東方神起 / TVXQ! – Sweat PV (Short Version)

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TVXQ! Released the short version of their new PV for ‘Sweat’ today!

*commence glee* Seeing as they are in my top 5 and I’ve been a long-time fan. I especially love their Japan discography – even as it bankrupts me. Seriously this is like the 5th thing this year already.

I’ll have to wait until my album arrives to see the whole PV (alas!) as they tend to only release these short teaser versions online.

Yunho and Changmin are out for a night on the town in the storyline – but to me this is just a giant excuse for bromance shenanigans! What girls? They ignore them all (hehehe!) and just have fun dancing.

Yunho and his ‘gonna make you sweat ‘whisper (with bonus wink) is just too adorable! (I’ll just ignore the age gap – he’s at least a very respectable ’86 liner not like most of my biases who are barely out of high school and then there are those that are totally still in school)

The track is upbeat and fun, with a great hook in the chorus. I really like the ‘big band’ direction that they’re taking at the moment with all the brass and swing motifs.

The single is out on June 11 – but for now we can enjoy the PV!

So. Many. Comebacks…

My credit card is literally burning…

In the past 24 hours I have ordered all my Japan releases for May and June – in 2 shipments for maximum KPop arrival density. It kind of killed me to take out Junho – but I can’t wait an extra week for SHINVIXXfinite goodness (kekeke). I’ll shift his single to another spree. It’s his fault that I’m hooked on Japan releases anyway as his first single was the first one I bought when we were in Japan (with SHINee Boys Meet U – both versions LOL) and it’s been a downhill trajectory since then. I swear I spend more on Japan releases than I do with Korean!

The promo / teaser lead-up for Japan releases isn’t as intense as the ones for Korea, but I’m always super excited about them, because I really really love so many Japanese tracks from my favourite groups. FT Island in particular seem to have a lot more freedom to write their own music, so their unique rock style really comes through.

It’s only a few this time, the bare minimum really…

Beast – Adrenaline (Standard)
This sounds like it’s going to be an upbeat dance track, which makes me happy! I like something I can bop along to while I walk the dog (which is when I mostly listen to my kpop). I feel like this is going to be really catchy!

Boyfriend – Start Up! (First Press)
*nosebleed* Well… this is the Boyfriend that I know and love – adorable and with OTT aegyo. Bonus Hot Leader Donghyun and Hyunseung looking rather fine too…
Also check out the CUTE AS teaser!

FT Island – New Page (First Press A)
A new album!! YES! (although I already own all the singles kekeke) I hope there will be some additional tracks as well, because I adore their Japan stuff so much OMG.

BTS – No More Dream (Standard)
The MV hasn’t officially released yet – but it’s FANTASTIC! (search the youtubes…) I like it more than the Korean version!
TVXQ! – Sweat / Answer (First Press)
Only a jacket cover so far – but I can’t wait! Eeeeee!
Infinite – Last Romeo Kimi ga Ireba Ii (First Press A, B and Normal) (why yes, I do need all 3)
SHINee – Lucky Star (First Press and Standard) (yep, both of these too)
Also with ADORABLE teaser that I have posted about

VIXX – Darkest Angels (First Press C – N cover) (stopped myself from adding more versions… just)
This will be their debut album for Japan. This was announced yesterday so there’s nothing apart from the title and the fact that each member has their own cover, plus a normal version (presumably a group shot) as well. LOL already pre-ordered!

Aaaand Korea is also going to kill me with this ridiculous amount of groups releasing all close together… *sobbing* All groups that I happen to collect as well!

EXO – Overdose (K and M) – already out but I FAIL and am slow.
Infinite – Season 2 – MV for ‘Last Romeo’ is releasing tonight! TOTALLY staying up until midnight for this 🙂

VIXX – Eternity
The teaser pics are up on their official site, so I’m super excited already (Yay purple hair on Ravi!)
Although the MV teaser has leaked already, I have managed to stop myself from looking at it. I already have a Giant Clocks playlist on YouTube so I think this may be a new addition.
BTS – School Luv Affair (Special Edition) *cough* Even though I already have the album I want the repackage too!
Boyfriend – TBA
Beast – TBA
I’ve been sad and marked all the release dates in my diary to make sure that I don’t accidentally miss anything. So I’ve spent all my KPop money marked for 3 months on just one… *cross fingers that the World Cup will give me a bit of a break for June / July* I am supposed to be saving…

March Aquisitions

aka – ALL the Japan releases…

I seriously love HMV Japan – because their shipping is SUPER fast – even to my location which is the back of beyond in terms of getting mail. YesAsia’s packages are funneled to WA via the black hole that is Chullora in NSW, which is so ass-backwards roundabout in terms of shipping geography… the packages do a backtrack. For international readers, Perth is actually closer to Singapore than it is to Sydney. I swear, sometimes they sit there for 8 days, mocking me via the tracking number. What are you doing with my Kpops Chullora? I am possibly on some kind of watchlist after some of the more questionable albums that have come to me in the past year or so (yes, I’m taking about you, Teen Top Class “Addition” with your highly suggestive bathroom pictures and that poster that will never ever see the light of day – Chunji… you kill me, you really do…)

So March had some great albums! And I pretty much bought all of them. *hangs head* – some of these were released in Feb – but bundled with early March releases to save shipping costs.

