BigFlo (빅플로) – Delilah (딜라일라) – Teaser

 bigflo-delilah-1  bigflo-delilah-2
 bigflo-delilah-3  bigflo-delilah-4
 bigflo-delilah-4a  bigflo-delilah-5
bigflo-delilah-7  bigflo-delilah-8

More cute Rookies!

I discovered them just today, seeing as the teaser came up on my feed. I’m always a fan of colourful hair, so after mainlining their subbed YouTube episodes and getting to know the members a bit, I think I might have to make an exception to my rookies rule and buy their mini album when it comes out.

Their debut stage was on M-Countdown tonight and Aimee and I livewatched it – it was fun to be able to pick out our favourite members already. (Yep! totes picked out our biases already).

BigFlo are a hip-hop group, and their debut song has a suuuuuuuuper catchy hook line. I’m looking forward to the MV* when it comes out and will follow this group, seeing as they have managed to steal my heart already.

*and the MV is fantastic! Watch it below…

Note to KPop groups: if you film your members in cute 1o minute segments and put them on YouTube you will attract ALL THE FANS (also if you subtitle in English, we will love you more *cough* like A-Prince *cough*) Alas BigFlo have unsubbed vids on their main channel, but they have picked up a subbing group – hooray!

Siiiigh – another maknae for me! Hightop was basically just too adorable to live! He has a very deep voice as well. Also for SERIOUS Yuseong and his hamsters was possibly the cutest thing that I have watched all week.

BIGFLO Member Profiles


ALL THE PROFILES MUAHAHAHA! I levelled up in their fancafe! Go me!!

Jungkyun 정균
Real Name: Jeong Junkyun (정정균)
Position: Leader, Vocal
D.O.B: 27.11.1987
Bloodtype: A형

Yuseong 유성
Real Name: Jeong Yuseong (정유성)
Position: Vocal
D.O.B: 08.10.1992
Bloodtype: O형

Real Name: Cheon Byunghwa (천병화)
Position: Vocal (low parts)
D.O.B: 22.01.1991
Blood Type: B형

Real Name: Jung Jiwook (정지욱)
Position: Rap, Main Dancer
D.O.B: 27.01.1993
Blood Type: A형

Real Name: Im Hyeontae (임현태)
Position: Main Rapper, Maknae
D.O.B: 19.03.1994
Blood Type: AB형


Boyfriend – ‘Here’ PV Teaser

 Boyfriend-Here-1  Boyfriend-Here-2
Boyfriend-Here-3  Boyfriend-Here-4
 Boyfriend-Here-5  Boyfriend-Here-6
 Boyfriend-Here-7  Boyfriend-Here-8
 Boyfriend-Here-9  Boyfriend-Here-10

*instant nosebleed*

So this is pretty much my ideal kind of cute MV – with the sun, beach setting, cute boys and LOTS AND LOTS of ridiculous playing around for the camera and aegyo. (It doesn’t hurt that the song is also super cute too.)

And applause to Boyfriend for successfully promoting two polar opposite concepts at the same time, in two different countries.

Hot Boyfriend Leader continues to be very pleasing to the eyes – I saw that glimpse of shirtlessness there! There even appears to be a vague kind of plot what with the treasure map – who knows! Truthfully, I don’t really need a plot when cute is involved…

This PV should drop with the release of their album ‘Seventh Color’ which is due out on July 23 (wae so far away??) Then again, Japan are very fond of only releasing short versions (aka like ALL of the TVXQ! totally forcing me to buy the versions that come with the DVD) There are 3 versions available, and I am seriously considering getting two (because I’m a bit obsessed like that). I normally only get one, but this is going to be very hard to resist.

Beast – ‘Good Luck’ – Teaser

 beast-goodluck-1 beast-goodluck-2
 beast-goodluck-3 beast-goodluck-4
 beast-goodluck-5 beast-goodluck-6
 beast-goodluck-7 beast-goodluck-8


It’s the Beast with two comebacks!

And aren’t they all looking FINE!

A Japan single and a Korean mini album in the same month makes me a very happy fangirl.

