pod. This live version is fantastic too!