Pictured are:

TVXQ! “Tree” – Jacket Version B

Their 7th Japanese Studio Album. After a lot of deliberation, I went with Jacket B – which has the dark suits and autumn theme. The album comes with a square postcard with both members, a small photobooklet with lyrics, as well as a DVD. There are several singles that have been previously released on the album, but the new songs are just gorgeous. I really love ‘Tree of Life’, but then again I adore all of their ballads as it is. The DVD has some great goodies too!

Donghae & Eunhyuk “Ride Me”

Their first Japanese Album! These two are a very playful and fun combo. The songs are pretty upbeat dance songs and are fun to sing along to. The album is enclosed in a surrounding sleeve (CD size), has a small photobook with lyrics and comes with a photo card (I got Donghae!) The DVD has their PVs and a making of film.

FT Island “Beautiful” – Jacket Version A

I usually buy version B – for the DVD’s – but I wanted another photocard and I’m super happy that I got my bias Jonghoon! This is a gorgeous single though – I REALLY like one of the B sides “On My Way” because there’s lots of Jaejin! FT Island have really really great Japanese discography so this one is a must for fans.

B1A4 “2”

Their second Japanese Album! YAY! So there are a few Japanese versions of some of their better known Korean songs – which is weird to listen to for me – because I can sing along better in Japanese but I want to belt out the Korean – hehehe. I do like their original Japanese songs quite a bit though. This album was a bit light on in terms of extras with a small photobook mostly in B&W because of the concept but the DVD has the full PV of ‘What’s Up?’ and OMFG *nosebleed* it’s even more ridiculously cute than the original and has super cute behind the scenes as well. No English subs -but you don’t really need them. 🙂

Boyfriend “My Avatar” – Jacket Version B

*more nosebleeding cuteness* So yes… I totally collect Boyfriend because they are so cute and adorable that I can’t even deal with them. I’d like to point out that the Hot Leader is an ’89 liner and thus brings the average age up to an almost legal pass. The single comes with a mini photobook and lyrics as well as a square postcard. I got Kwangmin! The DVD is super adorable as it’s basically Boyfriend competing with each other in mini games like bowling and table tennis and generally being super cute. Their Japanese is pretty fluent seeing as they promote a lot there. No English subs, but you’ll be too busy staring starry eyed at the adorable on your screen.

MYNAME “Five Stars”

OMG YES FINALLY! Their first full length Japanese Album. This group are hugely underrated in Korea, but are growing in popularity. I’m a bit obsessed with pretty much everything that they have released because their songs are great. There are a few Japanese versions of Korean songs ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ and ‘Girlfriend’ but the rest are original songs. My favourite tracks are ‘Stars’ and ‘Your Answer’. The DVD has the full PV’s for ‘Shirayuki’ and ‘FFY’ as well as a making of for ‘FFY’ and best of all – AN ENTIRE CONCERT! This is definitely an album worth getting. HMV included a bonus postcard photo!

Toheart “First Mini Album”

Yay SHINfinite are finally a thing! This is a sub-unit collaboration  between SHINee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun who are besties in real life as well. This mini album is really super adorable and has 2 photobooks of nosebleed inducing squee cuteness. It’s beautifully packaged too, making my inner print-design soul thrill at all the spot UV highlighting. The album comes with a photocard (I got Woohyun!) and 6 tracks on the CD. I’m super biased and can’t be at all objective because this whole concept thrilled me from the moment it was announced. Favourite track: ‘You’re My Lady’

TVXQ! “Susuri” – Tense Repackage

Soooo technically I already own Tense (Red Version), so this is just being gratuitous to add to my collection. But! it’s completely different and has additional tracks (LOL I can totes justify it!). My inner print-nerd loves this because the packaging is amazing as well. SM Town are really loving that spot UV finish on everything. Best of all, it comes with a TVXQ! themed deck of cards that I will totally bring with me to all future Failboat meets so we can squee over all the cute pics of Changmin and Yunho. Also ‘Susuri’ was a great track!

BtoB “뛰뛰빵빵” – Beep Beep – 4th Mini Album

Signed by all members! Yay! This album has a GIGANTIC photobook of cuteness. And again, I’m hugely biased with this group because I adore and love them and own everything they’ve ever released (kekeke). Hyunsik as a coffee barista made my day though. I really like the ‘Hello Mello’ track on the CD and shock of shocks – Peniel has lines!! BtoB are a quirky style boyband, but if you watch any of their variety shows you will quickly grow to love them. Their vocal line is also really talented!

SHINee “SHINee World – The First Concert”

Yay! It’s taken me a while to actually purchase this (this was technically released in 2012) but seeing as SHINee are my #1 favourite group it has been on my list for a while. This version has 2 x DVDs and a photobook of awesome. I really love this concert, so it’s been great to finally watch it on my big TV as opposed to youtube on my laptop 🙂 Also OMG they look so young… hehehe baby Taemin!