Cube have stepped up their promo cycle for the Beast Boys and over the past week have given us 6 individual teasers and at midnight last night, we got the group one which gives us a closer look at the dance and a longer snippet of the song. It’s looking pretty amazing so far! And although I’m not a huge fan of the hip-hop outfits (I prefer suited up hotness) I think this is going to be great! I’m always a fan of piano and strings 🙂

‘Good luck! Baby good luck to you!’

There is possibly a bit of cheatery mccheaterson action going on, seeing as there is only one girl and a lot of angst from Dongwoon after presumably sleeping with her as Hot LeaderTM lurks menacingly outside the door (my maknae NOOOOO!).

And what’s with the Junhyung as Jesus complete with spilled gold coins and a stabbing? (Or is he the Judas in this scenario?). I do not want to have to add this to my ‘idols and DEATH Nooooo!’ YouTube playlist.

I’m now super excited for this to be out already!

Boyfriend Megapost – ‘Start Up!’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Seventh Colour’

Boyfriend are definitely one of the busiest groups in KPop right now, with back-to-back-to-back promotions in Japan and Korea lined up for the next few months.

This evening they performed one of their ‘Love Communication’ showcases in Tokyo promoting their new single ‘Start Up!’, next week they will be back in Korea for their comeback ‘Obsession’ and on July 23 their second Japan Album ‘Seventh Color’ will be released kicking off yet another set of concerts and performances.

*phew* I don’t think those poor boys will be getting much sleep at all in the upcoming weeks!

Boyfriend are a group that I definitely love. I’ll admit to resisting them for a while as soon as I found out their overall concept of cute, more cute, piled on top of even more adorable and compounded with more than a few underage members… There was a big NOOOOOO followed by a period of denial of all cutie boys. Then Teen Top wormed their way into my heart and the cutie boy deluge began.

Yep – I can safely say that I definitely have a thing for cute boy bands – even back to my teenage years.

That’s not to say Boyfriend are permanently adorable – they do try different concepts, and now that their youngest is finally 18, they are about to branch out into a more mature look (more on this later – expect DENIAL and crying kekeke).

スタートアップ!’Start Up!’ – Japanese PV

 bf-startup1  bf-startup2
 bf-startup3  bf-startup4
 bf-startup5  bf-startup6
 bf-startup7  bf-startup8
 bf-startup9  bf-startup10

Well aren’t they just adorable! This isn’t anything drastically different for Boyfriend – it has all the hallmarks of several of their previous PV’s. It’s very similar in plot to ‘Pinky Santa’ where the Boyfriends all group together and help a girl with her love problem and then romp cutely for the camera.

I’d like one of those magic keys in my life as well – particularly if it’s hand delivered by one of these cute boys!

I always like how positive and bright their PVs are – and they make me happy to watch them. They always make a lot of eye contact with the camera, so it feels like they are singing directly to you. Boyfriend like to show a lively, cheerful, happy image and this PV delivers that in spades (in metric tonnes actually).

The song has an upbeat tempo and all members share the lines pretty equally. The lyrics are also pretty sweet – as they’re all about giving encouragement and love and starting a bright future together. The chorus is also fairly catchy – lots of 愛してる (aishiteru – I love you). If I translated the line right it means ‘I love you, that word only makes me stronger‘ Awwww!

I have ordered the First Press Limited Edition of this single – and it’s going to be just adorable!

Obsession – Teaser

Aaaand this is a 180 degree shift!

My cutie boys NOOOOO! Hehehe! I had this exact same reaction last year, when the adorable BtoB went with a mature concept for ‘Thriller’. At the time those teasers came out Aimee and I were in China, away from high speed internet and incidentally YouTube – as it’s blocked on the mainland. Emily smuggled us the teaser video uploading to a private google video and we painstakingly streamed it on the patchy internet in the foyer of our hotel in Xi’An watching it in 5 second increments (along with the dance version of Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’). I expressed dismay at the ab-eriffic display of boyflesh and tried to avert my eyes. I failed, went through all the stages of grief and totally bought the album by the time we got to Korea. That abalicious poster is on my wall right now *stares at Hyunsikkie some more*

So… I’m actually pretty OK with this! I like it when the groups that I follow try out new things.

From the looks of things, this might be a ‘Lost Boys’ concept – seeing as Peter Pan is featured on the “Wanted” sign. I definitely like the sound of the song – I have a lot of hip hop and rap in my faves list now. Hyunseong was also looking pretty fine – thank goodness he’s over 20 and I can at least not feel quite so pervy appreciating his abs there.

Also how amazing does that library look? *covets it*

I hope that Boyfriend do well on the charts with this song! I’ll be cheering them on in all the live performances as well. AISH music shows are on 7 days a week and in my timezone – this is a sacrifice I’m prepared to make…

Seventh Colour – Second Japan Album

Hooray! I wasn’t expecting this announcement until much later in the year! At this point only a few teaser images of the album covers and concept photos have been released on their official page.

There will be 3 editions. A CD/DVD combo, A HMV special Edition and a regular CD – Pretty sure I might need at least 2 of these…

bf-cd-dvd   bf-hmv   bf-cd

Here are the super cute concept photos:

s_donghyun    s_hyunseong    s_jeongmin

s_kwangmin    s_minwoo    s_youngmin

Pretty sure that this is going to be a combination of my two favourite Japanese PVs of all-time. SHINee’s ‘Boys Meet U’ and Infinite’s ‘She’s Back’ what with the beach setting, bicycles, cute hats and summer theme!


I’ll leave you with those cutest PV’s ever – just to give you an idea of just how adorable this is likely to be…


UKISS – Don’t Flirt Teaser & Pics

ukiss-mono1  ukiss-mono2
 ukiss-mono3  ukiss-mono4
 ukiss-mono5  ukiss-mono6
 ukiss-mono7  ukiss-mono8


Well… *fans self* My boys are certainly looking FINE!

I think that Korea and I may differ slightly on our definition of 19+, but I am definitely OK with a sexy concept. I have to say that Eli is becoming a bit of a bias breaker here too – he’s always been too attractive for his own good.

UKISS are in my top 5 groups, so I am beyond excited for their comeback. AJ will be sitting out this round of promotions, as he is diligently studying in the USA, but Soohyun, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin and new member Jun will be giving us something pretty memorable.

Jun is still under 18 *sobs* (wae more underage cutie maknaes?), so he probably won’t be getting any sexytimes with the ladies and will remain pure and innocent (kekeke) and most probably all angsty and broody. However the rest are clearly completely fine and have a green light for getting mostly nekkid and flashing their abs all over the place (yes please!).

They released updated teaser pics yesterday and my Tumblr dash is now on fire from the fangirl meltdown and well – this is why…


1401508278869  1401508279020  1401508278972
 1401508279066  1401508278999  1401508279047

Yep… that come hither look from Eli is giving me some FEELS. Please note Jun all pure and angelic in the bathroom as a nice contrast (hehehe)

The mini album ‘Mono Scandal’ is out on June 2nd!


ZE:A – Breathe – Teaser

zea-homme1  zea-homme2a
 zea-homme3  zea-homme4
 zea-homme5  zea-homme-reup
 zea-homme7  zea-homme8

And yet another comeback teaser! I swear I have no money to live at this point and will have to eat ramyun forever to sustain my kpop lifestyle.

ZE:A (제국의 아이들 Children of Empire) are a group that I only fairly recently became a fan of. I bought their album ‘Illusion’ when I was in Korea last year because ‘The Ghost of Wind‘ was a really catchy song and they were promoting it heavily. Alas, we had to leave before they held their signing event in Myeongdong, but I was a newly converted fan!

They’re very underrated in Korea, and are yet to really make it big – but their members are in a lot of variety shows – particularly Kwanghee and Dongjun and you will remember Hyungsik from the drama ‘Heirs’ and maybe Siwan too who has been in quite a few dramas

I will admit to sometimes confusing who is who, seeing as they have 9 members (even with a cheat sheet – thanks Aimee!), but I have ALL of their subgroups ZE:A FIVE and ZE:A4U down!