SHINee “SHINee Surprise Vacation”

And Thank you SM for releasing this on DVD and with English subs. This is the variety program that sent SHINee from extreme love to absolute obsessive love for me. Even booting Suju out of first place in my heart! (Much to the horror of Aimee and Emily! I reassure them that Suju are like my first love – forever looked on with pure affection!) I must confess that I have not yet watched this all the way though because it’s too adorable and I can’t deal with watching for long periods. Apparently the bonus disc has extended scenes of Jonghyun in the onsen (I was kakaoed a preview photo by someone) and I don’t think I can survive that.

Not Pictured – but also added

SHINee – 321 Normal Edition
BAP – One Shot (Japan Single)
BAP – Warrior (Japan Single)
BAP – No Mercy
BAP – First Sensibility (1st Album)
BTS – 2 Cool 4 Skool


So March was somewhat expensive – but April is going to be a killer with the comebacks of so many groups – and the extreme buying spree that I may have gone on the other week…



#5 – TVXQ!

Rounding out my top 5 is probably my absolute favourite vocal line in all of KPop.

There’s just that something about Yunho and Changmin’s voices together that I never get tired of listening to on repeat.

TVXQ! (Tohoshinki) also known as DBSK (Dongbangshinki) are now a duo, they were originally 5 members until they split in 2009 due to a contract dispute (and probably a lot of other reasons that we will never really know). Yep… I’m still a bit bitter over it.

The other original members: Junho, Jaejoong and Yoochun have formed their own group JYJ, whose music I also collect (but I shall post separately about them and original flavour TVXQ)

One day I will go to one of their concerts and experience the absolute madness that is a crowd of 75,000 fans at once.


yunhoYunho (U-Know)
’86 Liner

I’ll admit to having a bit of a crush on Yunho *siiiigh* because he’s super cute! But, really it’s mostly because I adore his vocals – he’s a baritone and is also a voice I can instantly recognize. I’ll probably go into mourning the minute that he announces his compulsory military service. As a sunbae to most KPop artists, he’s highly respected – so not a faily leader as such, but he does have his awkward dorky moments *melts*. Also – he looks great all suited up – hence this profile pic!


changminChangmin (Max)
’88 Liner
Maknae (eternal maknae, will never not be “the” maknae to me…)
Also a member of SM. The Ballad

Awww! *squishes him* He’s too adorable in pretty much everything that he does. If you get a chance check out the currently airing Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education because he’s brilliant and chews the scenery and flails about occasionally showing some athletic ability. Changmin can definitely hit a high note *shivers*. He’s also a talented lyricist, writing several songs including SHINee’s “Sleepless Night” one of my fave songs from their album! Yay label mates!

My Favourites (Discography)

How much time do you have? Hehehe – if I was counting original flavour DBSK in this list I would possibly have a breakdown from having to choose (mmmm Mirotic, still my alltime #1 mv…) – however this will be just for the duo!

TVXQ release in Japan as well – mostly completely separate, original tracks from their Korean albums. Both Changmin and Yunho are fluent in Japanese, and their popularity in Japan and all of Asia can’t be overstated.

If I’m reaaally honest, I prefer their Japan discography because so. many. awesome. amazing. ballads.

Top 5 Korean MV’s

5. Humanoids – Let’s just say Yunho hypnotised me here…

4. Catch Me – Hehe I sing along to this one *embarrassed face*

3. Spellbound – Yay! More of this song style please!

2. Something – She got that Something! Also eeee! Big Band Swing Style! I definitely approve!

1. Before You Go – Dance version just… because… eye candy…

Top 5 Japanese MV’s

5. In Our Time – another ballad that I love!

4. Ocean – this is TOTALLY cracked out, but lots of fun

3. B.U.T (Bea-u-ty) – very catchy! Also I love the dance in this one. The full PV is with the single.

2. Still – I loooove this song. Alas only the short version here – but this song is amazing!

1. I Know – Flawless song! Also hehehe suited up sexiness. My feels for this song are pretty strong – they are definitely emotional vocals

Top 5 Korean Songs – not counting mv’s because I can cheat here too

I… don’t think I can do this *sobs* My narrowed down playlist has like 25 odd tracks… I’ll go most played tracks (waaaah)

5. Confession

4. How Can I

3. SHE

2. Smoky Heart

1. Love Again

Top 5 Japan Tracks (also not including MVs)

5. Somebody to Love (2014)

4. Shiawase Flowers

3. One and Only One

2. One More Thing

1. Back to Tomorrow

Albums I Own

TVXQ! are determined to bankrupt me what with their immense discography released in Japan – so many singles and different versions aish! My collection is growing slowly…


Keep Your Head Down
Catch Me
Humanoids (Catch Me Repackaged)
Spellbound (Tense Repackaged) – it’s in the mail! I caved and bought it…


Very Merry Xmas
Hide & Seek / Something
Tree (preorder)
Time Concert DVD – Live Tour 2013


Korean albums have photocards – Japan albums and singles have larger square postcards. It’s random as to who you get – which is half the fun 🙂

Catch Me
Very Merry Xmas