The teaser looks great though. In the words of one memorable YouTube comment: “You had me at TARDIS”

It’s futuristic with a splash of apocalypse – right up my alley! With a piano and guitar base for the song, I’m looking forward to the vocals and the rest of the MV.

If you like Infinite, chances are, you’ll also like ZE:A. Check out their page on Daum which has some great teaser pics – the concept is ‘Homme Fatale’ (yes please!)

The mini album ‘First Homme’ is out on June 2nd.

東方神起 / TVXQ! – Sweat PV (Short Version)

 tvxq-sweat-1  tvxq-sweat-2
 tvxq-sweat-3  tvxq-sweat-4
 tvxq-sweat-5  tvxq-sweat-6
 tvxq-sweat-8  tvxq-sweat-9


TVXQ! Released the short version of their new PV for ‘Sweat’ today!

*commence glee* Seeing as they are in my top 5 and I’ve been a long-time fan. I especially love their Japan discography – even as it bankrupts me. Seriously this is like the 5th thing this year already.

I’ll have to wait until my album arrives to see the whole PV (alas!) as they tend to only release these short teaser versions online.

Yunho and Changmin are out for a night on the town in the storyline – but to me this is just a giant excuse for bromance shenanigans! What girls? They ignore them all (hehehe!) and just have fun dancing.

Yunho and his ‘gonna make you sweat ‘whisper (with bonus wink) is just too adorable! (I’ll just ignore the age gap – he’s at least a very respectable ’86 liner not like most of my biases who are barely out of high school and then there are those that are totally still in school)

The track is upbeat and fun, with a great hook in the chorus. I really like the ‘big band’ direction that they’re taking at the moment with all the brass and swing motifs.

The single is out on June 11 – but for now we can enjoy the PV!

VIXX – Eternity Teaser


 vixx-eternity-a1  vixx-eternity-1
 vixx-eternity-2 vixx-eternity-3
 vixx-eternity-6 vixx-eternity-7
 vixx-eternity-8  vixx-eternity-9

Yay! FINALLY I live in a timezone of win! 🙂

I’m now very excited for VIXX’s comeback next week! This is looking like another dark and angsty concept (melikes!) possibly involving time travel – which NO! BAD VIXX! STAY AWAY FROM THIS!


I think I’m just scarred from previous run ins with time travel and death. Let’s just say that there is a reason that my ‘Kpop Idols who die horribly for NO REASON’ Playlist on Youtube has the most MVs out of any of my playlists and there are more than a few that involve time travel.

Aish this is an expensive month already!!

Lucky Star

I don’t think a 20 second teaser has had me more excited and happy in a long time!

Yay!!! More SHINee!!

Best of all, it looks like this is the long promised part two of ‘Boys Meet U‘ what with the Kombi van and the dog that was in that MV (the van isn’t exactly the same, but what’s a year later and continuity between friends fans.

Look at how cute this is going to be! Happy SHINee with a dog (this may kill me).

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.41.02 PM

Here’s the 20 second teaser below!

My countdown has started and you can be absolutely sure that I’ll be ordering every single version available (why yes, I will need all 3!)

ALSO HOLY GOD JAPAN RELEASES ARE KILLING ME! I just processed my May orders with HMV (lol over $100 before shipping) and Infinite will be next (I need them all, and they’re expensive) and now I have to add ALL THE SHINEE! (and maybe Junho) Siiiiiigh! The life of a hardcore collecting fan is haaaard. And I had to ignore CN Blue, UKISS and 2PM because I don’t technically collect their Japan singles – only albums (for now)

Last Romeo – Teaser


Infinite finally released their teaser for what promises to be an epic song!

It reminds me a bit musically of the intro for ‘The Chaser’ – a song that I absolutely love, so I have extremely high expectations for this comeback.

Check it out below:

The teaser pics all look fantastic as well – I may have plastered them all over my phone. Particularly of my ultimate bias Sunggyu who is looking particularly fine! (also yay! all the colourful hair!)

They’ll be up against some pretty stiff competition for this comeback – but Infinite should do well – their songs and choreography are always A+

I’ll definitely be cheering them on!

Now to pre-order the album so I can get it ASAP